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Tucker: Hunter Biden documents suddenly reappear

Tucker gives an update on his missing UPS package. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Avatar

    well, its pretty obvious what side of the aisle UPS is on. This was deliberately done.

  2. Avatar

    It’s probably empty lol

  3. Avatar

    is this about Hunter Biden or about UPS, I can't tell…oh, that's right, this is clickbait

  4. Avatar

    Bet you someone copied that flash drive.

  5. Avatar

    Wonder which of tuckers Russian handlers wrote this scenaruo for him?

  6. Avatar

    Hunter Biden is verboten huh . Fox the controlled opposition…….

  7. Avatar

    it's easy to say something disappeared when it never existed in the first place.

  8. Avatar

    UPS has had a few issues like this. Look up Rob Dahm. His story is about UPS possible selling his one of a kind 4 rotor rx7 CAR ENGINE on ebay. Basically an entire car engine shows up at UPS (according to his tracking information), he never gets it but finds it on eBay and UPS "doesn't know anything"

  9. Avatar

    Ups won't tell you how it happened, because it didn't happen. Nice try Tucker! Trying to cover up your weak lie by blaming someone else. Classic act of a Fox news host!

  10. Avatar

    .I'm guessing u.s. intelligence intercepted it to take a look at it first

  11. Avatar

    This guy just loves making himself look ridiculous.

  12. Avatar

    Soooo your hot story is… you lost a flash drive, had a backup, found lost hard drive and there is nothing on it news worthy. Wow😐

  13. Avatar

    Just cloud save it lol

  14. Avatar

    "piling on him when he's already down???" heres a guy who has millions of our tax dollars and never worked a day in his life and we are supposed to feel sorry for him now???

  15. Avatar

    Looks like somebody might have copied the files so they can be prepared should a legal case happen.

  16. Avatar

    This reeks of BS!

  17. Avatar

    China was one of two countries, along with Russia, named in a 2018 Pentagon report as posing the most significant military challenge to the United States. Two years on and that challenge has only grown.

    Beijing's program of rapid modernization has seen its military transformed into a true global power, capable of comfortably projecting its forces throughout the Indo-Pacific region and beyond.

  18. Avatar

    Let's stop with beating a dead horse. Let's put President Trump in JAIL. He has stolen money from banks. No bank would loan him money in the USA because he defaults on his loans. He got loans by personally guaranteed them 500 million dollars which he never disclosed. His family and properties has made millions of his Presidency. He holds state events in Florida at his home billing outlandish prices. 3 dollars for every glass of water! The list is endless. Trump was told and warned why herd immunity would not work.224,000 deaths. Our economy in shambles. Look at Canada. Look at France and Germany. Charge Trump with War Crimes. I am a Registered Republican for 42 years. I came out of my mom's womb a Republican but I am voting for Biden.I want to protect our Democracy. Stop the hate and violence. Control this virus. Get our Allies to forgive us. Trump appeals to the worst in us. Make the US great again? The man had 4 yrs! Want to really make the U S great again? Vote for Biden.

  19. Avatar
    Facebook is an addiction


  20. Avatar

    Tucker, this sounds fishy. How could you send the only copy through a carrier? You don't understand that you should always may backups?

  21. Avatar

    Gahahaha remember this guy literally used the defense that he shouldn't be taken seriously in court fillings…

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