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Tucker: Democrats will justify court-packing by citing diversity

Tucker Carlson explains the key moments from vice presidential debate. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Avatar

    We’re equal Kamala and you are there. Stop whining!

  2. Avatar

    I didn't sense any Joy in Kamala's spirit, at all. She exuded pretensions and incompetence. That's how i FEEL about it. 🙄

  3. Avatar

    The Left is playing the race card big time; they will milk it for all it is worth. They're less interested in equality of opportunity, and more in equality of outcome.

  4. Avatar

    This debate definitely went better then the Trump-Biden one. Felt way more professional and controlled. Also, Pence raised several good points about Harris stance on certain polices that r beyond controversial. So yeah. I’m voting for Trump next month

  5. Avatar

    🌊🌊🌊 your Presidents on drugs

  6. Avatar

    In my opinion, Pence destroyed her in that debate. No matter what MSM tells me to think.

  7. Avatar

    CNN and MSNBC are the most biased news stations in history. They know Pence destroyed Harris, but they still only point out the fly on Pence’s head, and that he’s “Sexist.” You know what, I don’t blame Pence for interrupting Harris, all she says are lies and proposes Socialism. Nor do I blame Trump for interrupting Biden. I could tell Pence couldn’t believe the lies Kamala Harris was saying. The Democrats are so desperate, they’ll lie and cheat to get their way. Trump2020!

  8. Avatar

    If they spoke for the same amount of time, why was the moderator cutting Pense off every single answer?

  9. Avatar

    So when all judges,lawyers,politicians, Presidents,sports figures,actors,singers,bankers,ect…are black and brown women…..then WHAT??

  10. Avatar

    She sounds like a dictator like Hillary.

  11. Avatar
    Truffel de Buffel

    Am I the only one thinking that Kamala stands and walks like a dude?

  12. Avatar

    Yes, it is our decision, we will vote for Trump!

  13. Avatar

    The FBI terrorists/employees using psychotronic weapons on me says that there should be two presidents because “diversity”

  14. Avatar

    I can not trust Harris, she just smiles hiding the truth and facts.

  15. Avatar

    Truckers comedy show hilarious

  16. Avatar

    The smirk that was seen around the world.

    TRUMP 2020 🇬🇧🇺🇲✊🏻

  17. Avatar

    Reminds me of Hilary …….. that cynical grin, avoiding answers and truly just seems untrustworthy!! Harris is awful!!!

  18. Avatar
    Knock Em Down Airsoft

    What a fking absurd lie. If you timed how much each candidate was allotted, Harris got on average 10 to 20 seconds more then Pence by DESIGN.

  19. Avatar

    Headboard harris is a disgusting human being.

  20. Avatar

    Crush the liberals, vote vote voteVOTEVOTE…VOTE Trump send her home.

  21. Avatar

    2:07 A+ for Fake and Condescending. When deflecting the question, her strange intonations during “let’s talk about packing the court then… smirking smile**blink blink* Did you knowwww..” were so annoying. Can’t stand her. At the end of this Pence should’ve responded to her: that’s ok, you were picked only because you’re black

  22. Avatar

    These woke folk are truly disgusting.

  23. Avatar

    I can't believe i used to respect those people. As I have gotten older I have begun to see the evil they are taking part in. i am ashamed of every democrat vote i ever cast

  24. Avatar

    So, Kamala is a “person of faith?” The only time she’s on her knees is when she’s in front of somebody who can help her career.

  25. Avatar

    The Democrats have weaponised the Judiciary into a political leftist, activist body.
    They also dominate 95% of the mainstream media, spewing constant anti-Trump footage everywhere, in airports, bars, you name it.

    But it wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t Pres Trump, their aim is to vilify and take down any opponent of the Leftwing candidates, they are like the regime controlled media in communist countries, like China or North Korea. If they win this election, that is exactly the type of government, America will have for the ongoing future.
    A regime who will not be held to account by the main stream media, or judiciary.

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