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Tucker clashes with GOP Senator over police reform in contentious interview

Tucker Carlson takes on Indiana Sen. Mike Braun on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Avatar

    That senator is a big joke and a coward.

  2. Avatar

    Another ignorant person who thinks that criminals are good and police are evil .

  3. Avatar

    Is this man Republican?? We don’t support the traitors like Braun!! This idiots so coward the Rhino support BLM get lost idiots corupted scumbag Senators Braun I am despite you!!

  4. Avatar
    Robert Rodriguez

    This guy is a clown, the Democrats blocked the bill.

  5. Avatar

    To everyone calling this guy a RINO, he's more representative of the GOP than you. Even the most "extreme" Republicans, like Trump or Gaetz, endorse this kind of nonsense, or are apathetic to it. Time for a new party.

  6. Avatar

    That was painful to watch. The guy is worthless.

  7. Avatar

    Coward rhino.

  8. Avatar

    Why do you think Republicans are invincible, Tucker ? Why do you think they DON'T have to listen or compromise ? Why do you think their seats are NOT in jeopardy ?

  9. Avatar

    we I need our POLICE

  10. Avatar

    This guy makes me hate my Republican Party. Such a baffoon and arrogant.

  11. Avatar

    I know for a FACT the Indiana Sheriff’s Association did NOT support this. I read the 2 page letter sent to Braun.

  12. Avatar

    Republicans have failed us across the board, they're spineless, feeble cowards and if they lose this fall they deserve it.

  13. Avatar

    I'm an Indiana voter and don't agree with Braun.

  14. Avatar

    BRAUN will be dealt with accordingly. Probably best he move to CA, or CHAZ.

  15. Avatar
    Kimberly Naegele

    I want people to be taught to never resist the police!!!!!

  16. Avatar

    This is what all politicians who need to be voted out sound like.

  17. Avatar
    Austin prichard

    Is he saying he will compromise his principles to win an election? Hes a democrat. That is precisely what's wrong with all these politicians.

  18. Avatar
    Eric Carmichael

    Mike Braun a Democrat clothed with a Republican title? I think so!!

  19. Avatar

    Why shouldn’t we have the ability to sue the police if they violate our civil liberties?

  20. Avatar

    Mike Braun seems like a low IQ person.

  21. Avatar

    If the cops do nothing and the criminals gets away and kills someone or a cop before the criminals gets pick up
    The cops that did nothing will be blame 🤨🤔😫

  22. Avatar
    Charles Goldman

    I don't support that prick.

  23. Avatar

    I hate mike now.

  24. Avatar

    Braun is exactly why politicians are not trusted and hated. What a fool.

  25. Avatar
    Kimberly Naegele

    He has private security

  26. Avatar

    Well this asshat probably just lost his seat in the senate! 👌

  27. Avatar

    New slogan


  28. Avatar

    I'm from Indiana and he doesn't not represent what we believe, I campaigned for him in 2018 and won't be supporting him again.

  29. Avatar
    Kimberly Naegele

    No we don’t

  30. Avatar

    Tucker let him speak his piece then continue..

  31. Avatar

    Him and mit Romney need to hold hands

  32. Avatar

    Another pandering politician …is anyone surprised

  33. Avatar

    That Senator is in the wrong job- he does not get it.

  34. Avatar

    Thanks Tucker. Keep fighting for the silenced majority!

  35. Avatar

    This guy's a hack. He talks in circles, typical politician hack loser. Vote them out.

  36. Avatar

    Love that tucker just asked him “are you going to introduce legislation that would make it easier for business owners to sue the people who are burning them down?” THATS THE KIND OF LEGISLATION THE ACTUAL AMERICAN PEOPLE NEED AND WANT. NO MORE BOWING TO THE MOB ON THEIR TALKING POINTS. WERE DONE WITH THAT HORSESHIT.

  37. Avatar

    Who is not held accountable are crooked Senators and Representatives Traitors

  38. Avatar

    Thank you Tucker for doing your job every day…wish congress would follow your lead…

  39. Avatar

    At this point, police should absolutely lose funding. They are nothing more than dogs of State who won’t even attempt to “protect and serve” the people of their masters tell them to stand down.

  40. Avatar

    He supports murdering police officers? And he is a senator?

  41. Avatar

    Geee that's the problem, too many frightened coward Republicans, boot licking leftist medias.
    🙏 Indiana, vote him out !

  42. Avatar
    Kimberly Naegele

    We want police! You don’t! We hate you for leaving us helpless!

  43. Avatar

    Pathetic coward!

  44. Avatar

    They already had all of the suspects info. Let the fool run, tow his car, and pick him up later, he would foot the bill

  45. Avatar

    how about the officer gets tased and the thug steals his real gun

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