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Tucker blasts Mark Cuban's defense of NBA's business with China

OutKick’s Jason Whitlock weighs in on Mark Cuban’s statements on China and the NBA’s ratings. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Avatar

    I can't miss ballgames when it's like it is now. C'mon man. lol They holler one thing and do another. Let these people loose their tails, no one really cares anymore but THEY haven't noticed or don't care. Don't care!

  2. Avatar

    Cuban's a Turd and so is the NBA… Just kick the NBA out of the country

  3. Avatar

    I thought American sports for American patriotic

  4. Avatar

    Love watching the NBA fail. They will get what they deserve, low ratings.

  5. Avatar

    The problem with Capitalism is it’s incompatible with the immoral. Why do business with China at all?

  6. Avatar

    Done with the nba

  7. Avatar

    Quick question for y’all.. where do you think all of Ivanka Trump’s clothes and shoes merchandise are made… I’ll wait for the answers 🤔

  8. Avatar

    God bless America. Trump 2020 🙏

  9. Avatar

    If Hiden wins, we will be totally reliant on China's economy.

  10. Avatar

    "The customer is always right"

  11. Avatar

    Are we good with any other country . I feel like its America vs everybody

  12. Avatar

    Ridiculous conversation!. The US is a world leader in ethnic cleansing….look at Libya Syria Iraq Yemen Somalia to name just a few!!!

  13. Avatar

    There would be no NBA or NFL if America wasn't full of idolaters.

  14. Avatar

    Anyone of you people out there consider that Cuban and nba players are closet communists? These players want to do business with the Chinese Communist Party who has enslaved the Uyghur people, people of color! But it is becoming apparent that only one color matters to this bunch. What's going on in China is akin to apartheid but the nba players are ok with it and cuban wants to do business with china. Money is all that matters to these political prostitutes! They'd sell out their own mother for a buck! Nba owners and players have no morals and no credibility. Shame on those of you who still watch them.

  15. Avatar

    White man loves his $$!.

  16. Avatar

    Oh look its Tucker Carlson… Hes a LIAR. Its reduculess… This whole video is redicules… Mark Cuban never said that he didnt condems ethnic cleansing. And also its redicules that because the chibese government, who isnt voted for by their People…. Are doing human right violations then nobody should do business with the chibese People… What a redicules argument. My i remind Tucker that Trump is doing business with russia and other human right violating countries… And Tucker has No problem with that.

  17. Avatar
    Lion and hedgehog 1

    He condemns human rights violations-2seconds later”I’m ok doin buisness w China. He is helping the commies w there human rights

  18. Avatar

    He is just one of the hypocrite and coward.

  19. Avatar

    Cuban can move to Wuhan.

  20. Avatar

    The NBA puts their politics in our face, I can practice my politics and not watch it.

  21. Avatar

    Them announcing that they will remove the BLM stuff shows they never cared. If they did care, they wouldn’t hesitate to keep pushing the issue even after losing viewers. They sold out fast…

  22. Avatar

    I can vote Trump this time..he's has failed us big time! And I've never seen anyone lie so much and talk crazy!

  23. Avatar

    Hey Mark I thought the United States is a customer too. Doesn't stop it's players from Condeming the US and playing out their Soap Opera on a daily basis. If you can't support the country that provides you these freedoms then I have absolutely no interest in supporting your league.

  24. Avatar

    Each of the team owners has a jet that will comfortably fit all the players as they relocate to China. Good by and good luck

  25. Avatar

    I wonder why I don't see my comments the next day?

  26. Avatar

    Deport them all for treason. If you don't take this seriously it's all over.

  27. Avatar

    take this opportunity to stop giving your hard earned money to rich morons.

  28. Avatar

    It has NOTHING to do with the covid fn idiot.(guy says viewership is down partially because of covid???????!!!!!!!) Duuummmmbb. More ppl are home dumbass.

  29. Avatar
    Carnac The Magnificent

    Tough position for Cuban to put himself: refusing to condemn genocide because it would offend the people commuting genocide so instead he says he wants their money. To borrow a phrase from Cuban himself when he's being self-righteous, this is who he is. A greedy SOB who will dive into piles of his blood money like Scrooge McDuck without a second of reflection on who he's supporting to get that cash. He's a bad person.

  30. Avatar

    Oh,NBA,means nothing but assholes!!!!

  31. Avatar

    No Body Association. CCP?

  32. Avatar

    It's ALL about the money and nothing else.

  33. Avatar

    Correction…we actually knew he was a moral cowardice

  34. Avatar


  35. Avatar

    Cuban is a sell out. All he cares about is money and status.

  36. Avatar

    Mark Cuban needs some more money.
    He's falling way behind in the Billionaire Standings.
    These wealthy, greedy, 🐷🐷🐷 make my stomach turn.
    I guess if he'd have been around in the '30's, he'd have done business with
    "Hell is empty; the Devils 👿😈 are all here !"

  37. Avatar

    ship them all to china if they like china better it only makes sense for all partys

  38. Avatar

    Cuban has always been a champion of child labor just watch shark tank…if any person on the show wants product made in America they get a huge laugh from all the sharks….why pay an American a wage when you can force a 10 yo in China to work 20 hrs a day at 1$ per hr….

  39. Avatar

    NBA is dead to me

  40. Avatar

    China sent us the beer bug in order to hurt Trumps re election. The more i think about it the more its less and less a conspiracy theory.

  41. Avatar

    So what sucker.

  42. Avatar

    It's sad I was nba fan for long time they really make me not wanna watch its a shame I woulnt want my kids watching nba even the music they play during timeouts is ghetto violent rap. It's sad terrible

  43. Avatar

    Who want's to watch any of these woke sports anymore answer nobody with a brain

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