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Trump's words on covid-19 are like 'slap in the face' for those who lost family

President Trump’s comparisons in October of the coronavirus to the flu and admonitions not to fear it were “appalling” to those who have lost family members. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    He should be charged for malpractice!! Trump is the devil 😈

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    Why don't you quit whining about orange man and demand right to try medications and treatments that actually work. Instead of listening to the media ,tec, and Bill Gates, none of them are doctors .wake up you have eugenicists "Bill Gates" who wants population control telling you how to be healthy and what medicines shots or pills you need to be healthy. instead of proper food and exercise which is what health is not a pill or vaccine from a eugenicists like bill gates who wants to reduce the population

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    My family lost our 99 year old grand aunt from covid. Her passing from covid has nothing to do with the president and EVERYTHING to do with the DEMOCRAT governor Wolf putting infected people in to nursing homes.

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    How what did he do ? My uncle died from it and I didn’t see trump say anything bad it is what it is it’s an illness that is random how is he above it all ? He’s just lucky

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    How’s it trumps fault if someone’s immune system is weak ?

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    Trump is a disgrace.

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    Most of those that died were because of Democrats sending elderly back to nursing homes. The point is that the statistics are blown out of proportion. The truth is thar the stats are Less than the flu. Get your facts straight.

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    [ EXCELLENT , COMMENTS ] !!!!! , A LEADER JOB , IS TO LEAD BY , EX SAMPLE , [ NOT , PANIC !!!! . THE PUBLIC ] .!!!!! . OR [ SENIOR CITIZENS ) .!!!! …… 👍💖🇺🇸🙏🏾……

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    They found all of the cry babies. Actual deaths are around 10,000 people.

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    The same amount of total deaths in this country every year including this year even with “covid” I lost my mother to cancer. What’s the difference? You people just can’t stop being political. Shut the hell up! My mom was just as important as yours! The only difference, I don’t blame anyone!

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    My heart goes out to all who have lost someone and those who "survived," living with the underlying, persistent after effects. This administration has been horrid unlike any prior one in my seven decades — Republican or Democrat.

    The others weighing in with talking points from the White House, the GOP, Fox News, et al are members of the Trump Death Society (TDS), the inheritors of Jonestown. And, no, this is not a partisan thing. Liberals, moderates, disaffected Republicans, good conservatives, and more are supporting the Biden-Harris ticket even though there are differences of opinion on some issues.

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    I'm sorry if you lost someone to Covid! However, that doesn't make it any more dangerous than any other flu and certainly doesn't justify taking away peoples freedoms. To blame Trump for losing someone to a virus is absolutely insane! I think the fact that there's as many "dislikes" as "likes" on this video confirms to me that I'm not the only one who thinks as I do.

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    Blame Trump for all your problems

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    It's good news though, the total deaths have gone down this year compared to the last couple years.

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    Trump had it himself, so he can say what he feels just like you can you had it so you have a voice, this all was done to trump not by trump get a grip on reality, after 4 years of this type of frame up, a serious adult can put the facts together

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    Hope & Grace But Not Feeble Minded

    The 3.7K thumbs down is a presentation of unsympathetic Trump spirits roaming in the media minimizing suffering. I wouldn't be surprised if these are paid "Trump demons"

    My heart goes to you all. It takes courage to speak your heart to us all. May you be comforted.💖

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    Wow, so much drivel from the Trump team commentators. Maybe you were someone who had Covid 19 and recovered. Good for you! But how dare any of you deny the stories of other people who lost someone to Covid-19 or who had worse symptoms than yours. No-one is blaming Trump for the disease. A lot of us do think he and others have mishandled the disease. No-one blames Bush jr for Katrina, but we sure complained about how things were handled, as is our right to do. And the comment about old people are going to die anyway; you must not experienced the love, teachings, wisdom, and support from a grandparent. I’m sorry for your loss.

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    And NOBODY WILL DIE with Biden/Harris because the media won't report it.

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    he is going off his own exp affects ppl diff

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    🖕🏼Trump 2020 Fuggins🖕🏼

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    Do you even realize that when you wear coverings "so that you do not infect the others" is basically weakening each other's immune systems? It makes you and the rest around you weak! Pathetic! Do you realize the harm these face coverings actually do to you? They weaken and irreversibly destroy your immune system making you vulnerable for the rest of your life to all kinds of deadly diseases including coronavirus! And no, I don't need to be a doctor or a medical expert, or a scientist to say this. All it takes is a tiny bit of brain for you to come to this same conclusion!

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    The issue for the president is to open the country and save the businesses and streets from rioters. The doctor give info on the Virus. The government has the option to enforce lockdowns and mask wearing. Trump has decided to let you decide and the government won't punish you with fines and jail. Listen to doctors for medical advice. Not politicians. Get smarter. ALL I see here is blaming and jealousy. So, bottom line – my relative died, Trump got it and lived, Trump says we can beat it. I feel bad for my relative and it's Trump's fault.

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    The girl at 0:53 Hes dad is a doctor and died of covid and it's Trump's fault? Really?

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    I’m sorry for all your losses, know nothing anyone says can take the pain away, I’m sorry we haven’t got a leader that cares for his fellow Americans.

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    I'm convinced at this point that Trump could literally cure cancer and the media would put up the headline "Trump prevents peaceful deaths of millions".

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    Get real people die of something start feeling sorry for yourself the left are feeding you don't blame potus he didn't call for this covid wont go away just like the the flu in the past people die

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    Trust Bill Gates

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    Losing a loved is always a very difficult thing anytime. We are in the most divisive election in American history since Lincoln added with the a very contagious novel virus that we all have to figure out to live and continue onward, we are all really stressed.
    We have to continue to feed our families and take care of everyday matters. Life, for the most part, continues on for the living.

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    Salt in the room how this news organization doesn't give a damn about any of us Americans and not putting no effort into why Nancy pelosi is not pushing forward for the American people… Fake news fake organization makes you kind of wonder how these reporter sleep at night..

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    Joshua Brandstetter

    President Trump’s words were words of encouragement and words of leadership. The Washington Post simply twists them in their “Trump is Evil” filter.

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    You are seeing how you've been lied to about treatments and your anger should turn to the people behind all of this.

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    Covid-19 is not lethal your loved ones were murdered

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    I’m sorry He is such a jerk My condolences to y’all 💚💚❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

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    Idiots, Trump did not influence my opinion about coronavirus! I refused to wear face coverings a year ago and I was blocked from all media platforms all over the internet because of my anti-face coverings comments. I don't need to look what someone else talks, does or thinks! You forget about the fact that some Americans can think and come to their own conclusions!

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    Donald is the disease. His position on the Corona-virus can only be explained as insanity. When will the One-Percenters admit that without the people there is no economy? So the argument of putting the economy ahead of the welfare of the people is in itself an insane argument. The top one percent owns 50 percent of the stock market.

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    CDC says 4000 ppl die EACH Day from TB! 1.5+ million died in 2018! It's an airborne virus! We've had a vaccine for 100 years! Why are we not wearing full on hazmat suits and filters? According to a recent Harvard study, if you are between the ages of 45-64 your chances of dying from CV are 19.1 million to 1. CV child mortality is lower than Seasonal Flu. So sick of this fear campaign!! Liars!!

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    You idiots truly believe Trump is the reason they died? You need to look who invented this virus. Obama and Fauci and Bill Gates killed them. More and more doctors are trying to tell you that this a big fraud. People do die just like from the flu. I worked in a nursing facility and this crap is not the truth. People die from the flu and everything else in this world. Less died from covid than any other

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