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Trump's medical team confirms president was given oxygen Friday

Doctors for U.S. President Donald Trump confirmed he was given supplemental oxygen Friday but say his health is improving.

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  1. Avatar

    They should check his brain. It's really messed up.

  2. Avatar

    He not sick he is faking

  3. Avatar

    What is the big deal about this he lair all the time he is acting

  4. Avatar
    `~White Cranberry~`

    Me: going in class at lunch
    My classmate: did you know Trump got tested positive for COVID-19?
    Everyone in my class: CHEERING OF JOY

  5. Avatar

    its all scam. Trump wants to be re elected that all 🙋‍♀️

  6. Avatar

    President Trump is God’s instrument to bless the world and The Lord Jesus Christ is protecting him.

  7. Avatar

    LOL more reptilian demon lies!!!

  8. Avatar

    Will trump gets more votes from this ? sympathy basis

  9. Avatar

    If this is the state of media nowadays I fear for our race

  10. Avatar
    Dennis Van meter

    Trump is reelected in November.Pence 2024. You get me LibRAT?

  11. Avatar

    just stop. the next thing you may want to know is the colour of his dump.

  12. Avatar

    This fool lied about O2 yesterday, as such, he cannot be trusted today.

  13. Avatar

    Why wait? He’s discharge now. (D’uh)

  14. Avatar

    So if you stick your finger in the clothes clip thingy, and test for oxygen, then get it right away, even someone sick and fevered recovers right away? That is so much easier than tests and paying for vaccines, isn't it? Test for fever, stick your finger in the clip? Go or no.

  15. Avatar

    What if I told you this was all a PR Stunt – so that Trump could be "miraculously" cured just so that he could tout the (unproven) WH CV-Treatment before the election – when Trump begins to push the new vaccine like a used car salesman, you will have your answer.

  16. Avatar
    Free Audio Books

    Defend the CBC

  17. Avatar

    CBC I sneezed, report from CBC man blows his guts out as a white supremacist arguing with BLM

  18. Avatar

    Only on Friday? Perhaps that explains why Trump has been mentally deficient his past 74 years.

  19. Avatar

    Can't make america great again if ur dead trump. maybe now the rest of America can start taking this seriously

  20. Avatar
    Sadaat O Momineen

    No news about his wife ?

  21. Avatar

    Your “cagey” is what a professional would call “patient confidentiality”

  22. Avatar

    The man the legend the myth

  23. Avatar

    Why give him oxygen 🤔

  24. Avatar

    yes he was given oxygen and his levels were below 90 percent which is a big deal it means his vitals were alot worse then we were told. We wont know if he is out of the woods fora t least 5 to 6 more days. Its unknown if the medications have helped or not. They wont discharge as remdesivir takes 5 doses to do any good. His doctors would be nuts to let him go tomorrow. This stuff is all bs they need to start telling us the truth

  25. Avatar

    I was hoping the title was gonna be pronounced dead. Bummer :/

  26. Avatar

    IDC how many joy rides he takes. He HAS to admit that he WAS WRONG. TELL THE PEOPLE TO WEAR A MASK.

  27. Avatar

    Why is he having treatment at all if he is asymptomatic enough to recover in two days. Even a cold lasts the best part of a week.

  28. Avatar

    Look at that DEMON. hey, trump people, he STILL INFECTED PEOPLE. he didn't tell U.S. about the hicks girl.

  29. Avatar

    Hey Bunker Boy, we hope you'll be 'looking up at I'd to how well well and happy we are without you. It was a biggly funeral. Crowds like nobody has ever seen…

  30. Avatar
    Biance Kemich Arbas

    not the “trump 2020” flags… chile… that’s like a ticket to hell 💀😭

  31. Avatar

    What’s wrong with the medical team trying to reflect Trump’s upbeat spirit?

  32. Avatar

    So sick of this sugar coating…the country has a right to not be lied to

  33. Avatar

    why the hysteria? oxygen or more specifically a hyperbaric chamber is a perfect treatment for this , but since big pharma cant monopolize it , it gets suppressed

  34. Avatar

    Miss Drama Queen, please tell us what difference does it make wither he had Oxygen or Not?? Please take a Chill Pill!!

  35. Avatar

    Did you hear trump passed away god bless america

  36. Avatar


  37. Avatar

    They are lying . He was not given oxygen . Listen to the actual press release . He was offered oxygen and the President refused . Shortly after oxygen levels were back to normal . With no oxygen given.

  38. Avatar

    *Breaking news*: Chris Christie's been moved to the Intensive Cake Unit

  39. Avatar

    Who cares if he needed supplemental oxygen

  40. Avatar

    Joe Biden is a traitor, spoke at Bird the senator high-ranking KKK, Clinton‘s guy that she looked up to, and in 1994 he called Black people the N-word and introduce the crime bill they put the man in jail, put the women of those men on welfare, but your time is over, the black and Hispanics has woken up they are proud people that like the . Opportunity. Wake up people and walk away.

  41. Avatar

    Lol oh man!! Not oxygen!!

  42. Avatar
    Angela Newman Mya Sims

    Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  43. Avatar

    Yeah he was knocking on deaths door on Friday and on Monday he will be back at White house…LMFAO

  44. Avatar

    Trump to lower 14 days quarantine time to 4 days he knows it worked

  45. Avatar

    Next headline:
    Trump is laying down in the hospital.

    Big woop.

  46. Avatar
    Third Dimension Jewellery

    This is big news because he's always blowing out so much hot air that it was difficult to get the oxygen in.

  47. Avatar

    why is he interacting with others? He doesnt care about anyone but himself!

  48. Avatar

    Oxygen is great for hangovers.

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