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Trump’s marathon 'Fox & Friends' phone call, in 2.5 minutes

President Trump had a 50-minute phone interview with “Fox & Friends” on June 14, covering a wide range of topics including Iran, Sarah Sanders’s replacement and foreign election intelligence. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    There has to some trump supporters who at this stage say to themselves Wtf.

  2. Avatar

    Gosh. My head is just spinning.

  3. Avatar

    What did he say? He was going to call the FBI on Iran because he's is accusing them for the tanker attacks? Iran btw was removing a mine from one of the ships. So they attacked with a mine then help them to remove it. Also the captain said he didn't think it was Iran. But nope anything that happens trump blames Iran. So much confusion.

  4. Avatar

    Now I know for sure Iran is NOT behind the attack on those tankers.

  5. Avatar

    WTF! was he high? Anyway, those fox news fake journalist are just bs, they prompt up war for the deep state.

  6. Avatar

    The Japanese owner of the boat stated that the explosion was not from underneath, but was from something that came from the air, like a missile. Wouldn’t be surprised if the trump admin set this up to happen. Politicians love war.

  7. Avatar

    I love the political echo chamber on this. Fools who read the washington post??? wow

  8. Avatar

    He cares more about t.v. and Twitter then being the actual president.

  9. Avatar

    I wanted to like him, but he lies so much.

  10. Avatar

    The orange orangutan is a God damn moron. Just listening to him is utterly painful

  11. Avatar

    Yeah right ya fuckin draft dodger. How about we send traitor Trumpski to go fight his oil war.

  12. Avatar

    Anyone else just sick of hearing his voice?

  13. Avatar

    Idk if I'm listening to this whole thing… Oh it's 2 mins lol

  14. Avatar

    And this moron is the leader of the free world.

  15. Avatar

    Trump- "I'm not like the establishment!!"
    Also Trump- Employs only Bush-era staff, supports big oil, violates private property for contractors and corporations, runs small farms into the ground for big farms to buy up the land, tries to start a war in the middle east, sells weapons to terrorist organizations and states that sponsor them
    Trump supporters- "Men, we've been tricked, we've been backstabbed, and we've been quite possibly, bamboozled!"

  16. Avatar

    Which doe you think does a better job, the North Korea state own TV station, or the Russia owned, us-based TV station Faux News?

  17. Avatar

    They all look like deer in headlights! Brian keeps looking to see if they're still on the air. When the producer said "Trump is going to call in.", they all respond in protest. Ainsley asked if they could tell Trump the show is full and let Brian tape the call solo for use during the news hour. She hates sitting through Trump's gloating and lies.

  18. Avatar

    Another false flags in order to drag more young men and woman into a rich mans war, but a poor mans fight..

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