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Trump’s insults helped him win in 2016. They’re backfiring in 2020.

President Trump has used name-calling and invective to great effect over the course of his political career. But his attempts to negatively define Joe Biden in 2020 have fallen flat, and appear to be turning off moderate voters. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Creepy old China Joe and his psychotic voters have no chance of winning after his activist bases recent violent attacks on older people

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    🇺🇸Trump Wins/America WINS
    Here are the facts:
    – Trump 3.2% GDP
    – Trump 3% wage increase
    – Trump historic stock market
    – Trump historic
    – unemployment for women women in 70 years.
    – Trump Nation’s Lowest unemployment for black and Hispanics in our history
    – Trump Crushed ISIS 6 months after taking office
    – Passed historic tax cuts
    – Passed historic criminal Justice reform freeing many people jailed by democrats
    – Created economic zones that brought millions of dollars to start or grow small businesses in minority communities.
    – Record # of Fed Judges 200+
    – Built 300+ miles of border wall
    – Middle East Peace Deal. Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.
    – 480K manufacturing Jobs created under Trump more than 300K lost under Obama.

    Democrats will say that all that Trump’s economy and accomplishments are out the window because of COVID 19. That is a lie.
    The facts are that Trump’s leadership and vision resulted in many wins for all Americans. The slowdown due to COVID 19 and is artificial and not tied to Trump’s policies that clearly improved the lives of all Americans.

    Trump gets it done! Trump did it without democrats who said what President Trump accomplished could not be done. Trump can do it again regardless of the COVID 19 artificial slowdown.

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    HRC took bribes from Russia to sell them uranium. TREASON of the highest order.

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