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Trump’s Economic Report Card On The Stock Market, GDP And Jobs | NBC News NOW

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a wrench in Trump’s economy. So where do things stand heading into the election? NBC News’ Simone Boyce crunches the numbers on the stock market, economic growth and job creation.
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Trump’s Economic Report Card On The Stock Market, GDP And Jobs | NBC News NOW

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    What kind of jobs .
    Don't Be Fooled , Yeah lot's Of Low Paying Job's .

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    Trump banned the travel from China and Biden blasted that action. The initial stage of coronavirus was deadly and he saved lots of lives. Now the treatment method is available and vaccine is coming out soon. People need to live a normal life.

  11. Avatar

    Under Obama there were no jobs, the best many Americans could do was to apply for disability. A lot of people lost a decade of job growth and earnings potential.

  12. Avatar

    The jobs Trump created were low paying retail and food service. Hard to open smaller stores and restaurants in a pandemic.

  13. Avatar

    Trump was not the one to bring in the virus, so economy recovery is much faster than what Biden would have allowed. He himself is hiding in a basement.

  14. Avatar

    CDC reported covid deaths of 220,000 deaths, yet by its own report, there has been 300,000 excess deaths this year vs previous normal years. Why is Trump still attacking science? Go figure.

  15. Avatar

    There is criminal evidence that just came out that Joe Biden and his
    family recieved payouts from Ukrain China and Russia. Look it up! Type
    in Hunter Biden laptop.

  16. Avatar

    Show those jobs created and hi light where Obama/Biden started and where trump started. Trump inherited a good job recovery rate created by Obama and Biden

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    NYT REPORT—TRUMP MAINTAINS BANK ACCOUNT IN CHINA: NowThis is tracking the latest 2020 news, polls, and forecasts. Pres. Trump maintains a bank account in China and has sought numerous business deals there despite regularly assailing Joe Biden for being 'soft on China,' the NY Times reports. Trump's business dealings in China were revealed in his tax records, which were recently leaked to the Times. A company owned by the president, Trump International Hotels Management, uses the bank account. The Times reports, 'In 2017, the company reported an unusually large spike in revenue — some $17.5 million, more than the previous five years’ combined. It was accompanied by a $15.1 million withdrawal by Mr. Trump from the company’s capital account.' Read the full story here: https://t.co/kU18ggxrDs

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    2:32 I want to have a lover 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    Sleepy, come out from hiding. Answer the hard questions!

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    If Joe Biden has dementia, than Donald Trump & his supporters must be brain dead🤯🤯

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    A protest song from Canada that wasn't written about Trump — but you'd think it was!! The lyrics are bang on. Check it out. If you like it… please share! ❤ POLITICIAN MAN: https://youtu.be/7Zd-N19k09Y

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    Arianna Mercado Rosa Strickland

    10:43 is the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    Where is Biden?? Why should we vote for him when he can’t even show up for us. He just expects us to pick up his slack??????

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    A Vote For Biden ,Is A Vote For Hillary And Sorros , Biden and Harris Are Stage Characters For The Sheep….

  25. Avatar

    The market is NOT the economy…

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    Don't be foolish. With Biden, and higher taxes, you gonna see alot of companies moving out again…mybe to China, with some money as bribery.

  27. Avatar

    How many minimum wage people have stock market portfolios?How many medium scale wage people have stock market portfolios? Trump talks about the best stock market economy ever, but has never done anything for the hundreds of millions of Americans who are not investors in the stock market.

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    Do not believe the POLLS they LIE!! Everyone needs to vote early and bring a friend or neighbor so they can cast their vote as well. Democrats need to not get complacent or lazy and make sure you VOTE!! THE POLLS LIE! if you information www.vote.org or www.voteusa.org or www.rockthevote.com or www.iwillvote.com or www.vote411.org or www.(your state).gov make a plan and make sure to vote and keep our democracy working! Help older people around you to make sure they follow the directions if voting by mail and do everything they instructed; signature, witness signature, privacy envelope, and whatever requirements are to make sure their vote counts! (Most states will not let you return ballot for them but can help them make sure they do it right.

  29. Avatar

    stock market is all fed.. zero trump

  30. Avatar

    China destroyed American economy, not the President.

  31. Avatar

    Another 10 percent for the big guy?

  32. Avatar

    Biden = $6.00 gal gas. $500.00 electric bill…basucally double all your monthly living expenses. Oh and he is going to raise our taxes.
    I'm voting TRUMP….

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    PLEASE GO OUT AND VOTE! republicans have asked the supreme court to limit counting mail ballots that are cast on time but arrive after election day, the justices are divided on the matter 4-4, as you know trump wants to rush amy barrett in as soon as possible because she would serve as the 5th vote on the case and it's safe to assume she would side with whatever benefits trump, the only way we can make sure the election will not be debatable is we have to make sure joe biden wins by a landslide. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! 🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    donald trump is playing dirty do not underestimate him or his supporters.

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    alwaysintrouble 2

    The fact that Obama in 2009 signed a recovery act for a 10 year job growth, but trump wants the credit. Lol

  36. Avatar

    Biden stock report

  37. Avatar

    Trump Never Cares about America..

  38. Avatar

    Respected President Sir,
    I have been praying for your good health from the first day. Thanks be to God You are good now.Congratulations and welcome back.Still continue praying for your victory in election battle.Wishing you all the success Thank You Sir.
    Mr President Donald j Trump is the one and only legendary.The best administrator and excellent ruler, experienced…May God give President Trump a great Success and Keep on praying for Mr President Trump and his family, White House,And For all USA.

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    Sai Baba Temple Street, Near Karanam gari centre, KAKINADA-533003,East Godavari Dist.Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

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    Now do a story on the economy declining 31.7 percent, stagnant GDP, historic deficit, historic debt, historic income disparity, historic bankruptcies, inflated property values, high cost of living..

  40. Avatar

    Yes the economy coming back unlike the bad wish of fake news media.

  41. Avatar

    Trump needs to grow a pair and tell Mitchie Mc stingy to give Americans a stimulus now! America's suffer while corporate welfare is at a historical high.

  42. Avatar

    The stock market is propped up with money from the feds purchase of corporate junk bonds. Yeah, surely THAT'S a good idea, especially as that money did not trickle down in order to the economy.

  43. Avatar

    "Real …..Trumps fake //// TRUTH Trumps …..lies"

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    "Real …..Trumps fake //// TRUTH Trumps …..lies"

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    "Real …..Trumps fake //// TRUTH Trumps …..lies"

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    Investing in gold or crypto is really profitable during this coming election.

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    Joe Biden said he will cut your food stamps off.

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    Bitcoin is the future, investing in it now will be the wisest thing especially with the current rise for real is very profitable

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    If Trump's debts are only a fraction of his net value, why doesn't he pay those debts? Well, I tell you; its because you can fool tax gatherers by staying in debt indefinitely, while on other fronts you make masses of money. Its one of the oldest tax fraud tricks, and Trump seems to excel in it.

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