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Trump's doctors say he has met or exceeded all discharge criteria

Dr. Sean Conley said Trump “may not entirely be out of the woods yet” but the medical team agrees that their evaluations and Trump’s clinical status support his return home.


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  1. Avatar

    If you can't protect The White House, then you can't protect us!!!

  2. Avatar
    Mackenna Grasman

    Well thats a damn shame.

  3. Avatar
    dorothy dickinson

    Publity stunt. Disgraceful.

  4. Avatar

    "Phenomenal." Gosh, that word sounds awfully familiar. Do you suppose a certain person dictated Conley's steaming pile of a statement?

  5. Avatar

    he never had covid its a lie

  6. Avatar

    I’m still voting for Joe Biden!

  7. Avatar

    The code is Against Medical Advise, AMA

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    it's too bad, I said from the beginning it's probably a con and a ploy. Sad to see it really is, I had hoped the greasy pile had actually been sick and would either die or suffer horribly. But yeah once a con man always a con man. He is the farthest thing from a leader, he's comletely worthless in everything he does.This filthy greasy slimeball really has to go, prison is too good for him. Same for all his enablers and those so-called doctors.

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    Let's just spread the virus and yall Americans can just make him president again …..I need a good laugh yall president is a joke I need 4 more years of entertainment from a cheeto wearing a wig

  10. Avatar

    So did they test him again before he left? Did THESE doctors even CONFIRM that his test was positive?

  11. Avatar
    Virginia B. Britton

    Lying doctors

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    My Grandchildren are everything I live for. We don't have private schools like the rich. Schools can't be opened for Political Gain. Respect and Protect our Doctors, Nurses, Grandchildren and your Security everyone doesn't have World Class Care.

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    HIPAA my ass! This whole thing stinks to high heaven of NOTHING BUT LIES. You came out saying his vital signs and EVERYTHING about his treatment, and have even said earlier what meds he was on… but NOW all the sudden you won't answer those questions??? I don't believe Trump was EVER INFECTED WITH COVID. This has all been a HUGE lie. I wonder how much Trump paid these LYING DOCTORS to tell this story. Maybe he promised a share in the stock for THESE MEDICINES???

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    So a person who has,proved over & over that he is a chronic liar, suddenly tweets that he has COVID, but the majority of people are calling it FAKE NEWS. So he gets admitted to a private military hospital with “health concerns” . So the next thing he does is gets his secret service team to take him for a drive so he can get more publicity. When that backfires because the world saw that stunt as being totally irresponsible if he really had the virus, which by now most people are calling it a lie, he makes a sudden miraculous recovery & goes home. Seriously how low will this guy sink to get attention.

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    Notice all doctors are wearing mask .And yet Trump has recovered BS

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    If you listen to all of Trump's doctors, past and present, Trump is almost super human. I listened to what the doctor's say but the look on a lot of their faces and the tone of their voices doesn't match what their saying.

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    Don't let it dominate your life? I'm sure that's comforting for the families of the over 210,000 who have died.

  19. Avatar

    Great, give the bed to someone who needs it. Reckless t*at.

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    He has lung complications they don't want to talk about . Anyone can see him avoiding those questions. Someone asked about it he said something about travel restrictions. Then when the asked about Pneumonia or lung inflation and he said he couldn't violate hippa . Give me a break

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    He met the discharge requirements when he signed the self discharge paperwork. Period.

    It is worth reviewing the Typhoid Mary case. It is very hard to keep a spreader confined. Even Mary.

  22. Avatar

    Damn Trumps looking good, and his message of hope and positivity is
    awesome – Still you have a 99.9 % chance of surviving covid so I guess
    Trump is the living proof of this lol

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    Katalina Hunter Delaney Ponce

    Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌

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    conley isn't real doctor ,he just plays one on tv. His only degree is from trump university, with a major in lies.

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    Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    We need peace in America. This is not the time for foolishness. The games need to stop. We need a President who care about all people.
    And who know how to bring peace to America before God do it his way.

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    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    Yeah right. Liars just like him.

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    But I thought big pharma and big corp media told us c9vid was a death sentence and very scary and we should all quit our jobs and hide like cowards from c9vid?

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    Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    Steve Bannon says US will be in 'deep dive' if Trump isn't reelected https://youtu.be/BFSs3Lbffk8?t=50

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    Meanwhile, The orange clown is working hard as usual, I.e. watching FoxNews. He's had his Hydroxi this morning and is getting his intravenous bleach and UV up his you know what. What a fighter!

  33. Avatar

    Since when does a doctor have to read a scripted updated on a patient? Notes I can understand, but a script, as though he were a politician or public speaker? 🤔

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    This doctors are liars Trump fakes that COVID 19 . I don’t understand why Americans buy this! ! Naive nations!

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    He walked into hospital he was well drama anyone

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    Vote and Pray 🙏 #Trump2020 and keep this Country safe from the DEMORATS. #MAGA2020.

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    these are the asylum type, no kidding

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