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Trump wants 'full investigation' into Epstein's death

President Trump questioned if former president Bill Clinton visited financier Jeffrey Epstein’s island home when asked about Epstein’s death on Aug. 13. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    trump is going to be a hero on this one. if his investigation is able to shut down a giant elite pedophile ring at the highest level, the media will have no way to spin this poorly

  2. Avatar

    Epstein held his breath to commit suicide.

  3. Avatar

    The wp is OWNED by a Deep-State-1%er, using intern-bloggers to Spew globalism.

  4. Avatar

    The Clintons are liars crooks and the devils personified

  5. Avatar

    Of course trump would sympathize with young girl trafficker. Few things surprise us anymore about this POS. !

  6. Avatar

    People bring up collusion with Russia yet completely ignore Trump's ties with the Jesuits and the Zionist cabal. Facts are Epstein got suicided under Trump's administration when he had the power and the obligation to make sure nothing happened to Epstein. IMO Epstein should've been under surveillance of the secret service as much as Trump is.

  7. Avatar

    Shouldn't he be taking care of more important things than being worried about a damn PEDOPHILE THIS UGLY STUPID POS IS DUMB AS A ROCK.

  8. Avatar

    Rather would have seen it thru, and seen him locked up for good. He got the easy way out…

  9. Avatar

    These interviews amidst chopper noices is futile! And irritaring! I'm surprised any of you can sit through the video and listen to it. At the very least they should use some technology to reduce the gawd-awful noise!

  10. Avatar

    He don't want an investigation

  11. Avatar

    Yeah, airports make better white house press briefings

  12. Avatar

    Trump him self should be investigated ,he said once he was very good friend of Jeffrey he like him a lot, and they both like a beautiful young women .

  13. Avatar

    Bill Clinton could tell us a lot if he would discuss his 26+ plane trips (as the flight logs show) to St. James Island and what happened while he was there..
    Ghislane Maxwell could tell us a lot if she would come out of hiding. There are many of Epstein's elite Hollywood friends who could enlighten us also.

  14. Avatar

    You cant stop God's will. Best vote I ever casted!

  15. Avatar

    When Epstein flighs his transport bagege never weighs under 10.

  16. Avatar

    A racist, and liar, who will be removed in 2020…..it will take months to remove the stench from the Oval Office….

  17. Avatar

    Man Trump really hates the clintons. 😂

  18. Avatar

    Investigate what happened to that woman that said she was raped by Trump and Epstein in 1994 (8 years before his so called banishment from Trump's golf resort). She was said to have received death threats (like other Epstein and Trump accusers have said) and that was the end of that.

  19. Avatar

    Trump wants an investigation with Barr overseeing it to protect trump. America isnt stupid as we all know trump is projecting when he accuses someone of something. Clinton isnt guilty but trump definitely is. He partied often with Epstein and we all know trump has a penchant for young girls. Barr should not be trusted with the investigation.

  20. Avatar

    Trump wants a full investigation? Shuuuuure he does!????

  21. Avatar

    A full (professional, bipartisan, open, honest, and complete) investigation. I believe the victims as well as the American people deserve integrity and adherence to The Law with, Justice served on all criminals no matter they may be!!!

  22. Avatar

    We no longer have a government running this country but a regime. Trump and Barr have been deeply involved with Epstein for years. Trump and Barr are going to try to pin this on Hillary. And the democrats? Mouths crazy glued shut? We are living under authoritarian rule. And we all know how those "elections" go. We have been acclimated to corruption. It's only going to get worse. Getting this through to Americans is like trying to get through to a member of a cult. If living in a world where WW ll abuses are being implemented freely doesn't make it obvious nothing will. Google the physical conditions of the N. Korean soldiers that defected to see how people living under a dictator are treated. This is the future of American. I am so sick of Americans stupidity to see what is right in front of them.

  23. Avatar

    26 times to the island? allegedly?

  24. Avatar

    If Epstein had dirt on anyone it would be trump.

  25. Avatar

    Yep, was the best moment for these questions on these issues.

  26. Avatar

    Trump seems innocent to me? Wonder what libs will think of this. Lets have a FULL INVESTIGATION. Lets look at the black book and lets see how many democrats are disgusting pedos. Why would any sane human being be against this?

  27. Avatar

    Clinton should be in prison by now. Obama should had been outed as ineligible And the wall built, people deported, spending under control. Trump is failing terribly. And worst of all, dem voters should be in camps awaiting judgment for treason. WTF is trump waiting for…

  28. Avatar

    Vote for your conspiracy:

    1) Epstein was murdered
    2) Epstein is still alive
    3) Epstein killed himself
    4) Epstein was a holographic projection
    5) Epstein never existed

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