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Trump vs. Biden: Body language expert breaks down first debate

The first U.S. presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was full of interruptions and personal insults.
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  1. Avatar

    so here we get the pnp who cares oh my god can you get some real commentary and lets start worrying about our own country including how the cbc does not comment on real issues how useless

  2. Avatar

    Wish you would have analyzed with out a phone.

  3. Avatar

    how much does cbc spend on this or does he just get to blah blah blah on saying nothing meaningful

  4. Avatar

    wow who wrote this crap is this what we are funding the cbc for

  5. Avatar

    Chris Wallace isn’t effective as a interviewer with a thug, rule breaker like Trump.

  6. Avatar

    get this program off the air when asap

  7. Avatar

    Trump had to interrupt to compensate for debating Joe and wallace

  8. Avatar

    How about analysing their 💩?

  9. Avatar

    TRUMP is a good president.

  10. Avatar

    Again I ask why these two men are allowed to be considered to be president. I would not leave them in charge of a brown paper bag. Unless they are under supervision

  11. Avatar

    They need to have a button that mutes their mics

  12. Avatar

    A body language expert?

  13. Avatar

    If Biden wins I’m leaving Canada

  14. Avatar

    Who is this long haired worst person ever

  15. Avatar

    Biden is the worst lol

  16. Avatar

    You know that body language is pseudo-science, right? Why not just bring on an astrologer? You're better than this CBC. Maybe read some tea leaves?

  17. Avatar

    Umm this guy makes we wanna stop watching

  18. Avatar

    Doesn't matter which one is better, they are showing real nature of American people. Play with words and govern the world. But USA ur time is over . world woke up now

  19. Avatar

    This is terrible and biased. Thats not an expert.

  20. Avatar

    This so called expert is a fraud. What a waste of time….

  21. Avatar

    USA , have just these two old creatures? You don't have anyone else to become your president?!!!!!!!

  22. Avatar

    Trump is a joke

  23. Avatar

    This guys an expert, 😆 🤣 😂 seems like a biased review.

  24. Avatar

    wtf is this jive?

  25. Avatar

    the ultimate acting class…

  26. Avatar

    comedy central omg 😆

  27. Avatar

    no no that’s not just national embarrassment 😆 😂

  28. Avatar

    they could have done it on zoom call 😂

  29. Avatar

    Biden could have stopped him easily if he had simply asked why Trump only wanted to attack him and his family instead of actually debating the ISSUES at hand. Don't you think? I'm so tired of this "alternative" reality show that has become our entire political arena.

  30. Avatar

    How worthless was that? Body language expert? Holee, what a shame: the CBC used to be worth watching.

  31. Avatar

    i love trump so much lmfao

  32. Avatar

    Damn the reporter is hot

  33. Avatar

    He is a weird charlatan thinking his British Accent would make him look smart.

  34. Avatar

    Before saying anything bad about either of these men don't forget that these are the two finest examples of leadership that the Americans have to run for their most important job, eh! 😉

  35. Avatar
    Jenna_Gem YTOfficial

    "He's in Toronto"
    Could have guessed .

  36. Avatar
    Butcher the Silence

    more taxes will not cure global warming or racism.

  37. Avatar

    Body language expert? Isnt that a junk science?

  38. Avatar

    Notice a similarity between this debate and the Trump / Hillary debates. Both Biden and Hillary use laughter when they get called out on something they know is true as a defense mechanism to deflect the allegation. You never see Trump doing this because he has nothing to hide. You might not like his personality but he is shining the light on these corrupt "leaders". Wake up and do some research people

    – a Canadian

  39. Avatar

    1:27 I quit my work with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  40. Avatar

    Trump lost the debate and everyone knows it.

  41. Avatar

    Why even have these people in the same room they just kids bad mouthing each other

  42. Avatar
    HarryBags Lestwee

    Proud boys isnt white supremacists. Its just patriotic conservatives. Formed to counter protest Antifa
    BLM is radical leftists. Looting and burning. Time to wake up!

  43. Avatar

    Wow this guy is about as worthless as biden

  44. Avatar

    What about bidens stress laughs? When trump speaks the truth?

  45. Avatar

    Well this "expert" is very… Weak 😀
    If you are a real expert you van see that trump dominates naturaly and biden… biden tries to use bodylanguage but thats very plastic and when he is nospeaking he constantly gives signes of weaknes and unstablenes

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