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Trump unleashes fury on Mueller

After special counsel Robert Mueller spoke publicly since releasing the investigation, President Trump railed on Mueller saying he was “totally conflicted” and a “never-Trumper.”

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  1. Avatar

    So now it's 40$ million? Gone Up from 25$ million a few weeks ago to 40$ million. Wow he lies. Mueller never did want the FBI job.

  2. Avatar

    The man lives in his own little reality.

  3. Avatar

    The investigestion… Continue.

  4. Avatar

    What kind of person when accused always has to respond by discrediting the accuser, Trump, and the mind of a very sick person! Trump has lied so much to the American people that we don't know what normal is any more.

  5. Avatar

    This motherfucker is completely unhinged lol

  6. Avatar

    Trump is a easier enemy to have than a slippery centrist democrat.

  7. Avatar

    He definitely does not deserves to be in front of greatest nation of the world.

  8. Avatar

    I would pay to see a reporter ask him, "how stupid are you?"

  9. Avatar

    Some of the worst human beings on Earth. Yeah, his cabinet and he is the worst…

  10. Avatar

    Get over it. There's no crime and Trump will still be in 2024. This crap is only a sideshow, while in the meantime, AG Barr is quietly building his little atom bomb in the background.

  11. Avatar

    Man I've never seen so much rage before in my life. So scary…. Fucking Democrats are the scum of the earth. What Mueller said was the most misleading statement I've ever heard in my life. If he could have found a crime, which was his job to do that, then His report would have turned out much differently. Get over it.

  12. Avatar

    LOL…anyone who says anything bad about me is in a conspiracy. And LOL, like zero people want to be in Trump's administration. That's why he is stuck with Obama's sloppy seconds and losers like Sarah Sanders

  13. Avatar

    When do you think Trump will figure out he just is not too bright, if Trump did not start with five hundred million from his dad he would be nowhere. A pretty stupid person can buy property that is all this moron has done and look how many times he went bankrupt he is a moron stop believing he is some type of genius. How many times has Bill Gates been bankrupt, zero. How many times has Warren Buffet been bankrupt, zero.

  14. Avatar

    Trump supporters are fucking retarded I swear Trump is trying to fool little kids with this shit Trump has zero credibility he lies without thought.

  15. Avatar

    LOL, I thought he said his greatest achievement was gonna be that wall?!?! Lucky for trump his base is not smart enough to see the shell game trump plays with them

  16. Avatar

    best troller ever thank god for TRUMP

  17. Avatar

    This man is insane never seen a President to act like this in my life since he been in the White House it’s been a Circus 🎪 impeach him now that we got the chance because I’m so afraid he’s going to do something very bad to this country like go to war with another country and he’s just going to do something that we can’t handle and he’s just going to do that just in spite god help us all and god bless America

  18. Avatar

    .. He chose to say "I got myself elected" 🤔
    .. Why not say "America got me elected" ?

  19. Avatar

    CNN =fake/bullshit news! Let's see if you will post the TRUTH ABOUT TRUMP! Declass minutes, moments, days away cunts! JUIDICIAL WATCH. will give you all you need for the truth! Tom Fitton, Sara Carter, John Sullivan.

  20. Avatar

    So, not so long ago, he said that Mueller was an honorable man and a good man, and now he says he is confused, he hate trump and he was the wrong man for the job because he didn't get the job that he wanted. If this is not a sign of a very disturbed man, I just don't know what it is??, Keep talking Trump, please do, it will speed things up for all of us

  21. Avatar

    The people helped you get Elected, not you Mr Stable Genius

  22. Avatar

    Everyday I think this idiot can't get any stupider, he proves me wrong.

  23. Avatar

    I can't wait 'til Seth and Colbert report on this!

  24. Avatar

    This guy's been mind controlled some how by Soviet union /Russia…. In the book Confessions Of An Economic Hitman, a small part talks about this being done to American business men making them pro Communist /socialist after there return business trips…..

  25. Avatar

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is your president's brain on Fox News. This guys head is going to explode from all the conspiracy theories that fox feeds him. I'm impressed he can keep them all straight in his head.

  26. Avatar

    Talking about conflicting relationship …? Kavanaugh … russsia… all he does is create false narratives. It’s obvious.

  27. Avatar

    I still can't believe this dude is the President of the USA

  28. Avatar

    President Trump, second term coming up. And none of you can do anything about it. "Special counsel Robert Mueller says there was insufficient evidence to prove a broader conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, charging a president with a crime was 'not an option'"

  29. Avatar

    Boo fing huh. Trump! I still can't believe America voted for this whinny motherf@#ker.

  30. Avatar

    "unleashes fury" is a strange way of saying "loses his fucking mind".

  31. Avatar

    I for imprisonment not impeachment…..

  32. Avatar

    So Mueller hates him? Interesting. Who was it that cleared him of collusion?

  33. Avatar

    "A dirty, filthy disgusting word." Pretty much sums up this moron.

  34. Avatar

    For over 2 years, the only one thing This asshole behavior president proved over and over every day that blame everyone and brag himself. 40% supporters are so fucking big # of stupid idiots that will make this country going down. We are digging a shithole for ourselves

  35. Avatar

    haha dems are idiots,….TRUMP 2020 =)

  36. Avatar

    Shut the F up dick head!

  37. Avatar

    Only Trump could do it. Only Trump could f*ck up his own presidency. There is enough evidence to charge Trump with Obstruction of Justice. Trump must have read someone's alternative report where everything ended happily ever after.

  38. Avatar

    Somebody teach this narcissist English. How pathetic to listen roman old man expressing
    himself as a 12 year old belligerent kid.

  39. Avatar

    Funny Trump's best buddy Putin said that he wanted Trump to win and wanted Clinton to lose.

  40. Avatar

    I hate his chopper talk!! He just yells out his bullshits!!!

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