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Trump to women voters: 'We're getting your husbands back to work' | USA TODAY

Election: President Trump makes new appeal to women at Michigan rally.
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President Trump made an appeal to women voters at a rally in Michigan to help their husbands recover from economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    Subbing To Everyone Who Subs To Me

    To the Early Squad reading this: Sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe, read my name btw💝

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    Someone should tell him that there’s a whole lotta career women in the Burbs….
    What a Clown. Out here begging for love LMFAO

  3. Avatar

    Trump begging women to vote for him, corovirus is under Trump's regime!

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    Get rid of the MENACE tRump. He is such a disgusting individual who does nothing but WHINE. Don’t trust the polls. People lie on polls. VOTE. Stay safe and stay well. Thanks. Greetings from a senior citizen citizen in Texas. A former republican, who voted a straight BLUE BALLOT in Texas.

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    Trump just reversed 134yr old edict to fire any or all of our high medical advisors and hospitals because they dont agree with him. Trump lies non stop. Trump will kill everyone. He does not believe science.  Trump refuses to turn in his taxes. He has 3 sets one he inflates value for bank loans, one so he deflates value and pays no taxes. And a real set he keeps. Trump has committed so much tax fraud he shoutd be locked up for that alone 25yrs per count not served consecutively.  Trump and McConnell stole $3.4Trillion from Social Security and $698Billion from Medicare and Medicaid. Trump has gone to court 15 times to remove everyone with previous conditions from any healthcare. 15 times to court to eliminates Obamacareand replace it with nothing. He is trying to eliminate Medicare and Medicaid plus Social Security completly. Trump was informed November 2019 Covid was coming and did nothing for America. He did sell thousands of ventalators to Russia and China. But refused to help America Kushner sold many to his friends stating all the ventalators the White House had were theres to do as they wished. WRONG WE YHE PEOPLE PAID FOR THEM. Then Trump tells each state go and buy your own. All while millions become I'll and 223,000 die. Millions left withing term effects. As Trump has only taken our money used it as his personal piggyback. Golf alone has cost America $330Billion including secret service.  Trump has a clothing business in China that is run like a sweat shop. He never brought it back to America
    Says well they are used to this and they have a job. Ones a secret bank account in China deposits $17million withdraws $15million next day. That is money laundering. Trump has told 380,000 lies since in office.  This does not include all his retweets and campaign rally lies restated over and over again. Trump has been impeached. He is a traitor to America and so is   Barr. Trump supports boogaloo boys, white supremacy, Nazi, is a proven and self proclaimed peta file, preditor, bigamist, bully, bigot, sexist. Racist. Trump has locked up thousands of children ripped them out of parents arms and still has 538 children they can not find parents. They begged to stay stated they will be killed if they go back. Now they cannot locate them. All while he brings his in laws over to America buys there Citizenship. Keeps all his illegal alien workers stating they are very good workers. Taken part in human trafficking. Supposed to not profit from his time in office and broken that law countless of times. Pardens all his criminal buddies so they can do it all again, and again. Was proven he has allowed Russian collusion. Allowed Russia to hire hit men on our military. He has removed all big company standards for clean air, water, land and is allowing dumping again. Plus removed all endangered species from any form of protection. Then issued 45 hunting licenses for his work associates and 2 sons. Yes, this is the man who self proclaimed Second coming. Did not say of what but has proven to be as bad as Hitler or Stalin truly equal to the devil himself. This is who GOP call a good man????

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    Love seeing the mask less faces in the crowd packed like sardines .Darwin at its best and more dead flat earthers

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    Shayna Ghram-Kaiser

    No he's not! The only times trump doesn't lie is when he's saying the words between the lies. A, about, be, etc

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    He's a joke and he likes to grop women I do pray for him🤔🙏😢

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    Stoooopid, sexist thinking, as usual !!!

    He continually mis-speaks, then tries to take it back – – always talking out of both sides of his mouth – – whatta L.I.A.R.

  10. Avatar

    Not even if he was the last "man" on earth. Or even the universe.

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    kyaw swar ko ko min

    USA president Trump is very good leader. So Trump is call. OK

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    kyaw swar ko ko min

    USA president Trump. Our worlds help and saving. Thank

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    Whatever Trump says he's going to do doesn't matter words are just words action is what should have been done coming from a 13 year-old biden2020

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    It's Time for everyone to vote and support Trump2020 and because he for religious freedoms and the Democrats are against Christianity and the proof is in the puddling and don't you guy's think. Videos of Christianity under attack. We need Jesus and repenting and because the last days are here and too much wickedness and lawlessness and devil in these wicked people who hurt those cops. These are big signs and there's more violences then I ever seen before in my life time. Actions Speak louder then words friend's and it's not physical it's spiritual warfare going on out there and everyday it's seems be getting worser to no end out there and it's big signs that Jesus is coming. Too much evidence out there too prove otherwise.
    Doctor Phil not going fixed or stop all the violence out there that's happening and there's too much evil and corruption to not ignore out there and signs are there and because evil exist means Satan exist and for those people think Jesus is not real and maybe its time for all you guy's to wake up because i see more truth then false and all i can say is get your soul right for Jesus and before it's too late. One Jesus loves everyone and wants all to get saved and repent of their sins.
    Hate the sin but love person and Jesus still loves you no matter what but he still does want you too change and come to him and he give you rest and love like you couldn't hardly imagine and repent to him.
    God blessed you all and hope this message reaches everyone for love and it's not about me or glorifying me but glorifying Jesus christ only and only one.

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    Your life may be in need of change today please kindly Call or Whatsapp Mama Jazira +2767312178.

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    Hallelujah amen.

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    They lost their jobs because of him in the first place. The wife lost her job, and the children lost their jobs because of him. He isn't creating jobs, they will probably be returning to the jobs they lost in the first place God willing. Everybody is not brainless. Stop cheering him on for doing nothing. 😷😷😷

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    USA bought out by the radical radicals
    & Soros globalists

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    Why Trump will be reelected? 1st, he is 74 years old. 2ndly , America first employments.

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    Captain Junayd Riyadh-Al-Hasnayn

    NEWS DIGEST to START the Day (28 OCT 2020, Wednesday) 5 Minutes Read – updated at 0634HRS IST

    World: 44,234,881; Death 1,171,272 (2.65%) Active 10,620,920 (24%) Recovery 32,442,689(73%)

    India: 7,988,853; Death 120,054 (1.50%) Active 611,605 (8%) Recovery 7,257,194 (91%)

    IPL: Warner, Saha, Rashid help SRH Crush DC By 88 Runs In Must-Win Match; Keep Playoff Hopes Alive

    ICMR: Some evidence that children earlier thought to be protected against COVID can be spreaders

    ICMR: Studies Find Coronavirus in PM2.5 Particles, Established Pollution Link to Higher Covid Death Rate

    People recovering from COVID-19 may suffer significant brain function impacts; brain ageing by 10 years

    UK Start real-time Review of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate; Pfizer could deliver vaccine in 2020

    Do those who have recovered from coronavirus infection need the vaccine? Experts are divided

    Bihar Election Phase 1 today: 71 seats to go for polls; total 1066 candidates in fray; 114 of them women

    Pompeo Warns China 'Aggression' as India-US Ink Pact to Share Sensitive Sat, Map Data in 2+2 Dialogue

    Woman beaten to death in UP's Muzaffarnagar for standing up against sexual harassment of daughters

    21-year-old Shot Dead in Broad Daylight Outside Her College in Faridabad, 2 Accused Arrested in Hours

    Ankhi Das, Facebook's India Head of Public Policy, Quits Amid Row Over Regulation of Political Content

    Attack on Anybody's Daughter is Attack on Ours': K'taka HC Recommends Capital Punishment for Rape

    1 Killed, Many Injured in Firing During Durga Idol Immersion in Munger District of Poll-Bound Bihar

    Total of 121 polluting factories have been razed in Ghaziabad's Loni town since Oct 15, Dozen in 2 days

    Tuticorin custodial deaths: CBI submits report to Madras HC, confirms brutal torture of Father & Son

    18 Pakistanis including Tiger Memon, Chhota Shakeel designated as terrorists under UAPA

    Centre notifies new laws allowing any Indian citizen to buy land in Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh

    Harley-Davidson & Hero MotoCorp Announce Distribution Agreement for India; Hero to sell & service

    Secondary steelmakers to witness 12-15% decline in FY21, profitability to be hit by 100 bps: Crisil

    It's Called Insurrection, It's Very Easy': Can Trump Really Call in Troops to Quell Election Day Unrest?

    'We feel respectful': New York street co-named as Punjab Avenue (101) to honour Punjabi community

    Uyghurs Abroad Desperate for Action in Xinjiang. Some Say Only Trump, and Not Biden, Can Help

    China's First Domestically Built Aircraft Carrier Liaoning & Shandong to Be Combat-ready by Year-end

    8 killed, 124 injured in bomb blast at religious seminary in Pakistan's Peshawar

    Home-rental startup Airbnb sets stage for blockbuster market debut, looks at Nasdaq listing

    World 100 metres Champion Christian Coleman Handed Two- Year Ban for anti-doping violations after committing three whereabouts failures within 12 months, To Miss Tokyo Olympics

    _Djokovic Wins Vienna Opener to Close on Childhood Idol Sampras' Record; World No 1 on 6 Occasions ending the year_bald

    Today’s Word – Caecity – Blindness

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    You have NOT DON'T 💩 FOR WOMEN

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    The whole world is against trump election. Trump is just a clown, an ignorant clown, a self talk hero.

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    Im not going back to work. Its my wife's turn. I have been carrying her for 15 years. I think its time I got to sleep all day and do nothing.

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    Aloitalau 川さきKawasaki

    Lolsssss you’re looking yourself only 😇😇😇😇

  25. Avatar

    He’s is my president 20:24 Trump.

  26. Avatar

    Don't believe this moron he's a mental case

  27. Avatar

    Trump's obscene facts are much more than Biden's son. Are the American people blind?

  28. Avatar

    In New Jersey vote YES on legal cannabis!

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