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Trump to leave hospital as doctor dodges questions

President Donald Trump’s physician Dr. Sean Conley addressed what precautions are being taken at the White House ahead of Trump’s planned return but declined to provide any details on when Trump last tested negative for Covid-19 amid ongoing questions about when he was first contagious with the virus.

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    ppl are saying trump doesn’t actually have covid-19 but if that were the case the doctor would have more confidence in what he was saying. The doctor’s vagueness suggests the truth is being hidden.

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    "Hi everybody!"

    " Hi Dr Nick!"

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    Dude look like a actor playing a doctor

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    This is all one big stunt. just a ruse,, nice photo op🤨 at the end to what a joke😒

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    He is protecting his career and future not Trump. But dodging questions will slap them on their faces later.

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    Conley is a lying weasel.

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    So glad our POTUS is back. Let's rock and roll DJT, let's kick the Libtard"s ass and make them more Looney. 👊💪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    Why are CNN supporters so negative about the President? Doctors are not crafted to do public speech. Do you want to hear communist China says about their government? Everything is fine, fine, fine. We are the best, best beast.

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    Trump broke CNN. They obviously wish he'd be sicker or even die.

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    Jewish Democratic Eagle 2020

    Everyone should watch "How to spot a liar" videos on youtube right now! Let me be bold here and say that Dr. Sean Conley is lying to the press and to the public, because he reads Trump's diagnosis on the mic, he does not say it freely and with a smiling face as he did before. So something is definatelly off. And I know what it is: Trump wants to leave and he told the hospital to give him a "doctored" diagnosis (pun intended!)

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    Wait until those doctors test positive they won't be smart after that

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    Capricorn Aquarius Trust no one

    Smh 🤦‍♀️

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    Most covid-19 patients are never even admitted in the hospital. What's the big deal about President Trump being released? Keep in mind the First Lady was never sent to the hospital.

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    Jennifer Tebo Mosiane

    This doctor is dishonest here he goes with 72 hrs again. Tomorrow he will be walking back that timeline. smh.

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    He never had it.. it was just a distraction of his shitty debate he has been getting debate treatment on tax payer dollar at a top notch hospital like Walter Reed

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    This is why Vets cant stand going to the VA with these kinds of military docs. Makes me shiver with fear. And makes me feel bad for the Vets being captive by these ridiculous drs.

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    Wow lies…so sad..

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    He sounds just like the doctor who wrote the letter stating he was in the best health and will live 200 years or whatever.

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    Not everyone with covid needs to be hospitalized. Most people recover with supportive care…. sounds a lot like the flu. Actually now that I think about, exactly like the flu.

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    We the American people pay for our King Trump's 🤴 medical care.

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    Either these mfs let him Go which is INSANITY or he never had it to begin with but I do believe he had and has it but he's watching TV to much Fox news and he sees his poll Numbers dropping .

    Little does this fool know 😂 He can leave early all he wants The Virus waits FOR NO ONE . He will either die in a few days or get rushed back to that hospital when them meds ware off.

    He probably got a prescription though most Americans can't get Smh.

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    How about the human rights violation of the WHOLE world. The world elite have imprisoned good, healthy, innocent people this year and continue to do so! WHO and Kill Bill need to be made accountable for this massive fraud on the planet! Look up wo2020060606, Luciferase, and INO-4800 DNA Coronavirus Vaccine!!!

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    Nothing to do with CNN & Dr. Sanjay. Report what his doctors say, not what you think.

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    CNN seriously, how did he dodge questions? He answered many and obviously he can’t answer all, especially when he knows that fake media is trying to put a spin to everything instead of reporting on courage and hope and the skills of the Drs. A day at CNN is like ; folks how can we get our ratings back and also make some money out of our donors… answer : we can’t unless we bash trump and make CNN global and not limit ourselves to America as everyone envy’s America and we must somehow sell to the majority even if we have to sell our souls.

    After a few years, CNN still stuck in the past and keeps pushing the same narrative just cos there are a few hosts who are on someone payroll and not necessarily doing the right thing by the majority.

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    Would these doctors allow an ordinary patient home after 3 days?

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    Everyone knows that the reason trump wanted to get out of the hospital is because he couldn't' access his Adderall without revealing the addiction. Addicts are clever.😉

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    Wow, I didn't know that Trump was Superman. First he gets infected (in his old age!), now after a few days he can supposedly walk out of the hospital in top condition. Yeh yeh, whoever believes it. Must be the fast food that gives him immortal health LOL

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    Anybody else hear music in the background? I swear around 10:15 or 10:20 I can hear hear that song that goes "ayeeei say can you remember"

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    Crimes agains .t Humanity

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    I'm pretty sure his Pants are WET while talking.

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    What the point the doctor had press conference if he couldn't give any useful information. Why?? Maybe he didn't want to get blamed to discharge Trump.

    I don't think it is the right decision to discgarge to return to WH. He put WH staffs and secret service agents on high risk to get infected. Many people work around him. He could continue isolate himself until he is recover 100% and negative at his private residence or own home. He can always work from home.

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    This doctor reminds me of George W Bush.

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    Dr. Conley: quack quack quack.

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    Wish they given everyone that had covid19 this type of treatment may be there wouldn't have been so many deaths

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    I call BS, I don't believe anything from Trump, this could all be another Trumpian lie, a publicity stunt. And Melania…not to be seen. Where's she at and her condition?

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    It's all been a publicity stunt. He never had it.

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    If the doctor does not answer an inappropriate or stupid question by a reporter he is dodging the question. There must be a conspiracy in this somewhere. CNN presents nonsense.

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    Always funny to see the left say "dodges questions"

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    Not even side effects on the medication😂😂😂

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    Dude why do you have to read off a shitty-shady Trump approved speech for your opening statement?

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    Lock him up !!!! He will spread Covid-19 if he gets loose!!!!! Trump is a crazy man …

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    Trump tells the country"do not let the covid virus dominate you, we have the best medicines" but on Dec 10 the Supreme Court will kill all affordable healthcare as ordered by the president himself. Good luck American People, you are on your own.

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    Decadent demonc rats party are in a panic, knowing that the U. S. President is well and smiling. Viva Republican Party 2020….

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    Doctor your like Trump!!!! Your crazy!!!!! No wonder we are the worst country in the world with COVID-19!!! Dammmmmm

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