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Trump to go into quarantine following Hope Hicks' positive coronavirus test

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will begin quarantine after White House Aide Hope Hicks tested positive for coronavirus.

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  1. Avatar

    Hey Trump they got room in hell for you don’t worry we’re going to have you next to Roger Ailes

  2. Avatar

    trump got it from hicks forsure. That's his side chick for pleasure

  3. Avatar

    If he doesn’t test for it then he doesn’t have it

  4. Avatar

    Maybe if Trump got Boris Johnson sized covid-19 case, he'll realize the seriousness of the pandemic.

    208,000 Americans have died from covid-19. Many of them are direct result of Donald Trump down playing the virus.

  5. Avatar

    When are you people going to realize trump is dump as crap?
    I’m embarrassed for you people!

  6. Avatar

    Newsflash, White House buys Clorox.

  7. Avatar

    hydroxychloroquine anyone??

  8. Avatar
    Shelley Luther is my Hero

    One of the Leftist Infected them…30 days before the Election….Its Too Coincidental…They prove everyday , they will do ANYTHING for Power…

  9. Avatar

    Like the young turks says.Down goes Trump

  10. Avatar

    Reading all the comments from these lib-tards, makes me realize that I fought for the wrong side. Lib-tards need to be exterminated.

  11. Avatar

    I bet Melania Trump is very happy

  12. Avatar

    I wouldn't be surprised if the so-called democrats tried to infect him by any way.

  13. Avatar

    Fox News is libtarded garbage. Traitors and cowards at fox.

  14. Avatar

    I wonder just how long this post will remain up? Someone's getting FIRED !

  15. Avatar

    Our beloved von Trumpler got the C-virus hehe

  16. Avatar

    Well, the Trump family played stupid games with the virus. They won stupid prizes.

  17. Avatar

    Won't be long until the conspiracy theories start in true Right wing-nut fashion.

  18. Avatar

    Well I guess Trump caught that China virus for not wearing a mask dummy

  19. Avatar


    Dr.Rajiv Bhatia – Stanford

    Dr. Jeffery Klausner – UCLA

    From 1 contact

    Chances of catching COVID-19 are 1 in 3,836

    Chances of being hospitalized are 1 in 852,000

    Chances of dying for AT RISK patients are 1 in 19.1 Million

  20. Avatar

    It is what it is. It affects virtually nobody

  21. Avatar

    Stupid is as stupid does. – Trump

  22. Avatar

    FOX is limiting the comments…

  23. Avatar

    At least someone will finally tell us the truth about what it’s like now. I literally know no one who knows no one that knows no one who caught Bigfoot’s ghost virus.

  24. Avatar

    Hey Covid who are you voting for

  25. Avatar
    RodGRAPPLER OrangeCounty

    BS" ! This is a Trump Hoax. Sun Tzu, the Art of War playbook.

    Donald Duck said Covid is a Hoax. This is HIS Hoax. This is a Tactical, Political move. Conveniently Claim to get Covid so he can get out of more embarrassing debates, get out of answering for his Racist connections, get out of spending money on his campaign because he's broke, getting the sympathy vote, motivating his Cult Followers, and sit back at the white house with his minions Laughing at All of us, the American people.

    Then, in a week, he'll conveniently pop out for a briefing Claiming he's magically Cured from a Miracle Vaccine that he himself made on the toilet while eating a Big Mac and he's going to save the world.

    Him and his minions will send this Fake Vaccine, plasibo, out to the people claiming because he saved the world, we now need to make him King Trump.

    This is All FAKE and a Tactical HOAX by Donald.

    Did I mention HE SAID COVID IS A HOAX.

  26. Avatar
    John Fifth avenue

    Under trumps watch 7 million infected with covid19 another 200,000 DEAD… it is what it is… be best!

  27. Avatar

    None of this is funny! I pray the President, the First Lady and Mrs Hicks have speedy recoveries!!!!! 🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️

  28. Avatar

    Hey Chuck! Your son and now Trump…. Explain this hoax to me 🙄 get back to me 2 and 2😷

  29. Avatar

    Fox News. Turn on the comments on your propaganda talking heads videos.

  30. Avatar

    Who got the virus first is like who shot JR on the Trump show.

  31. Avatar

    Speedy recovery Melania!..

  32. Avatar

    Pray for Trump!

    Comments left on!

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