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Trump tests positive for COVID-19 – What happens next?

Donald Trump has announced he and the first lady have tested positive for coronavirus.
The couple got tested after his top aide, Hope Hicks, contracted the virus.
Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynolds reports.

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  1. Avatar

    The last remarkable failure of trumpfailure with his obese lapdog pumpeo on the sanctions SnapBack stunt, didn't work. Now both of them are humiliated by most nations who says NO to their injustices. Now he's bringing covid stunt, 14 days later Trump will emerge. 100% cured by hydroxychloroquine……Oooh america land of clowns and retarded.

  2. Avatar

    Take that Trump. That's for selling out Palestine.

  3. Avatar

    "His supporters refuse to wear masks." Proceeds to show people wearing MAGA masks at his rally . 3:00

  4. Avatar

    Hope hicks is a Transexual.

  5. Avatar

    I heard that bleach can help kill the virus inside your body according to Dr. Trump. He should take his own advice.

  6. Avatar

    "They plan and Allah plans,And Allah is the best of planners".

  7. Avatar

    Wish trump a speedy recovery

  8. Avatar

    That is fantastic!

  9. Avatar

    What happens next is to take care of ourselves first.

  10. Avatar

    I'm scared of Corona, it's a terrible that this guy never wear mask

  11. Avatar

    "COVID-19 gets Banker boy Trump" – headline should be this.

  12. Avatar

    This is divided attention. Shifting the debate talk to himself

  13. Avatar
    Juan Bobby Aguiling

    Your bias news

  14. Avatar

    i hope covid-19 beats the trump-16 virus !

  15. Avatar

    What happen is salman don't get any funds from America

  16. Avatar

    Hope gave him hope..

  17. Avatar
    Bekinder Everyone

    Nope, he can’t have the virus- apparently it’s a democratic hoax- it’s not real- in his famous words- fake news 😂🤣👋 As the Slovenian mail order bride’s jacket said “ I really don’t care, do you?” No one cares if they live or hopefully due🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  18. Avatar

    Keep on eys 👀 on him he stay In

  19. Avatar
    Prepare For everything

    What are the chances he’s likely lying just to get attention.

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