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Trump tells fans in Florida: “I’m immune. I’ll give you a big fat kiss” – BBC News

President Trump has returned to the campaign trail, speaking at a large rally in the key electoral state of Florida, less than two weeks after he tested positive for coronavirus.

The president told his supporters that he was now “immune”, felt powerful and wanted to give them all “a big fat kiss”.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by North America editor Jon Sopel.

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  1. Avatar

    Face masks don’t do anything

  2. Avatar

    Biased Broadcasting Corporation

  3. Avatar


  4. Avatar

    so if everybody realize media is full of bs why everybody in every country votes for one of the two contenders media say that counts xD

  5. Avatar

    We don’t deserve him.

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    About Things Podcast

    This is getting really interesting. We will be discussing elections in the US on our next episode. Please do tune in 🙂

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    I will do, be and have subsistence, protection, affection, understanding, participation, idleness, creation, identity and freedom for, of and with Britannia above any and every other.

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    TRUMP 2020! Eff you BBC.

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    Blessed by God to be a fighter. Fake news and fake writers. Leftist terrorists praying on the weak. God forgive them they worship deceit. Democrats controlled by Eastern masters, so Nike can produce shoes faster. Slave labor and open borders, the left is filled with mental disorders. Unveilling crimes of humanity. Take a look and tell me what you see? Democrats and Hollyweird, they have wives who are their beards. What is their predilection? Bubble gum, toys, and pizza is more than an addiction.

  10. Avatar

    2:09 what pissed me off the most was not just the use of the YMCA song, it was the damn Littering!

  11. Avatar

    Defund the BBC

  12. Avatar

    Laughing stock of the world, what a shame.

  13. Avatar

    He said he could, not that he would

  14. Avatar

    I watched this hoping for the droll disgust of the commentary. I wasn't disappointed, hilarious BBC , keep it up, the best comedy on the internet 'Trump branded tat' rofl

  15. Avatar

    The idiot and his idiot minions. I remember a time where stupid people were ashamed of their lack of knowledge. Not they are proud of being stupid. We are living in the Era of Idiots.

  16. Avatar

    The polls of 2016 did such a good job predicting the result of that election….

  17. Avatar

    The RT-PCR test does not test for a pathogen. It identifies genetic material present in the lungs which then must go through many cycles of amplification before it can even be seen. The man who invented this test, which they are now using to diagnose COVID-19, said himself that the results should never be used to diagnose infectious disease. The alleged severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated, purified or shown to exist. BBC news providing you with a cartoon germ 🦠 is not scientific proof. This entire regime is a scam intended to impose fascism globally. Do your own research and make your own informed decision as an adult. I have read through hundreds of pages of monotonous scientific information which has confirmed this. Why on earth do people give their power away, and unquestioningly obey strangers? These “politicians” and “journalists” are talking complete rubbish. You’re just going to take their word for it and watch the world fall into irrevocable damage? Don’t be a coward. Defend your humanity.

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    That prick so needs a fatal relapse asap!

  19. Avatar
    tubetardism 20/20

    Off his tittz

  20. Avatar
    Sheila Flaumitsch


  21. Avatar

    Who cares ?
    Remember all that Brexit stuff ?
    This is the UK with a corrupt Prime Minister not the USA with a corrupt President.

  22. Avatar

    Now compare how miserable Boris Johnson is compared with Trump.

  23. Avatar

    Huw was struggling not to laugh at him…….lol

  24. Avatar

    Thousands continue to show up at Trump rallies while I watch Biden rallies with less than 100. Still CNN and other Leftist news says Biden is leading in polls. LOL sounds like a repeat of Hilary to me. Trump 2020!

  25. Avatar

    Due to his financial troubles is doing 2 jobs : snake oil merchant and clown. Good for him

  26. Avatar

    It's sad to see this many people came to hear his lies.

  27. Avatar

    Listen to the venom in the "reporters" voice. I thought the BBC was legally bound to be impartial, unbiased and balanced.

  28. Avatar

    Ignorant ❄ continues to spread C🦠VID to his cult.

  29. Avatar
    Mauricio Hernández

    TRUMP 2020 GUYS!!!!!

  30. Avatar

    Hitler nearly drowned as a child and survived 6 assassination attempts.
    I'm guessing God is still sleeping……

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    This is so embarrassing

  32. Avatar

    the polls and the media are crap so why believe them, he is gonna win again !!

  33. Avatar

    Only Trump have balls to take on China! Europeans are not leading here as well!

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    Vote, and dump dumb Trump!
    Trumpeo Virus!
    What a beautiful and soothing sight to behold all over US!

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    What a very, very, very strange person America has as president

  36. Avatar

    maybe his supporters will die of corona and makes him lose

  37. Avatar

    Lmao. America is a joke.

  38. Avatar

    Can I get incchorent gasbag?

  39. Avatar

    I reckon he will win

  40. Avatar

    we will see what the #s say at the end. POLLS are not fact lol.. polls are polls and the margin of error this time around is about 50% lol

  41. Avatar

    What did I just witness?? Is that the President dancing to the YMCA song??👀😬😕

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