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Trump surprises crowd with drive-by outside Walter Reed

President Donald Trump surprised his supporters with a drive-by appearance from his motorcade outside Walter Reed medical center, where he is receiving treatment for Covid-19. CNN’s Jeremy Diamond and Abby Phillip report on the photo op and the questions it raises. #CNN #News

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    What a WEIRDO!!! He's so weird! And the fact his handlers didn't advise him against this is weird too!!

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    Trump – So I died from the China virus and went to heaven which by the way didn't even have a golden toilet, and I saw God and he said SIR! He calls me sir… He said SIR! I need you to go back and keep making America great again!

  3. Avatar

    what a surprise to see trump wanted to be politically correct

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    Sharon Berardini

    What a looser !!!

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    Y tf did he expose himself to both of them men in that car

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    Daniel Carter 111 Carter


  7. Avatar

    A drive by that might leave several people dead. Standby for those results.

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    Fu……ing unreal. We all knew this was a hoax about Trump having COVID-19. Please never call this narcissist idiot the leader of the free world. I am in the free world and every nation has their own elected leaders. I never voted for him and I never want him near

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    His ego takes priority over your safety

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    Trump For Prison

    Anyone that supports tRUMP has blood on their hands… Vote like your life depends on it, Because it does…

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    I am not usually a doubter when it comes to medical personnel, but I have to ask, "could this all be a put together item to gain some kind of sympathy vote?" After all, it is a military hospital and they report up the chain of command to him. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but he lies about everything. I'm surprised that he can remember his name.

    He's just so untrustworthy.

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    The virus has the launch codes and has become curious of its surroundings.

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    Absolutely Tiffany

    Are you kidding me???? How about being smart Trump and just stay in the hospital and get better. Disgusting.

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    Milton Hinojosa, Jr.

    45 couldn't do a press conference from his hospital room? Besides putting Secret Service Agent in danger what did this little parade costs us the taxpayers? RIDICULOUS!!!!

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    Sooooo, #45 is saying he's okay? What about the underlying conditions; his' fat ass, his age comes heart problems and all other problems that come with the aging process. God don't like ugly and He ain't crazy about pretty. Trump will have to answer for this if it's another one of his' lies. May God Bless America!!!

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    Charles Phillips

    Kayleigh McEnany is irrelevant. No one cares what she says, because it's usless.

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    You're all just envious of the president's success and quick recovery.

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    حفيد الملك حمورابي A

    Alpert Speer didn't your 😡

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    I wonder how many of the trump cult were paid to be there.

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    President Trump as usuall accomplished two task at once. Giving his supporters a thumbs up and giving the FAKE NEWS the finger!

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    Everything is optics

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    It's the CCP's coverup that has caused coronavirus pandemic and many people have lost their jobs or even lost their lives worldwide. For a peaceful world, let's take down the CCP! Please sign the petition to end the CCP: https://endccp.com/

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    Trump says:. "Hey world , I've got Covid-19 Yipee! Let's all go jump in my expensive motorcade, expose my security team , and go have a parade! WEEEEEE!!!

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    It shows this guy president is not serious at all. Don't think he wants to fix this deadly virus in America but to show off that he can beat it. Again it is all about him. Of course I have a some doubts in believing all this is real. But how can the most protected person on earth still can catch this virus. Well it can all be all fake or real or he's taking it too lightly and stupid about it.
    Also he has the best treatment in an hospital luxury suite in which he takes it for granted and then goes out for a circus ride to his worshipping supporters. More of a joke and not very serious president. He doesn't place himself or think like how the +200,000 have died. nope!!!!! It'all about him.

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    If we focus on solving the problems we face as a planet instead of this phoney, we'll be much better off. 🌎

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    Lynette Dent Tripplett

    Why are his adult children not driving him around.

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    Frances Garrigus

    I'm surprised that he hadn't set up a souvenirs table too!! Seriously??? What in the heck is he trying to prove??!!

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    Trump came out to see the size of the crowd

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    Trump, you are incredibly selfish for putting those around you in this position (MD, secret service, the public). You need to go.

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    Shameful, still caring only about himself. I really don't believe he has Covid-19. Political stunt

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    Immature and irresponsible!

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    A Trump DRIVE BY?
    Who got shot? Guy's a killa.

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