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Trump supporter on Democrat wife: If it makes her happy, that's fine

Married to Trump supporters and Republicans, these women confide in each other on a private Facebook page called “Wives of the Deplorables.”

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    Have her watch this and see if she feels the same.

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    Men vote Trump, the overemotional vote Biden

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    This is so good! My husband and I both voted for Obama I remember happily skipping to the polls together soo excited….then he voted for trump. Ugh but I thought at that time it was differing political views…this time…it feel like absolutely the difference between right and wrong. I look at the civil unrest in the world and I cant understand how anyone he can support Trump. Especially the husband and father of a mulit racial family…legit my mind is blown. We have had knocked down drag out fights.

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    Poor gal good luck with that

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    White nationalism isn't an acceptable political opinion. Who wants someone like that in their life?

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    Democrats are so petty.

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    dennis schwartzentruber

    Ladies ,exercise your power … your country depends upon it ! Do the right thing … you know it , don't you ?

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    That guy speaking with his wife even though he’s a Republican, he seemed very reasonable and respectful. If you can disagree in a reasonable and respectable way I think you can work through the differences.

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    It's like religion in a way. Sometimes both spouses have different religions…sometimes it works…sometimes it doesnt.

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    TRUMP 2020, and WE ALL can be a better person

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    Vote for Joe Biden if you want America become Venezuela and controlled by China !!! ( Joe Biden sold out to the Chinese Communist Party )

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    I bet he won't allow CNN in the house

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    The FBI just opened an active investigation into the Biden family. A senate committee investigated all of the documents, phones, laptops, receipts, bank account & routing numbers, dates, times, names, text messages, emails, pictures, recordings & video, the finished they're inquiry and have ruled ALL of the information to be 100% verified, through email chain ID numbers, text messages chain ID numbers, matching signatures with known copies, verifying bank account names & numbers, verifying transaction date, time & amounts, verifying in going & outgoing calls, all of it is 100% real, they haven't found 1 piece of information that has proven to be fake or false, everything Tony Bobulinski has brought forth is real. The FBI has already arrested and charged Hunter's other business partners and both of them have agreed to cooperate and give up information pertaining to the BIden's illegal overseas businesses, they are cooperating so they receive lighter sentencing, they are both handing over documents and over 50,000 emails, all of which involve the BIden's illegal business ventures. The FBI has also verified that the emails on Hunter's laptop are also real, they verified these also by the chain ID numbers and lining up dates and times to known dates that BIden was overseas, they also have signed documents. They have emails, some of which directly name Biden as a receiver of funds and owner of the business. The FBI is currently looking through the 25,000+ photos and videos on Hunter's laptop, they have found video and pictures of Hunter having sexual relations with what seem to be underage girls, they know at least some of the girls are underage because their age was discussed in text messaging, that Hunter was sending to someone else, besides, the girls just look very, very young. Hunter is also on video smoking meth and crack, there are sickening photos & video on the laptop, you can find some online, but they get taken down quickly. Biden's actions clearly violate The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 and he should be arrested and sent to federal prison for the rest of his life, he is a traitor to this country and should be charged with treason.

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    Remember the ROOTS OF JOE BIDEN


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    The bottom line is to think about what is fair, factual, practical, not hypocritical, better in the long run for the future of America, all Americans. Either political party if one or more of this is missing then the results for America and Americans will be negative, even in science or nature choices always has consequences like it or not, nature has a way of making choices for us if we make the wrong or criminal choices, vote Biden. ☺️

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    Well, business owners…Beware: Joe's gonna lock ya down…Trump won't 🇺🇸

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    I think the same way as this hubby does, however I know that "great personality" does not a leader make. The results from the businessman Trump are too great to ignore. He can be a d**k, but as long as he is switched on and runs the country well, he's got the vote! I don't need another smiley Obama if it means the country is going downhill and the threat of China, Iran and North Korea are left unchecked.

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    I voted for Donald J Trump today 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    How's that guy feel that the only reason his wife is staying with him is because it's not financially viable to leave!

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    JourneyMan Smitty

    Life is so different politics can even drive a wedge between married couples interesting🤔🙏

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    I dont think i can live with a trump supporter.

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    None of you have any idea of what love really is. I hope you divorce. Your husband will be one lucky bastard 👍

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    Aaron Christoffersen

    What would really make her happy is if you vote with her instead of against.

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    Let me get a divorce because my partner is a Trump supporter. CNN 125 member group of a much white liberal woman

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    Cetribea Burundibwiza

    Demonscratics are destroying marriages

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    Your wife is a hottie and you look like Al Gore’s dad.

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    2morrows A NewDay

    Hold out on sex…election is in the bag!…the abstainer movement has begun!

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    This is hilarious 🤣🤣

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    Omgosh, I love these women. So smart. And patient. Ugh!

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    I would like to hear husband's side of story.

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    Ok, I've not had a problem with the Bushes, or Reagan, because they were at least respectful and Intelligent human beings. TRUMP IS racist, divisive, simple, and ignorant. Narcissistic sociopath.

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    what a deplorable, 33.1% growth 3Q, ZERO WARS, 3 PEACE AGREEMENTS, etc, etc, etc, walk, skip, crawl, roll, wheelbarrow, rollerblade, bike, President Trump been standing on your behalf for 4 years, while under attack 24/7/365. It is now your turn, SLEEP WALKING TOWARDS DISASTER, isn't an option. Stand Up For Him. "GET OUT AND VOTE". Criminal News Network, the American People know!

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    So politics is this strong,? women couldn't sway their hobbies.

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    I already knew it some white american women just from the title…

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    I don’t understand how you could marry someone and not know or even ask how they feel about politics. How?

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