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Trump speaks in new video from hospital

President Donald Trump tweeted out a video message giving an update on his health and thanking the public for the support he says he has received since his Covid-19 diagnosis.

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    Someone is distracting us from Donald's financial crimes. Google FinCEN to see why Donald is giving FAKE NEWS.

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    I said before; He is not COVID-19 test positive.He made fack drama queen video.He looked good honestly, looks like sick but not too sick.WHY?October surprice COVID-19 VACCINE to all AMERICAN.CAMPAIGN TACTICS. SWEDEN.

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    Stay upstairs and enjoy it

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    This is just the scum bag rambling. He is getting what he deserves……

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    this is the biggest hypocrite I've ever seen. It is sickening 🤢 🤮🤢 🤮

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    Just a little reminder. Joe Biden is being sued for libel for what he said during the debate, not Donald Trump.

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    Michael Williams

    A little bit? Try 24 years.

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    I am not an American but please you Americans with a stable mind , vote this liar out of office

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    Dont believe a single word of it !!!!!

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    Everything Trump does is staged… Theatre of the Absurd.

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    ADRENOCHROME FACTORY DATA DUMP Yep this is conspiracy fact. Those involved of creating this from child trafficking can't hide. https://www.bitchute.com/video/797mvLlQz91n/

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    If this idiot would have listened to the SCIENCE,and not made it political, it wouldn't be that big of a deal. Disinformation from trump has divided us so bad it's made people crazy!

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    He will be watching porn for 2 weeks

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    Hope he doesn't recover

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    That's fake!
    This video was recorded before so they can lie about the health if the president.
    Trump are so proud of himself and they can let the news to see him wearing a face mask SO OF COURSE HE GIVE ORDERS NOT TO LET THEM OR GIVE THEM THE NEWS TO SEE HIM ON A BED WITH OXYGEN OR BAD CONDITIONS FROM THE VIRUS.

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    Tami Lyn Khadijah

    This morally repugnant man is as ugly on the outside as he is on the inside. He wasn't even willing to quarantine in order to protect others. He's truly a sickening life form.

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    The world's smallest violin folks

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    I'm from germany……pleeaaase don't fight for me. I don't want to lose.

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    Shame he didnt listen to medical advice when it came to the rest of America !!!!

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    Moron. You claim to appreciate the health care workers yet you make their job more difficult by making helping to increase the cases

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    I am continually baffled at how he could have so many still supporting him. It’s annoying enough to hear people say , “I’ll leave it up to God”, “in the name of Jesus” but for TRUMP to say it? How can you “I’m -a-good-Christian” folk believe he is Godly. He is not. It’s offensive even to me . I was raised Christian (I though do not go around saying “I’m A Christian”). He is NOT conservative. His dipshit wife had to READ the Lord’s Prayer in 2016! And that was NOT a second language issue. I’m so disgusted with this study of human behaviour happening right before our eyes. He had a list of bullet points to cover in that little hospital speech:

    For sympathy-

    1) Thank the BEST doctors in the WORLD
    2) Say that Melania asked me (BOLONEY)to give you a message of thanks .
    3) Say how great America is and how it and the world can’t go on without me and that I really wanted to continue with my duties … but the doctors said “whoah boy, you’re such a soldier for America, but you have to be monitored in a hospital, the world will have to wait a bit”
    4) Thank the BEST med team in the world.
    5) of COURSE bless all those world leaders who love me so much, for sending all of their condolences. (Donald, don, I know you won’t believe this , but they GENUINELY aren’t genuine. They HAVE to send condolences. They just have to. The messages are either dictated to a secretary or an email is sent to a secretary to get a note together and bring it to you to sign.
    6) Say how well I’m doing because of the MIRACLE antibody cocktail.

    Trump, you are the fakest, fake out there. Most of us see through you like a piece of clear plastic wrap. I think even your robot of a father is spinning around in hell right now ashamed of you. You would not spend one minute of time with your desperate base if you weren’t trying for a second term. You only pretend to fawn over them because you can get their votes. It’s sad to see all these Americans who could be good for the world by simple empathy. You should be held accountable for spreading HATE and the CORONA VIRUS.
    We try so hard to raise our children to be empathetic and own up to mistakes, not to blame everyone else for their own insecurities. We will be back on track very soon when your hideous-excuse-of-a-Human-being, orange (his attempt to have darker skin) body is OUT , splayed open and gutted to uncover every detail of your criminality. Your children will be on stage for very different reasons. We look forward to justice. You can’t hide in America . We’re growling and chomping at the bits to expose you. Definitely a different America and the world you’ll find once you’re out in Nov. Good riddance.

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    Pulaski Condo Association

    F him!

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    I thought that you said it was fake!

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    Trump: we’ve done an awfully good job of making America great again
    Everyone watching: awfully good? Or just awful?

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    Ruchira De Silva

    At 1:14 he certainly coughed after the word “therapeutics”. This has been edited out using the “morph cut” using Adobe Premiere

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    Bs..nothing about all those who died because of his actions

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    Elaine Brooksbank

    “As a leader you have to confront problems.” That’s what other world leaders did. Trump “confronted” the pandemic by calling it a hoax, pretending it didn’t exist, playing it down, mocking people who took simple and sensible precautions such as wearing a mask and keeping their distance from others, demanding that states & school reopen despite the increasing number of cases and the federal government providing no help for anyone to “open up” safely thereby assisting in the spread of the virus and let’s not forget coming up with ludicrously dangerous quick fix “cures.” None of which his doctors seem to be using on him.

    Let me guess – he’ll have “beaten the virus” in a day or two and every doctor will have been amazed at how strong and powerful he was in defeating it – despite his age. And he’ll use it as “proof” that the virus is going away, it’s turned a corner, his phenomenal leadership has prevailed over a pandemic – and all just in time for the election.

    Odd that when getting his “hospital bag” ready they thought the flags he needed for for his TV broadcast were essential. He obviously knew he wouldn’t be too sick to do that.

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    "as your leader"?? This guy is this close 👌 of becoming another Maduro

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    Tell Melanie I said hello
    🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎊🎉 tell her to stay safe and I love her💝💝💝💝😁

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