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Trump Speaks At March For Life Rally | NBC News (Live Stream)

President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the pro-life March For Life rally, the first U.S. president to do so in the event’s 47-year history.

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Trump Speaks At March For Life Rally | NBC News (Live Stream)

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  1. Avatar

    There is no authority in religion or government to take credit for the condition of existence; if systems are to weigh themselves with the burden of purity then they must zero out their imbalance: if abortion is legal then so must suicide be; if the environment a child is borne into is not intent on its well being then government can not assume consent for citizenship nor may religions nurture the faith of its followers. Credibility is not an inalienable right- as Earth has found itself. Hypocrisy lies in the mother who claims to own a child and claims that life is the property of God: autonomy may only be bartered by value systems without insight.

  2. Avatar

    Party of swivel!Going down impeachy.

  3. Avatar

    I'm selling paw cuffs for trumpy bear and black and white striped prison suit for two payments of $49.95. Contact me here to place your order . Pence bear option are being produced and will be available shortly.

  4. Avatar

    I am a trump supporter, but as I sit here and watch this , why are so many people for vaccines when they use fetal DNA in vaccines? I know trump said he believes vaccines are safe, but wouldn’t he be against vaccines if he were pro life? I am confused.

  5. Avatar

    True alpha male! Greatest president ever!

  6. Avatar

    𝐓𝐑𝐔𝐌𝐏 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟎 ❤️ Greatest President Ever!

  7. Avatar

    So the rights of women and their right to manage their lives don't matter?!? You are all in Stone Age. Get a grip and advance into the 21st century, all of you Neanderthals.

  8. Avatar

    Trump is the Best! Forget that Impeachmemt you still the man! Go Trump2020!

  9. Avatar

    Great Speech, I noticed someone said that they music from a Satan loving group. Who cares man, God said to reach the lost and bring them home, why are being Mr Perfect and very judgemental. Learn how to love and be the light and maybe they will leave the darkness. Stop doing that, God does not agree with that view you have. You think they are satan lovers but you are doing something satan does and that is accuse us as he always does to God everyday. Pray and Love and Represent God.

  10. Avatar

    God, I love Trump!!

    also, not a bad soundtrack xD

  11. Avatar

    Democrats demand death of the Unborn! While Democrats fund Terrorist!

  12. Avatar

    Im pro life. Because its never ok to murder.

  13. Avatar

    TRUMP is using good for his bad intentions ,abusing the innocence like a wolf in sheep's clothing..please open your eyes that the things he does for you has not a godly quality but an evil one. Satan is a being of light with a black heart and he uses Trump to entrap you.

  14. Avatar

    impotus is a lying parrot. Since he is not very smart, he thinks that in repeating a lie it becomes true. The worst is all his supporters that does not seem to be any smarter

  15. Avatar

    They sound like CULT LEADERS!don't drink the koolaid..

  16. Avatar

    What an absolute joke. A very sad joke.

  17. Avatar

    Another distraction from the impeachment.

  18. Avatar

    The most divisive president in history . Donald Trump !

  19. Avatar

    This is why I will vote for him a second time!!!!!!

  20. Avatar

    Sounds like a purge announcement

  21. Avatar

    President Donald Trump is the first American President to acknowledge that Jerusalem is the Capital City of Israel, which it has been since the days of King David yet no previous President was willing to make this Stand. but not so with President Trump!
    Now President Trump has acknowledged the God given right of LIFE, to every individual by being the first President to attend the "Right For Life" March in Washington, D. C.
    As King David was a man after God's own heart, so is President Donald John Trump! He does not back down and speaks from the Heart, especially for the unborn and even now abortion for those children that have reached full development and birth.

  22. Avatar

    All those people, waiting behind that Wall also marched for their life

  23. Avatar

    Contrast this powerful speech with the impeachment scam that's going on in the Senate. You will be the victor at the end of all this impeachment silliness President Trump! We and the Senate have your back!

  24. Avatar

    Back to the Middle Ages with this court jester!!

  25. Avatar

    Matthew 13:30&38 Shine my Wheat Shine for we are Loved Psalms 91:10&11

  26. Avatar

    God Bless Our POTUS!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT 💟💟💟

  27. Avatar

    Love our President Trump! Brave! Courageous! Humble! Compassionate! Will vote for him as he will be our President in 2020!!!!!!

  28. Avatar

    Mike Pence: The Skim Milk of Conservatives

  29. Avatar

    Is God … pro life? — What Does The Bible Say?

    The Bible says anyone who assaults a pregnant woman and kills her unborn child is subject to the “death penalty” —the killer paying with her/his own life— for the life he took. (Exodus 21:22-25)

    If I said —I’m going to take my dog to the vet & have her puppies aborted—there would be a mass outcry! …but these murdering psychos are okay with aborting little helpless human babies!—(The Bible says —The Death Penalty—For Anybody Killing An Embryo ..Ex 21:22-25)

    Everyone, give your mother a big hug—Because, she gave birth to you—
    And she’s not a murderer!—Ex 20:13 says..”You must not murder." —
    ““Your eyes saw even the embryo of me.”” (Psalm 139:16)

    WHAT ABOUT THE RIGHTS OF THE BABY?—An Unborn Baby Is NOT Part Of A Woman’s Body! —(Woman = incubator) —It’s A Totally Separate Individual. —Ex 21:22-25

    Life is sacred to God, and he views even an embryo as a distinct, living being. —About God, King David was inspired to write: ““Your eyes saw even the embryo of me.”” (Psalm 139:16)

    God stated that a person would be called to account for injuring an unborn child. (Read—Ex 21:22-25) And in his eyes, killing an unborn child is murder.—Exodus 20:13 says… “You must not murder."

  30. Avatar

    Abortion is creating a generation of traumatized weak women because they killed their babies. Stop abortion

  31. Avatar

    'NBC News is a leading source of global news and information …'
    Not anymore. They are an embarrassment.
    A once powerful institution has fallen because they lost the understanding of their role in our society.

  32. Avatar

    For those who are ok with religious values being a part of politics, YOU are what's wrong with your country! There is supposed to be a seperation of church and state, your country was literally built on it. Not everyone in your country is a Christian. letting your Christian values dictate legislation that everyone is impacted on is wrong on so many levels. As far as I'm concered, you regressive idiots are the reason your country is losing the respect of your peers across the globe.

  33. Avatar

    Thought the usa was a republic where you where free, did think it was a Catholic state that was coordinated by the Vatican

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