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Trump speaks at 'MAGA' rally at the Phoenix Goodyear Airport

President Trump delivers remarks at a ‘Make America Great Again Victory Rally’ at the Phoenix Goodyear Airport in Goodyear, Arizona.

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  1. Avatar

    Trump is scumbag and you know it. Macho man eh? Please. Your all dancing around to a village people song! Lol see what this spray tanned clown has got you doing? Do ya?

  2. Avatar

    The music sucks

  3. Avatar

    Our King Trump and Queen Melania Trump :)))

  4. Avatar

    he knows he s losing

  5. Avatar
    The Old Farts’ Farm

    Trumps ‘a music is great and longer in length than Biden’s speeches at his 20 minute campaigns pathetic sleepy Joe

  6. Avatar

    I would not be surprised if Blue state Civilians turn Red come Nov. Due the bad state of affairs in their state under Democrat leadership. I think, electoral 306 / 2016 and Nov Trump wins in a 376 Electoral Landslide and Democrats will have another meltdown worst than 2016. Voting in person, paper ballot, Rep Trump 2020.

  7. Avatar

    So those trump supporters that got left in the cold. Where were their cars? Did they walk there or something? Is he busing people from far away? I heard a rumor he is paying people $15 hr to attend his rallies. Probably just a rumor.

  8. Avatar

    Doesn't look like you'd get hypothermia at that rally anyway.

  9. Avatar

    Love the shot of Air Force One in the beginning of the video but do us a favor cut the noise They Call Music out of it

  10. Avatar

    All media in Greece lies about Mr Trump, but we know he wins the elections. They don't want Trump because he is destroying Cabal. Love you president Trump. Trump 2020.

  11. Avatar
    The Old Farts’ Farm

    Now the media is making fun and disparaging The First Lady it has to stop❤️👍🌈😀

  12. Avatar

    The Superspreader continues to infect the morons at his rallies. Surreal

  13. Avatar

    Arizona needs more Covid infections. Bring more Trump Virus Super Spreader Events. Dont forget more Body Bags.

  14. Avatar

    Trump 2020!

  15. Avatar

    Who picks this coked up 80s music anyhow? Oh ya..trump does.

  16. Avatar
    The Old Farts’ Farm

    We love Trump

  17. Avatar

    ‘The virus remains in the driver’s seat’: New data casts shadow over fate of labor market. Useless Trump who did bad job on pandemic mitigation! Kick Trump out of WH at November election!

  18. Avatar

    Texas For Trump.. We love you Arizona!!

  19. Avatar

    Trump is now a symbol of his own failure

  20. Avatar

    Hope you don’t have to wait for the bus when it’s over!

  21. Avatar

    Trump got a secret Chinese bank account. How is that possible? A secret Chinese bank account. Can you image I have a secret Chinese bank account when I run for re-election? You think Fox News might get a little concern that? They will call me Beijing bear. It is not a great idea to have a president who owns a bunch of money oversea. That is not a good idea. Of the tax dollars Trump paid, Trump is paying more tax to foreign government than he paid in US.

  22. Avatar
    Parbhushan Singh Sidhu

    God Bless All Great President Trump MAGA Only Way Joe Biden Wins is 80 million Mail in ballots go to Joe Biden This is Rigged Election campaign please go Vote Trump President if you love America everyone God Bless All THANKS

  23. Avatar


    With 92% of all media comments about President Trump being negative, it follows logically that all so-called "polls" are equally doctored (as in 2016 when Trump's actual election proved the corruption).

    Head-count polls are not worth ANYTHING. But scientific polls mean EVERYTHING. And the leader in this field is undoubtedly Australia's never-been-wrong data analyst, Professor Bela Stantic of Griffith University.

    Not only did he predict, against all "poll" predictions, that Trump would win in 2016, but he did the same also with the Brexit vote in the UK, and more recently in the highly contested Aussie elections, where the polls-"loser" was elected.

    Professor Stantic predicts a comfortable win for President Trump this time round. Watch this …


  24. Avatar

    Biden Ben Ladin youre going down!!!

  25. Avatar

    Who needs the fake news and corrupt big tech when we've got 'WORD OF MOUTH,' nothing can beat that.

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