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Trump signs executive orders on payroll tax, evictions, and unemployment bonus

U.S. President Donald Trump signed several executive orders on Saturday after talks on the latest coronavirus stimulus bill failed.

The orders included extending the unemployment bonus at US$400 a week, down from the original US$600 that Americans have been receiving, though he did not say where the money would come from.

Another order would result in a payroll tax “holiday” for those making less than US$100,000 a year and would be in effect from Aug. 1 until the end of 2020. Trump said he would extend the holiday and terminate the tax if re-elected in November.

Trump’s third order would suspend student loan payments through the end of the year and maintain the zero per cent interest period for federal loans, saying the suspension will likely extend into 2021.
The president also extended the federal eviction moratorium, which expired last week, though he did not specify how long the moratorium would last. He said it would apply to renters and homeowners.

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    ** Breaking News **
    Mainstream Media hastily publishes selective stories with bias narratives causing mass outrage and hysteria! Leading to "peaceful protests" mass public gatherings resulting in the influx of the spread of covid-19…

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    what dam good dose it do for that don`t have a job and can`t get the 400 a week

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    Rommer You should shut the heck up everyone has their opinion it doesn't make anybody right or wrong some people might try like Trump and some people might think he's horrible and a comment I meant is off all the things he's did why didn't he include the stimulus check I didn't say anything about the payroll tax so I don't need to educate myself so I don't know what you makes you think that you're so great so don't comment on me again because I wasn't even talking about a payroll tax!!🙏😷🗽🍀🍀🍀

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    Kristie Satterwhite

    He’s back to sniffing again🙄 High as a kite😂😂

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    The man does his job I wish the Democrats could do their job

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    Another stimulus check please!

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    Herman Cain will be rolling in his grave , now that his puppet master has mentioned social distancing . Way too deadly late.

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    More tax breaks for the rich isn't that wonderful this guy has no clue plus he lies he also said her stimulus check would be bigger yeah right

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    Step one in eliminating the social safety net, eliminate the tax that pays for it: "What is payroll tax vs income tax?

    Payroll tax consists of Social Security and Medicare taxes, otherwise known as Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax. FICA tax is an employer-employee tax, meaning both you and your employees will contribute to it. Income tax is made up of federal, state, and local income taxes.Sep 6, 2017" That's from google search. Well, or maybe he's going to eliminate basic income tax under 100G income. Which i'd approve of.

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    No they don't have to cuz he can do for them 20/20 America still great

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    I just watch these videos for the comments

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    I’ve always said for the trillions of dollars in the system where does it end up now it’s being shared

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    Miss Rebecca O. Mcqueen the 1& only

    Thank u 💓

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    Mr. President you do not have the power to do these things without the house and the Senate

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    Would trade Trudeau for Trump in a heartbeat . Canada needs his leadership.

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    What about the ppl that are working thru this pandemic that are getting nothing for risking there life what about the ppl on ssi that cant work at all and only get 781 a month where is there bonus at to get thru this…? but ppl who can work get a bonus lol….so lost

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    What about stimulus check…we need so bad

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    Miss Rebecca O. Mcqueen the 1& only

    U got my vote for me thank u

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    All nonsense. Has zero right to do any of it. Congress controls the money. Lawsuits coming
    "States cannot pay unemployment insurance benefits in a way that has not been authorized by Congress through enactment of legislation," said Michele Evermore, an unemployment insurance expert at the National Employment Law Project. "By definition, states' administration of unemployment insurance must conform to federal law — and there is no federal law on the books allowing for an additional sum,"

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    Once again our President Donald J. Trump comes through for our entire population.

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    I thought the Republicans were asking for a list of military funding(?)

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    President is right. $400 is good. We can’t give incentive to people not to work. It’s a good package signed. Thank you, President.

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    God bless Trump. Partisan politics and daily slander of fellow Americans is clearly making America great again.

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    Stop blaming China or you're going to put them right on top of our heads

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    President Trump makes most Canadians envious of his leadership.

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    Occupied Reno 911

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    He's MY PRESIDENT. God bless, Re-Elect, and protect President Donald J. Trump.

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    You really trying to get re-elected Ronald Mc Donald I already know that you was the one that set up the 9-11 attack and the virus is fake that just trying to get the anti christ to come back that’s it the untied states called untied land is coming to a end

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    Somebody desperately needs votes don't be fooled.

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    TRUMP BY A LANDSLIDE, Hopefully.

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