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Trump signs executive order targeting social media after Twitter fact-checked his tweets

U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday challenging the legal protections that shield social media companies from liability.
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  1. Avatar

    this is getting straight up apocalyptic.

  2. Avatar
    Christopher Guy

    So the Republicans will be the big losers if these platforms now have to fact check the content because they are the worst at telling the truth. Think back to the start with "Alternative facts" regarding the size of the crowds.

  3. Avatar

    All social media sites are privately owned businesses. Sounds like Trump is for Communism. Government can not infringe upon the rights of private business.
    And C.O.V.I.D is a government hoax for Communism and martial law.

  4. Avatar

    Okay, how come none of these media outlets ask the question: "what if Twitter just blocked Trump all together?" either citing that, until a court judgement is made, we are just going to suspend his account? It seems pretty obvious that Trump needs Twitter more than they need Trump. After years of using Twitter to stir up his Right Wing base, with little or no action by Twitter to stop his hateful lies, i would think there is no better response than to say, "okay, if you are not satisfied with our service, we block you."

    Not to mention, this "warning" is the least they could have done on his tweets. They could have removed the hateful tweets all together, but instead, they chose to put a caveat on them, so people know they contain misinformation. What they should have done was ban him entirely. They have banned other people for far less, yet Trump gets a pass. I would say, if there was ever a better time to pull the plug on this miscreant, it is now. Give him a taste of a Twitterless universe and see how he fairs without it.

  5. Avatar

    How much would you give to get a chance to face Trump one on one?

  6. Avatar

    More like Twatter

  7. Avatar
    Winds of Change

    You are clueless, this anger against censorship has been going on far in advance of this president…where do you think he got it? In this case I hope he is successful in this because on a platform you shouldn't be censored. So that makes them a publisher without these protections. Facebook and youtube need to be on the chopping block too.

  8. Avatar

    Trump really didn't have to do it. Twitter uses CNN and WP as sources of facts just shows how bias Twitter is.

  9. Avatar

    Bruh lmao this is the news and hardly anyone is talking about hong kong falling

  10. Avatar
    Winds of Change

    I can't STAND trump, but GOOD! Youtube and Facebook ALSO need to be on the chopping block. They've been censoring too many people for too long for anything they don't agree with. If they are designating themselves a platform, they are not legally allowed to do that.

  11. Avatar

    100,000 dead 💀 Americans and the US President wants to fight the internet 🤷🏿‍♂️

  12. Avatar

    Both Republicans and Democrats are sending out misleading statements for their own advantages.

    The important thing is to do your own fact checking. If you are unable to fact check something yourself, put a question mark on what you just heard.

  13. Avatar

    So now we have some Fox News hosts and Twitter that want to ‘wash their hands’ of Trump.

  14. Avatar

    But I want to censor opinions I don't like!

  15. Avatar

    Next term, trump should build a wall around Canada.

  16. Avatar

    I kinda support this…Should trump also attack youtube? Youtube link the WHO on videos that is covid related which is one of the world's biggest misinformation on the virus.

  17. Avatar

    It's very simple. CBC is biased against the Conservative party right now because they want to de-fund CBC. Can you actually expect the entire CBC staff to remain unbiased when they are faced with possible unemployment under a Conservative government?

  18. Avatar
    Alyssa Roberts

    I for one am not surprised. Taking his ball and going home

  19. Avatar

    Who cares what he signs, it won’t get past Nancy. He should have been thrown off Twitter years ago. Why is he given special consideration? If we have to obey the rules so should he. This is just one more distraction tactic he uses when he’s in trouble. 🇨🇦

  20. Avatar

    Your dictator is going to have you all silenced.

  21. Avatar

    That's doesn't make sense … The only political ads I get on YouTube are President Trump's and it's been them since he won the election lol

  22. Avatar

    CBC does some what the same thing! When it doesn't like it they will turn off comments.

  23. Avatar

    Trump won't get away with it. Twitter is a private company.

  24. Avatar

    Trump is such a dumb guy he get mad at so many things

  25. Avatar

    I can't take this anymore. Life is too short to drive myself crazy watching all this stuff. Only a fool drives himself mad worrying about things he cannot change.
    I will be voting for Biden. See you in November.

  26. Avatar

    About time ! You Lefties are gonna find out now, how skewed things really were, in your favour, all along. Based Trump, bending Twitter over without Vasoline !

  27. Avatar

    because truth is eternal and lies should never survive

  28. Avatar

    What a joke …
    Another small minded move by a small minded person..

  29. Avatar

    The CBC is against free speech. Got it.

  30. Avatar

    Time to stay off Twitter then Don the Con… no one wants to see your bullshiet tweets anyways you clown.

  31. Avatar

    These platforms are not neutral anymore, therefore users must have right to challenge social media in courts

  32. Avatar

    Check this fact out–oh you stalked my email, my facebook, my Instagram plus those of fourteen ppl I know? You checked facts using "secure information"? You promise you didn't, lol? goodbye privacy, goodbye security along with that

  33. Avatar
    KIM aka TheHelpfulAssistant

    So he got caught on his facts not being right and his feelings got hurt. He spends ALL day focusing on this and not on the pandemic. Please keep our borders shut down from the States till at least this guy is out of office.

  34. Avatar

    The Twitter Critter needs to take more Hydroxycloraquin to cut back on Twitter use .

  35. Avatar

    WTF !!! IS SIGNING AN EXECUTIVE ORDER AGAINST SOCIAL MEDIA A NATIONAL CRISIS THAT REQUIRES URGENCY MORE THAN THE SUPPORT NEEDED FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO HELP STATES TO DEAL WITH THE PANDEMIC ! There are so many things better to do … States needing supplies , dealing with the pandemic, creating a better strategy to reopen the economy and keep the people safe. AND HE's SIGNING A FREAKING EXECUTIVE ORDER FOR SOCIAL MEDIA ! WHAT THE HELL ! WHY DOESN'T HE USE THAT TO ORDER OR FIGHT WITH CONGRESS TO CREATE OR DO SOMETHING MORE WORTHWHILE & DESERVING, funding for relief, many are unemployed , people going hungry etc…

  36. Avatar

    Why do creepy Liberals always wear glasses to try and look like nerds ? There is laser eye surgery right ? It's like their standard uniform. Wolves in sheep's clothing.

  37. Avatar

    Trump is literally trying to PROTECT FREE SPEECH and the lying media want us to believe the opposite. It's getting pretty Orwellian out there.

  38. Avatar

    Trump won’t win this fight – the irony is that if he did win many of his posts would be taken down

  39. Avatar

    Lmaoooo, of course conservatives are the ones worrying about fact checking

  40. Avatar

    Thank you president Trump

  41. Avatar

    As Average Joe said, self-regulation due to lawsuit vulnerability will create more censorship, and since the right-wing tends to embrace fabrications to a greater degree, social media will lean in their direction. On the other hand, it would be very difficult to win a lawsuit based on the decision that lying is a virtue.

  42. Avatar
    Tabitha Brennan

    President plump is a narcissist he's doing deference to take away from his failures

  43. Avatar

    Don't vote trump

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