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Trump says US is 'crushing' coronavirus as country surpasses 220,000 deaths

Donald Trump says the US is ‘crushing’ Covid-19 as the country surpasses 220,000 deaths from the virus. Speaking at a campaign rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, Trump told voters “If you want depression, doom and despair. Vote for sleepy Joe Biden. And boredom”. Trump’s virus claims come in the same week he attacked top public health expert Dr Anthony Fauci despite the rising coronavirus case numbers in the country. Trump also blamed former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton when his microphone cut out during the rally

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    Do your research……..220,000 deaths, yes but less than 10,000 purely from. COVID and 75% of those were in nursing homes….the elderly. The 210,000 were positive tests but they did not die because they had COVID but died for other reasons such as cancer, hear attack and road accidents

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    Tell a lie big enough… Trump lies, and lies and lies… People still believe him. A true dictator.

  3. Avatar

    This guy has no brains

  4. Avatar
    Andrew Jones Productions

    The fool's totally lost touch with reality.

  5. Avatar

    Guardian doesn't understand humour.
    Poor Hils

  6. Avatar

    0:29 The way 2020 has been going, I could do with some boredom.

  7. Avatar

    I only see one person without a mask.

  8. Avatar

    I wish I was American then I could vote Trump.

  9. Avatar

    It's The Guardian. What can you expect…

  10. Avatar

    No wonder Trump loves the uneducated, it must be great knowing your supporters never fact check your claims.
    The US, is 8th in the world for deaths per million.

  11. Avatar

    Vote Trump not sleepy Joe. Biden campaigned for racially segregated schools for goodness sake. If you want terrorism, poverty and racial segragation vote sleepy Joe.

  12. Avatar

    Us deaths are less than 10000 according to the cdc.

  13. Avatar

    Then you got hit with Trump for your President

  14. Avatar
    Wild West Gunslinger

    Even the mic wants to shut him up

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    Ashraf Hossain Rakib

    He is right
    US recovered virus steep and economics together
    You tell me apart from Nz which country wasn't hit by it? Lockdown now makes no sense unemployment and depression is also killing people

    Before Covid trump did everything right. Now the Covid created problem for him.

  16. Avatar

    American is one country, he’s comparing Europe (44 countries). he’s honestly the dumbest president the United States have ever got.

    I’m not American.

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  18. Avatar

    220000 deaths and millions unemployed
    And this guy doesn’t care one bit
    Apart from winning , no mask either

  19. Avatar

    And the senate and house allowed 8million MORE Americans slip into poverty since March. There is so much blame to go around.

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