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Trump says U.S. consumers ‘may’ pay for tariffs ‘at some point’

President Trump on Aug. 15 falsely said U.S. consumers are not paying for tariffs Trump imposed on Chinese imports. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    Bailing the farmers
    I thought that was Socialism

  2. Avatar

    As long as Mexico is Going to Pay for that Wall right Trump Supporters😜?

  3. Avatar

    The US consumer paid $60 Billion for Trump's war on China. So we had to borrow more money from China.
    Trump needed to bring in more money to offset his give to the rich tax scheme.

  4. Avatar

    The U.S.consumers will be paying for the tariffs for quite some time. The orange one tries to make it look like something else, but he doesn't really understand what's happening.
    The farmers of this country should really understand by now what happens to every one who places their bets with the lying orange puppet.
    China is not missing anything.
    They will just wait till a real president shows up.

  5. Avatar

    "Consumers may have to pay…" is equivalent to saying that TRUMP IS TAXING THE MIDDLE CLASS.
    Why isn't he confronted like that? In the Democratic debates Jake Tapper relentlessly asked the candidates if they were going to raise taxes on the middle class for healthcare. Their response was that the economy was going to be restructured. But Tapper kept insisting they answer directly if the middle class was going to be taxed. Look at Trump!!! He just said the middle class and farmers are happy to pay for the tarrifs.

  6. Avatar

    If trade wars were so easy and trump had republican controlled senate and house at the start of his term, why are tarrifs still in effect? Something to think on.

  7. Avatar

    Maybe MEXICO can pitch in and pay for Trump's tariffs.. they seem willing. LOL

  8. Avatar

    every time i listen to this man speak, i lose brain cells.

  9. Avatar

    What an arsehole!
    He has got to be the most stupid, ignorant Buffoon and is destroying you country.
    The world is watching him and his enablers in disbelief!

  10. Avatar

    I don't mind paying more for Chinese imports to help my country attain fair trade agreements that will benefit my children.

  11. Avatar

    USA 🇺🇸 is not paying for anything México 🇲🇽 will pay for the wall ,China will pay the tariffs, Canada 🇨🇦 will pay tariffs for lumber and steel .

  12. Avatar

    Hahahaha you know trump is done in 2020 that's why he keeps lying…China isn't worried at all trump resign you only fooled the Morons that voted for you…

  13. Avatar

    Trump where is that 60 billion? Americas roads and bridges are crumbling. Our forests and dams need work. Our water canals are failing. Our transportation system doesn't work. Our housing for the poor is attrocious.
    Pay up now! Or stfu.

  14. Avatar

    Another bush whom cant fucken speak like a leader .

  15. Avatar

    If this were true, which it isn’t, a good journalist would say “Then why did the great farmers get 87 BILLION in welfare?”

  16. Avatar

    That's why our exports to China are down 19%, and China's exports to us are up! There is no one who believes that China writes billion dollar checks to trump. The importer pays the tariff to trump, and passes the cost on to the customers- the American people. What agricultural products is trump talking about? We will pay more for all grain,milk and meat starting in the fall when the reduction in yields is known. Remember that prolonged flooding that stopped the crops from being planted? You know those 500 year floods that happen about three times every five years now? You can't plant wheat, corn, and soybeans in flooded fields. Trump borrows money to pay off the farmers. Is China's stock market tanking? No. Is our stock market tanking? Yes, thank you trump.

  17. Avatar

    60 billion from american importers who pass the cost onto american consumers, if the country was doing so well why is he still wanting rate cuts? rate cuts are to help stimulate growth you would see interest rates go up if america was doing so well

  18. Avatar

    TRUMP is truly MAGA!!! Thank God for TRUMP!!!!

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