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Trump says McConnell 'wants to do background checks'

President Trump on Aug. 13 said he wants “meaningful” background checks and expressed optimism that Congress would act on guns. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    Ask California how their gun laws are working out for them 😀😁

  2. Avatar

    We aren’t giving up our guns 💪

  3. Avatar

    McConnell looks and reminds me of the character in silence of the lambs that lost his face to Hannibal Lecter.
    the guy in the wheelchair.

  4. Avatar

    We already have background checks you morons. If they spent half as much time enforcing the laws already on the books instead of trying to write idiotic new ones we would be way better off. The Washington Post is about half as accurate the National Enquirer.

  5. Avatar

    An interesting comment from someone who doesn't do background checks or vet the members of his own cabinet.

  6. Avatar

    Ok….let's start with Kushner, then Moscow Mitch and his wife.

  7. Avatar

    Trump has become a grotesque screaming Francis Bacon painting.

  8. Avatar

    Word salad is the only salad he knows. What a pile of…. every time he talks. Blah blah blah blah blah blah no one knows more than me blah.

  9. Avatar

    There are already background checks for guns!

  10. Avatar

    Big words and no commitment or action. Just like the last dozen times. Just waiting for things to blow over.

  11. Avatar

    How about you get to have the right to have a gun if you actually make it responsible. There are laws and regulations but they aren't working, so there need to be more. Just like driving. Jump through all the hoops to prove you are capable. Licenses should be revisited yearly. Clips should be reduced. Certain automatic and assault guns should be banned- permanently. If you are worried about feral hogs- then go work for the department of conservation to truly curb populations. Rifles should be banned from public settings and businesses unless it has been registered for events- just like other events. There is no reason to bring a rifle to Wal-Mart, Target, nightclub or school. If you break any gun laws, you should be pubically prohibited from ever owning a gun- severely fined and put in a public list like a sex offender as you would be a danger to society. If you truly believe in gun rights and responsible gun owners, then you should act like it. If you're concerned about mental health then volunteer and help your community- it does actually work.

  12. Avatar

    Don't care what the government wants. We will NOT COMPLY.

  13. Avatar

    trump stirs up political gun violence and promotes mass shootings, while congressional conservatives begin the slow creep towards making gun ownership illegal.

    corporate fascists won't allow private gun ownership.
    hitler didnt

  14. Avatar

    Mitch has to be accused by at least a couple hundred woman. His face has Sexual Harrassment written all over!
    If I were a woman, I would accuse him just for being in the same room as me!🤢

  15. Avatar

    That's not good enough ,when the Dems get back in charge in 2020 the 2nd amendment will be rewritten

  16. Avatar

    So anyone that's had a drunk bar fight won't be able to own a gun. That's like 90% of the male population…

  17. Avatar

    I would love it if background checks where done on the loons that work for you. If you cant own a gun you can still work for the MSM.

  18. Avatar

    Background checks won't help.
    Let's get that wall built.
    That's the main cause to all our problems.

  19. Avatar

    Lying POS! McConnell, self described as "the grim reaper", has been blocking all common sense gun legislation!

  20. Avatar

    I love background checks because I'm not some dunce that thinks the government is going to put us in Fema camps and take our guns lol I own 7 guns have owned a total of about 40 background checks for all them. But you better seal up the border first or else you'll just make a giant black market for firearms.

  21. Avatar

    These mass shooters had clean records you morons!!!

  22. Avatar

    I'll give the devil his due when (and if) Trump comes through with comprehensive gun control legislation. And no, I don't believe Donnie Boy is Satan. That monster's voice would sound a whole lot sweeter and be a lot more persuasive.

  23. Avatar

    Such positive responses from Washington’s leftist pool of Bias. DUDE the only other thing you can do to stop mass shootings, is shooting every shooter on sight. And as good as that sounds, The government fears it will cause a revolution. Baby steps people.. baby steps. Until one of you decides to shoot these maniacs and save the day

  24. Avatar

    Moscow Mitch is a good man and wants to do background checks?? You tell em' douche bag donnie.

  25. Avatar

    Been talking about it for years Don Cheeto. Either follow through or shut up already.

  26. Avatar

    But… can someone explain how these background checks would have stopped any of the recent tragedies? Maybe we could take some time to look at real solutions instead of just more reactive legislative theater.

  27. Avatar

    Yeah another FBI background check. They are just as good as the ones they do when you buy a firearm or get a classified government job. Yet another joke and waste of taxpayer dollars.

  28. Avatar

    But we give the nuclear codes to a lunatic.

  29. Avatar

    Thank you, Mr. President! Take the lead and keep us safe from maniacs with guns. Check online history for violent comments or conspiracy talk against the government. Ban anybody who has talked crazy for the last 10 years. MAGA!!!

  30. Avatar

    If the left was in charge of the background check, the President wouldn't be allowed to pass a background check. It's all an infringement. If you don't want a firearm then don't. Freedom. Everyone should support the 2nd amendment rights that we have in America.

  31. Avatar

    The Democrats wanted for the longest time to do background checks. The hell is our President talking about?

  32. Avatar

    why is trump hiding behind mcconnell on this???

  33. Avatar

    So much for his campaign promise to protect the 2nd Amendment.

  34. Avatar

    There's a biblical saying about straining at a gnat while swallowing a camel whole. Guns aren't the problem. Criminals and nut jobs are. Why does everyone want to punish the law abiding citizens and go soft on the real perpetrators?!?

  35. Avatar

    Sure Mr. President, it’s those damn Democrats that are blocking background checks 😂🤪😂🤪

  36. Avatar

    Yeah right…. Moscow Mitch wants to do background checks? We're not as stupid as your supporters, Mr. Trump. By the way, we need to do way more than background checks.

  37. Avatar

    Yes it’s the Democrats that always get in the way of background checks Donny

  38. Avatar

    No one cares what Elmer Fudd thinks about background checks Mr. President

  39. Avatar

    Every word that comes out of this Malignant Narcissist's foetid mouth is BS.

  40. Avatar

    McConnell looking like Mason Verger…

  41. Avatar

    Seems to me, the first step would be to reinstate the domestic terror taskforces you dismissed in 2017.

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