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Trump says he is 'doing very well' in Twitter video

President Trump shared a video to Twitter Friday after his positive diagnosis of COVID-19.

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  1. Avatar

    But he said it is a Democratic Hoax…

  2. Avatar

    not a trump supporter but i dont want anything bad happening to his health. get well soon President Trump

  3. Avatar

    We wish you well mister president! I hope you and your wife recover soon

  4. Avatar


  5. Avatar

    As a human and American I wish him well on his recovery but you've got to admit he did this to himself honestly. And at the very least the message and energy he was putting out wound up coming back to him. Also, I didnt search for this video just to leave a comment, it just came up on my recommendations and I was interested in what he had to say.

  6. Avatar
    Teresa Eveland / Cali Life on the Fly

    Prayers sent daily, til they are both well

  7. Avatar

    Not voting for you or anyone, but get well man

  8. Avatar

    God bless President Trump, First Lady and their family❤️
    We’re praying for your comfort and peace during recovery.🙏🏼 And look forward to seeing you come back stronger and kick more butt of the corrupt!! 🇺🇸 4 more years!!

  9. Avatar
    A S C E N D E D W H I T E M A L E

    "tested positive" in other words they flipped a coin with a PCR test.

  10. Avatar

    He says it’s a hoax. Then wears a mask. Supposedly gets sick. Then miraculously finds a cure. A cure that was made months ago. Released to the public just before the election. Just watch….

  11. Avatar

    He sounds exhausted… God bless you and yours Mr. President. Prayers for health and healing

  12. Avatar

    United we stand Mr President Get well soon!

  13. Avatar

    Praying for complete recovery – our country needs you. Very blessed to have you as our President.

  14. Avatar

    🙏🙏🙏 i pray for you President! God bless you and your family 🙏🙏🙏

  15. Avatar

    I love President Donald Trump

  16. Avatar

    Get well soon Mr President!! Glad to hear you’re doing well 👍🏼

  17. Avatar

    Doesn't look so orange anymore

  18. Avatar

    Well Done..
    Good strong video to keep the panic merchants from going fake news crazy…
    He is showing that he can stand with easy and that he is not coughing etc.. (Can still put on a suit :–))
    Well Done…
    Any President in such a condition would be taken to hospitol just to be sure and to be close to needed equipment if needed..
    But I could see people claiming he was at deaths door without the video…

  19. Avatar

    C'mon guys, it's just like the common flu. Nothing to get excited about.
    It'll go away like a miracle.
    It affects virtually nobody.

  20. Avatar

    I almost feel bad for the Democratic party because they have no idea what's coming

  21. Avatar

    Hope he gets better fast- want to see him talking to people again soon. Recover fast please!

  22. Avatar

    For Humanity we pray 🙏 🙏🙏

  23. Avatar

    Prayers goes out to President Trump and family. God is not done with you because you have so much work left to accomplish for the kingdom of God. Jesus loves you and your family. Our God is faithful and true. Our God is in control of all things. Thy kingdom comes, thy will be done.

  24. Avatar


  25. Avatar

    Never doubted you T-man

  26. Avatar

    Prayers for president Trump and the first lady. Asking God to restore their health and strengthen them..to keep his mighty hand of protection upon them!!! 🙏🙏

  27. Avatar

    Shame on these people wishing bad things on the President. I'm praying for him and wish him a speedy recovery which i am sure we will see firsthand.

  28. Avatar

    Are they going to film him in his hospital bed?

  29. Avatar

    God Bless POTUS, God Bless the First Lady, god bless everyone, stay safe. Regardless of politics, we should all be cognizant of each others mortality, we shouldn’t want anyone to die whether we dislike or hate them, people have become too hateful in this nation. If this was Clinton or Obama or Carter, they’d be sobbing and crying begging “please don’t take our President!” But because it’s the orange man, no empathy. If it were someone they loved pushing through a possibly fatal endeavor, they’d be a lot more compassionate. COVID is real, it’s definitely not the Spanish flu or the Black Plague but it’s certainly not just a rhinovirus for some folks either… the president does not deserve to get sick for trying to keep people calm and rational about a virus that will spread regardless of masks and social distancing. He might have downplayed it, sure, but he still let you know there was a threat involved, he never buried the lead. So I don’t understand why everyone’s so shocked to see he’s got it, he’s human too, moral virtue signaling doesn’t prevent you from getting it just the same as being brutally honest about it doesn’t prevent you from getting it. So to everyone out there high fiving and cheering , if your grandpa had covid, it wouldn’t be so funny.

  30. Avatar

    Praying for you and your family. We miss you. Trump / Pence 2020

  31. Avatar

    Biden campaign has taken down all negative adds . ❤️♥️🙏

  32. Avatar

    Mini Strokes breathes like he's wearing a snorkel, believes airports existed in 1776 Looks white not Orange his natural color, 74 and now Covid-19 not Looking good!

  33. Avatar

    We love you and your family

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