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Trump said he would take dirt on a rival from a foreign government

President Donald Trump says he would listen if a foreign government approached him with damaging information about a political rival — and wouldn’t necessarily report the contact to the FBI. #CNN #News

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    If Trump loses in 2020, I sure hope he refuses to leave the WH and continues run the country this would drive some people crazy, and I will be glued to the TV like Truman show with my popcorn. but, seriously, the guy is a winning machine. I

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    Hmmm… all thumbnails framed in bold red borders now
    CNN red is the color of communism
    they want you mad as a bull… they want you to kill for them.
    CNN red is a subliminal dog whistle to fellow Bolsheviks

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    An individual at the level of president must demonstrate some level of ethics character & integrity morals and conflict of right vs wrong and sound judgment….an individual that sits on national tv and states without pause he sees nothing wrong with accepting dirt on his rival from a foreign government is morally conflicted and not fit to hold the office of president…..who votes for someone/anyone that thinks such an action is acceptable????

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    He mentioned his favorite country again…Norway! Tod bad Norway hates him though!

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    Nothing will happen, he'll just wave his hand and say "these are not the droids you are looking for", and we will forget all about it.

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    Sounds a lot like Hillary and the Steele dossier she paid for. Hmmmm

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    Syphilitic dementia from decades of fucking whores. His brain is putty in vlads hands , or kims , or whoever. He can barely form coherent sentences as he flails around contradicting himself and sinking in the quicksand of his lies.

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    Of course, he already has, back in 2016. He has no shame and fully intends to do it again. We the majority of critically thinking Americans must remember who and what he is, a paid traitor of the United states of America! He is a Russian asshat. What did our forefathers do with traitors????

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    Russia and China are good buddy now. Be careful Trump Putin may exposed your dirt to Xi. Lol

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    Very clear that Drumpf is used to paying criminals to commit crimes and benefitting from such crimes. He's done it his whole life.

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    Where is the beginning of this clip when he talks about his son going to jail???????????????

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    crazy lying orange panda is crying out for help from his Russian backers…

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    Where are all the loyal republicans explain why President would say that?

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    Lmao @ where your votes counts.
    He was selected.. All he does is make your ratings high. Look at who your boss is and who gets rich. Waste of time to watch your videos.
    All you do is regurgitate "news" every day.
    Thank God for the ignorance that is bliss for the American "vote".
    Your vote doesn't count

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    All you guys are dumb fucks TRUMP 2020

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    The Citizens United Act in 2010 opened up our government to foreign investors. This seems like a natural but unfortunate side effect.

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    I bet Trump has installed a trap door in his office, like Mr. Burns.

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    That is what the Steele dossier was that got the FISA warrants to spy on Trump. Hypocritical, uninformed or disingenuous? People that watch only MSM don't get that information.

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    It is 100% sure that Trump will die in prison !

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    CNN – why not report on how often the USA "interferes" with the elections and governments of other countries? Every American would/should be fascinated by that reality, since they're paying for that through taxes. There are so many bipartisan topics you could cover – IF you're interested in not going bankrupt due to your rapidly dissolving credibility. The more you fail, the more Americans becoming red-pilled about Leftist Agendas and Shadowy Forces.

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    He’s a mob boss of course he’s not gonna call the cops he’s a life long criminal. The Democratic Party let him get away with it and so who cares if it’s agains the law who’s gonna stop me. Your move Nancy impeach his arse already. But will they no because they’re nearly as bad as he is. They’re basically enabling him at this point.

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    We will not help this traitor destroy the freedom of our ally. Help your people get out of the echo chamber and read news from more sources. The world is watching.

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    He is a pathetic, demented, immoral, corrupt SOB who was elected president with the help of a foreign power, RUSSIA.

    This is clearly delineated in Special Counsel Robert Muller, III's 448-page report, not including indices, tables, and grand jury information.

    You can download the report as a PDF — if any of you are interested in knowing the truth, or will bother to read the report that took Muller 22 months to investigate, interview 500 witnesses, etc.

    I suspect that most Americans have no clue as to the full extent of Trump's criminality and how he is working closely with Putin to destroy American Democracy.

    Smell the coffee, wake up, get involved. Vote him out in 2020.!!!!

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    The Russian Envoy behind the desk in the oval office is now baiting for Impeachment, to Fire up the Base.This is the Dog Fight that Steve Bannon talks about. Little Donny Darkness is now on his way to Create a Continental Divide leading into 2020.

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    Except.. it was russia not Norway.

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    Why would China help him get re-elected? Makes no sense..

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    Trump has really driven America down in the s*** hole. Seriously if you are Trump supporter or a republican I want to hear from you. Everything the Republicans was fighting for saying Trump people was illegally spied on. After the Mueller report stated Trump welcome Russian help with open arms hoping to benefit from it. President of the United States basically saying if it happens all over again it's most likely I would rather come in and not report it. Think about that.

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    said he would not that he did big difference but it is spun into fantasy and piled on by the very people who have and you have the steele dosseia and the Clinton cover ups

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    The fake news is running out of stories. All those politicians are taking Dirty from foreign nation about their opponent. Clinton took from Ukraine, Russia, Britain. The steel Dossier without Russian inputs is dead. The fake news thinks we don't know. Shame. When the fake media takes about foreign countries, they are referring only to Russia, they don't problem if you take dirty from Germany and other country excluding RUSSIA. Shame. The law says No country should Interfere in another country's election including American. But the fake media and Dems only think of Russia. Sad.

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    the one thing that the Mueller report could not give you was a sworn testimony from the idiot in the oval Office who just admitted on national television yes we took 4 and information about an opponent and used it for my future to be president of United he just openly admitted it on national television! You yell no conspiracy no no collusion but he'll take collaboration any day!! That's your President 😨😈👿👿 WOW

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    😵😵😵😵😫😫😫America… really??? greetings from Paris 🤷🤷🤷

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    Keep Norway out of your retoric, you sad old man…

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    Just imagine if Obama said that 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️I'm really confused

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    Orange Man Bad he helped expose the corruption in Hillary's email's Bad Bad Orange Man

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    So this treasonous bastard would trust a foreign adversary over American free press or patriotic American Democrats. Arrest donnie and donnie jr . Forget impeachment, this backstabbing Dictator needs to go.

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    God bless America. Think before you speak.

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