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Trump reveals why he resists funding US postal service

President Donald Trump acknowledged in order for there to be widespread voting by mail, the United States Postal Services needs more money. Now Trump says he is resisting it and revealed why. He sees it as what could amount to a bargaining chip with Democrats as they are negotiating on Capitol Hill to get another coronavirus legislation bill signed. CNN’s Kaitlin Collins reports.

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    How can a donor get given a job like that.. how fucked the us gov is. Sadge.

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    Expat and This and That

    Don Lemon has expressed sympathy for Pedophiles. Refuses to prove he isn't one. Shows up on NABLA roster.

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    Trump is a fascist oligarch, this shouldn’t be surprising.

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    No matter how you look at it TRUMP is simply doing another “ QUID PRO QUO.”

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    Hot Pony Unicorn

    Ya because he doesn’t want to throw billions as dollars in the fire. The USPS has been losing money every year.

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    Hot Pony Unicorn

    Trump wants voter id right? And dems want no voter id right? So hes trying to suppress false votes and dems want anyone to vote even illegal immigrants and dead people

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    Would be nice for him to disappear. He is such a liar 🤥 America is doom if he stays in the White House.

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    Nomore False Presedent Fruad Bribery Pelany Crimenal coraption Conspiracy Judgement Death 💀

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    Сергей Дорофей

    CIA Belarus

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    Stay update with the news (comic based illustration)

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    How is it that someone potentially going to prison could still be president of the USA? all because 30% of the population is brainwashed by a b-rate celebrity ass hat and can't see past his orange facade.

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    Lord Shiva Of Kailash

    Its because he likes when epstein pisses on him https://i.imgflip.com/4ba8un.jpg

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    I'm sure there are trumpsters employed by USPS cheering for this as much as they cheer for every other shite thing trump does since they have no ability to consider the future. "Yeah! Take that you liberal commie postal workers, trump'll show ya wat's wat!, who needs postal service anyway?" And they'll curse dems when they are unemployed and trump has gotten rid of all benefits as well. Doesn't matter what he does or how it affects them, they worship him. Just gross.

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    Why is CNN not reporting on the Portland Transwoman being beaten and robbed by BLM or the execution of the child Cannon Hinnant?

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    Trump for prison

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    The USPS said they have been provided enough money already to fund them well into 2021. This is just another Pelosi scam, which should be spotted a mile away since her family has been associated with the east cost mafia for over 40 years. No, it's not fake news, do your own homework online and see yourself.

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    Just drop it off at the election place. Don't mail it back. Other industries should also cancel mailings as much as possible for a few weeks before November to lighten the load. We gotta get this asshole outta here before he destroys the country.

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    If mail in voting is reckless and wrong then all other state and federal mailing is wrong to. Social Security checks . DMV correspondence paying your property tax by mail. and the list goes on.

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    why usa people are so dump? argue with each other everyday.

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    in n out sucks ___


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    Trump must be stop lock him up or another impeach what ever come first, con man will makes WW3 if he knew he is a looser.

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    Anti Corruption all the way. There needs to be harsh punishment for such actions and behavior, especially in the government. Currently a small group of rich and powerful controls the government, it is no longer WE THE PEOPLE, it's we the rich and privileged. VOTE for candidates that are there for the people and not the corporations.

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    What if you have a rat post driver and she or he just throws away all the Republican votes , voting through mail is a terrible idea

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    Trump's citizenship should be revoked due to his lies and illegal actions. He is a criminal and should be tried, convicted and executed.

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    Where was Pelosi and Schumer when the USPS had an $8.5 Billion dollar loss in 2010. The Democrats owned fixing the USPS and fked it up.

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    Legislation for the poor to get money to pay rent, car payments and mortgages.

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    Mad at besos. Mail in ballots can’t be hacked

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    Trump 2020! Walk away!

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    Donald Trump our president the leader of the Free world is a pedophile…

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    People that support him call themselves patriotic. Here's one example of Trump being patriotic. Deliberately tilting the scales in his favor by withholding funding. You don't get more corrupt than this.

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    So much propaganda

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    Damn cnn sucks

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    Everyone on board for the CNN “mockingbird” theme song
    Baaaaa 🐑

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    Everyone knows that CNN is lying, you know that Telemundo, Univision, CNN, BBC, New York Times and the like are blatantly lying, you are cynical, you are Fake News, and all criminal terrorism is done by Democrats or Pedocrats in society with the Chinese Communist Party. You are puppets from the Deep States and the whole world already knows

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    Why is trump always walking in a field of grass

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    Joey Big Things Poppin

    "Ok" Do me a favor for 8oo billion and I'll let you give American's $4oo hundred Dollars a week .

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    It’s because I am afraid I am going to lose, then what am I going to do?😢

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    Trump should be in jail for committing a crime.

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    Katherine Hancocks

    If CNN said in 1990 "We know for a FACT Kate Hancocks fornicated, which violates her religious beliefs, got pregnant, and murdered her baby."

    I could have phoned up CNN and said "You can look at my vagina. I still have a hymen. I CAN NOT put 2 fingers in there past the first knuckle."

    If there were rumours behind my back "We are 90% sure, based on Kate hancocks secrecy and emotionality, that she fornicated and murdered her baby. Do not date her."

    That is worse than CNN stating lies ON THE AIR with certainty… I CAN NOT defend myself.

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    Katherine Hancocks

    Jake… If someone said to you "If you have seen images of Kate hancocks defecating and masturbating, don't tell her about them." You would probably ask why.

    What was the reason given why?

    1) "She planned them to sue for easy money. We can't let her get away with her manipulation." NO!

    2) "She will kill herself." NO!

    Would you date someone you were expected to lie to for the rest of your life. How many of my brothers and sisters who have fornicated… Or have done much worse… Cheated on their spouses… Stolen… And have had relationships after because nobody was expected to lie to them.



    I DO NOT care if I ever meet you.

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    End the monopoly! Allow FEDEX and UPS to price competitively!!

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    Shocking. This guy is a complete nutter. Dictator. Taking away our freedoms

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