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Trump returns to White House following three-day hospital stay

President Trump was discharged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., on Oct. 5, after spending three days in the hospital for coronavirus treatment. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    The American people deserve a press and media that do not incite riots and are not fear mongers .

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    I've always recoiled when seeing garbage like this put out by North Korea, China, Russia and others. It's sad to see it coming from the USA. I've never felt so creeped out by and mistrusting of the American government.

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    Selfridge B! He takes his masks off immediately and pollutes the air with his contagious virus, he’s a typically DIctator .

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    Death Cheaters Guild

    🎬 Sheer Reckless Political Theater 🎭! GOP's 🐘 completely orchestrated 🎥 Trump Show 📺 Photo-op 🚁 📸!!! Paid by your/our American 🇺🇸 Tax Dollar$ 💸!

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    He's gone man, man. Like rocket man, man.. 👩‍🚀

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    hey WP where did you get this video wikileaks?

  8. Avatar
    Raza The Rambler

    What a DoucheCanoe!

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    The fact you employ deranged nutjobs like Jennifer Rubin speaks volumes about the filth you endorse.

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    Death Cheaters Guild

    Sly as a fox 🦊, slippery as a snake 🐍! Has the GOP 🐘 & Covid 🦠🏛 House created another “Fake News” scenario to get DJT out of the Presidential Debates, to keep the focus on him and NOT the American 🇺🇸 People? 🤔

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    Death Cheaters Guild

    November 6, 2012 @realDonaldTrump: “The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.” – Donald J. Trump.

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    I don’t believe he really has it: he knows that he’s way behind in the polls, and this is nothing more than a dramatic attempt to change the subject from his taxes, his appalling behavior in the first debate, and to pathetically win sympathy votes and to look like a manly-man.  If I’m wrong, then he’s likely so juiced-up on steroids & uppers that his cardiac system will fail.

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    Glad the leader of the free world is doing great.

  14. Avatar

    What was he saluting?

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    Yes it is very evident that he is having a hard time breathing. For the name of power

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    This is the kind of man who will take everyone else down with him if he is sick with a deadly virus

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    Donald is a Weeen Nair

  18. Avatar

    What a sick display- literally!

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    Damien Hai Le Johnson

    Vote Nancy P. , Mitch C. , and the fat Orange , Lying, con-man Out of Office! They have done nothing good for the American CitiZens through this Pandemic! Am going to to keep on put this message out for the American ppl. till the Stimulus Pass!!

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    Suck it WaPo! That’s the Boss! 😂

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    Touching all those hand rails….. ugh….

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    Omg how much lower can he go??? Seriously!!!……at this point I’m loosing count of all the scandals……and this is where he is an expert…..draw attention elsewhere, deflect, etc. Think about it…..Joe Biden was having a town debate today and of all of the day Trump wanted to be discharged……was today…..funny

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    Trump Pence 2020! God bless Republicans!

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    Democrats! = liars! rioters! looters! hoaxers! thugs! bluffers! cheaters! criminals! America’s destroyers!

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    I'm an EX-Democrat!
    I'm NOT voting for Trump the person. I am voting for Conservative Policies, someone that respects the constitution, is result oriented and cares for the American people.
    After 2016 I got Tired of the DemocRAT Politicians Actions and lies.

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    You say what you want to me he still very sick and holding it in

  27. Avatar

    And if he is a carrier his stubbornness or make other people sick

  28. Avatar

    Thank you Mr Biden for caring for others

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    Walking pneumonia – the first real work this man has ever, ever done and he’s really and truly proud of himself like a child would be.

    At 74, he is JUST NOW experiencing what it feels like to get up and go to work when you’re sick or in pain. It’s hard. But, the depth of the learning opportunity will be lost on him as he helplessly succumbs to self-pride.

    He sees nothing in the world except that which he wants and if it ignores him, he becomes enraged and stomps his foot demanding to be acknowledged. But, to be free of this, we will HAVE to ignore him – absolutely everything he says or does. It’s called “no contact”. Ask anyone who has ever broken the pull of gravity established in an abusive relationship with a narcissistic – that’s when the real danger and abuse begins and that’s the phase we are in, metaphorically speaking. He will attempt postures of empathy but they are not real. He will say he has changed and has learned but DO NOT BE FOOLED. He is on the precipice of losing access to what is called “narcissistic supply”. It’s essential sustenance and refers to receiving attention in any form, good or bad, because it feeds the narcissist’s unquenchable need to be seen, known, heard, or loved. Don’t let him provoke you. Watch from above and VOTE.

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    Go pay my VA and Trump’s healthcare. What y’all got? Losers and suckers doctoring y’all’s King?

    Humpty Dumpty. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    A miracle indeed !!!
    As with the President of Brazil !!!
    A very stable genius, who knows where to grab women.
    A master managing debts and evading the tax authorities.
    Is it called Al tRump ???

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