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Trump pushes baseless conspiracy about Covid-19 doctors

President Donald Trump pushed a baseless conspiracy theory at one of his rallies in Michigan, claiming that “our doctors get more money if somebody dies from Covid.” CNN’s Jim Acosta reports.

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    This organization is ENEMY of the people. Its not just fake news. Their agenda is pure evil. Lets not forget that

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    Communist news network stick it beaach

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    The only thing baseless here is CNN

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    4 more years of schizophrenia for the |eft.

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    Wow! Not one mention of all the Biden evidence of selling out to China and other countries….great job CNN…

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    This isn't a theory this is fucking fact

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    but are there limits in saying falsehoods? tRump is a liar without limits

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    JOE's speech is very "Dark", fear mongering, and running on hysteria. Of course that's what CNN would say if he was a republican

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    CNN pushes fake news, lies and are a enemy of the people

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    Even fake news cant make Biden look good

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    More people will die in the US(and worldwide) this year from tobacco(and lots of other variables, but this is an easy example to make). These figures are not in the news because they wont get clicks, it's a story that's been played out. People are bad with statistics, but the media is a joke. There are so many ways to die on this planet, that resorting to lock downs/ government mandates for such a comparability small risk shows just how bad people are at math in this country. Ironically staying inside, social distancing, etc.. all weaken your immune system, so seems like an extremely counter intuitive solution when health plays such a fundamental role in recovery. Too bad this had to happen near an election. R.I.P CNN https://www.hhs.gov/surgeongeneral/reports-and-publications/tobacco/consequences-smoking-factsheet/index.html

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    If you read the cdc's own info off their own website he's not saying anything that's on true the only ones that are spreading fear are these crap news sites the numbers are overblown and this is getting ridiculous

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    Meanwhile CNN pushes ignorance, hatred, insanity, and more lies than any news outlet in history…except for all of the others who are all being run by the same communists.

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    The like to dislike ratio is very telling.

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    Here is the conspiracy theory, Trump tries to spread as many viruses as possible then he can start charging the people once he cancel of Obamacare..

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    “The president is making it all up”
    What? You guys literally tried to have the 9/11 memorial shut down and are planning to quarantine entire states!

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    I am a doctor, and this is insulting!!!!! We lost people, we put everything on the line every day! We have doctors who are not going home, because they don’t want to put their families at risk, others choose to take more hours, because we are short staffed. I had a transplant last December and still go to work, how dare he???? He is a disgrace…..

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    Oh, this is CNN. CLICk

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    BIASED NEWS: CNN assistant vice-president Virginia Moseley married to Tom Nides he was the chief of staff during the Clinton Administration. He played a key role in the passage of NAFTA North American free trade agreement when we lost all our jobs overseas. True story look it up. Mass media is merely an extension of the Democratic Party!

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