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Trump promises seniors ‘will be 1st in line for the vaccine’ | WNT

President Donald Trump spoke to elderly voters in Florida as he struggles to win their support this year, meanwhile Democratic candidate Joe Biden told voters Trump “lies” about COVID-19.




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    Trump is willing to sacrifice seniors on a rushed vaccine…

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    Trump's losing the senior vote. Now he's trying to buy us. Good luck with that.

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    Just better keep yourself well enough and alive until the vaccine is available. Won't be much use to seniors if they are dead.

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    …giving the most vulnerable a vaccine for a virus of which much is still unknown…..

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    Of course, test it out on the old.

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    Once all the Republican senators and their families get the vaccine I'll consider it.

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    Resurfaced Video of Joe Biden https://youtu.be/_f2Z30j61aw

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    Riding The Dragon: The Bidens'Chinese Secrets. https://youtu.be/JRmlcEBAiIs

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    crooked Hunter and demented Joe make China great again.

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    BS BS BS! Liar Liar pants on fire. You believe this you're a moron. If you are a front line worker ( especially doctors and nurses everyone else that is working up close and personal with the virus) that's a signal you better vote for Joe. To all the old folks out there ( I am one myself) if he cared about us, he would have handled this better and earlier. Free? No way in hell. He's lying to get our vote. Remember. He is a pathological liar.

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    This lying piece of s*** does not care about anyone but himself. He only 'cares' about seniors and those who have lost loved ones inasmuch as he can manipulate some transactional gain from 'caring'. He just wants you to go out, risk your life, to vote for him so he can escape justice for his tax fraud and find ways to exploit the presidency to make the half billion dollars he owes to lenders.
    "The depths of his dishonesty is just astounding to me. The dishonesty, the transactional nature of every relationship, though it's more pathetic than anything else. He is the most flawed person I have ever met in my life." General John Kelly on Donald Trump

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    This is not up to him. It's up to medical professionals. And of course the vaccine goes out first to frontline medical professionals and elderly people. It has nothing to do with Trump!

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    This guy occupying space in the White House making promises to one one day, and the same promise to others the very next day!

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    I’m so ashamed that a person here in Quebec was responsible for propagating the quanon conspiracies theory. And I’m also happy for the decision taken by our government to cut this guy’s accès to the media, alongside Facebook,Twitter, and other platforms. So what does this guy do…he refers you to the origin of this quanon conspiracy…which is Russia! Don’t trust putin! Don’t trust his bf..trump!

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    Trump wants to kill off the sick and elderly aka the useless eaters.

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    This man is in denial. YOUR A SENIOR CITIZEN as well.

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    ABC -YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!! Bias, lies, slant, propaganda. People Magazine has more journalistic integrity than ABC!!!!!

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    Biljana Buljubašić

    ….so teriblle….you are wrong vaccine are not safe ..we need good imunitet not vaccine!!!!!!!

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    Trump: "218000 Americans Dead, 8M Infected, It is what It is. Great Progress Made. Time to nuke the stimulus in exchange for votes, while underplaying the virus. I'm the Corona super spreader!!"

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    Trump and his Desperate PROMISES

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    ABC:fake news or almost fake news

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    OH HUSH PAGEN #America
    Our God CHOSE JACOB,
    not Esau's PROUD #American.
    Our God's coming with a vengeance on the world soon, for Esau's pagen Babylon, that destroyed His beloved Jacob's Israel all across the earth. His EARTH ITZ man of sin has also destroyed. BOTH political parties are CORRUPT.
    #ZionSquad #JudahStrong
    #Native #Natives #africanamerican
    #blm #Latinos #Latino #DACCA #dreamers #Hispanic #Hispanics #Israelite #Israel #jamaica
    #portarico #Africa #Mexico #cuba
    #Muslims #Muslim #Asians #Asian #WhitesCreatedTrue #arkansas #Israelites

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    God bless AMERICA 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

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    Bullshit they not!!!!

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    I'm a senior and Trump has lost all creditability about anything he says about the virus and when a safe vaccine will be available. He hid the truth about how contagious and deadly it is and can't even protect himself, his family or his staff from getting it.

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    Heads up my fellow Americans ; mobster Putin's bot's

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    Do you know why slaughterhouses walk the animals thru a maze before they get it? So they cant see the gun till they get to the last corner. It keeps them from panicking. Moo Trump supporters. Moo. Your boss is walking you through the maze

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    So Trump gonna knock off the seniors first by injecting them with a rushed vaccine, no thanks Vote Trump out.

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    There is a Catastrophic Crisis in the United States and World.     The World is being Controlled by Evil Super-Geniuses who created and use an Amazing, Powerful, Artificially-Intelligent Supercomputer that commandeers Man-Made Satellites.     Using their Supercomputer and Satellites these Evil Super-Geniuses:  Created this COVID-19 Pandemic; Mind-Control Everyone and Create Man-Made Tragedies, Wars, Terrorist Attacks, etc.; Create the Weather including Precipitation, Storms, Hurricanes, Floods, Blizzards, Tornadoes, Droughts, Lightning Strikes, etc.; Create Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanic Eruptions, etc.; Create Forest Fires, Wild Fires, Avalanches, Landslides, Other Natural Disasters, etc.; Cause Heart Attacks, Strokes, Cancer, Disease, Epidemics,
    Agricultural Problems, Pest Problems, Animal Attacks; Genetically Engineer People, Animals and Plants, etc.; Etc., etc., etc.     You probably won’t believe this, but at least you now have been Informed.

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    I say he and his crony family members should be the first ones to take it.

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    Only if he gets the vaccine first and we see how that works. Seems seniors are the control group. Or….how to reduce social security recipients for the retired.

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    And a few months ago you tried to sell us the idea that we should be okay with sacrificing our grandparents if it meant opening Applebees back up.

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    "Me divierte cuando la gente llaman estúpido a Trump".
    Se refieren al multimillonario que pateó a todos los demócratas, enterró a 16 políticos republicanos de carrera y continúa burlándose de organizaciones de prensa que alguna vez tuvieron fama.
    ¿Se refieren al tipo que ganó la presidencia?
    ¿Se refieren al hombre con una mujer super modelo?
    ¿Se refieren al tipo cuya sola palabra retrasa considerablemente los cruces fronterizos ilegales?
    ¿Se refieren al tipo cuya mera presencia rompió el mercado de valores por sus registros anteriores?
    ¿Se refieren al tipo que creó 1 millón de empleos en sus primeros 7 meses en la oficina?
    ¿Están seguros de saber a quien se están resistiendo?
    ¿Están seguros de apoyar un partido que permita la aniquilación de todos los principios fundamentales del cristianismo?
    ¿Están seguros de apoyar a un partido que votó al 100% en contra de la abolición de la esclavitud?
    ¿Están seguros de que toman en serio a un político como Maxine Waters?
    ¿Están seguros de que no ven nada malo con alguien (obamalek) que tiene una carrera de 40 años como servidor público que vive en una mansión de $ 4.5 millones y que representa a un vecindario donde ni siquiera vive?
    ¿Están seguros de que no ven nada malo o particular sobre Hillary Clinton, una mujer involucrada en política durante los últimos 30 años con un patrimonio neto de $ 240 millones?
    ¿Están seguros de que no están basando su opinión en el odio de una plataforma de medios mal pagada?
    ¿Podría incluso decirme 5 cosas que el Partido Demócrata haya hecho para mejorar su prosperidad diaria como ciudadano estadounidense trabajador?
    Probablemente no..,
    ¿Te das cuenta de la debacle en la que envías a tus hijos cuando se convierten en adultos mientras continúas apoyando a un partido político que no hizo nada por los pobres, excepto que los mantuvo pobres, les dio abortos gratis y algunos cientos al mes para mantener la comida en su refrigerador?
    La prosperidad y seguridad de sus ciudadanos es parte de las tareas de su gobierno.
    Lo obtienes con un programa.
    ¡Todos te han engañado horriblemente!
    Intensifique y defienda el bien de sus hijos.
    Te prometen un país lleno de inmigrantes ilegales, abortos, empleos de $ 15 por hora y personas no sexistas que no harán que su país y su vida sean más prósperas.
    Rosie, Madonna, Katy Perry y Robert Deniro no son como tú. No tienen que vivir la disparidad diaria de un estadounidense promedio.
    Los hombres no odian a las mujeres, los blancos no odian a los negros, y Donald Trump no es racista.
    Para con ese lavado de cerebro que te hace un partido que te ha fallado continuamente.
    Piensa en tu prosperidad, tu seguridad, tus hijos y un estado mental de America First.
    Deshazte de esos políticos retorcidos que han frenado tu crecimiento.
    Deshágase de esos políticos retorcidos que retrasaron el crecimiento de sus hijos.
    Endurécete, toma una posición y actúa como un orgulloso estadounidense.
    Vea el espíritu de Trump por los estadounidenses amantes de la libertad e imagine dónde podríamos estar como país si todos tuviéramos las mismas prioridades "
    *Dios bendiga a Trump …*👍🏻🇺🇸

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    So who here is for Trump's new healthcare plan: HERD IMMUNITY! Go Trump!! 👍

  35. Avatar

    Not my dam Momma. Pls get this man out of there before we all be dead.

  36. Avatar

    The virus is on the rise bc it was created to keep us from the polls.

  37. Avatar

    F Biden vote go Mr Trump
    All you do is lie on bush your predudas too biden

  38. Avatar

    If any are left..panic is
    More important than a
    Iife..something wrong here.

  39. Avatar

    Trump said let the old people die they’ve lived their lives. Now he wants them to be the first for the vaccine. Lying Pathetic Narcissist. He probably wants to kill them. 🤔

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    Lets make a "Donald Trump condemns" list, Ill go first .. white supremacists

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