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Trump plans return to public campaigning this weekend

U.S. President Donald Trump, claiming in a Twitter video to be ‘cured’ of COVID-19, says he will hold rallies this weekend in Florida and Pennsylvania. His White House doctor has declared him clear to do so. 

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  1. Avatar

    He is sociopath.

  2. Avatar

    Nobody Listens.

  3. Avatar

    God Bless President Trump!

  4. Avatar

    Let's hope he infects all his supporters – The Proud Boys.

  5. Avatar

    God bless lies and slander.

  6. Avatar

    Canada loves you Mr. President!

    Four more years! Trump 2020! 🇨🇦❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸

  7. Avatar

    Is CBC going to trust the doctors or go down crazy conspiracies about Trump going to spread the virus?

  8. Avatar

    Apologies to the whole world, we unfortunately have Trumpers and covidiots in Canada hidden among us .

  9. Avatar

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the fools will show up where he goes, if they contact the virus they to will think it’s a blessing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Avatar

    Back to spreading Covid-19 to all the morons dumb enough to be around him. So embarrassing to say I'm an American right now. We Americans will vote this clown out of office next month.

  11. Avatar

    Trump doesn't want a true debate he only wants to scream at his base.

    Voter suppression is halting democracy in the United States. Voter suppression is now commonplace, and is used to disenfranchise United States citizens, and prevent Americans from voting. Roadblocks to democracy include voter ID laws, cuts to early voting, mass purges of voter rolls and "redlining" districts that determine the weight of votes so that each vote is not equal. America has become the number one destroyer of democracies around the world, including within the US. Communities outright targeted include people of color, students, the elderly, people with disabilities and others.

    PURGING VOTER ROLLS: Hundreds of thousands of US citizens are systematically removed from the rolls of voters using artificial criteria such as manipulated computer discrepancies, targeted identification "errors", wrongful convictions, social security administration glitches, and purposely corrupted databases to prevent Americans from voting.

    EARLY/ABSENTEE VOTER SUPRESSION: Political party operatives routinely request data on various voting practices broken down by race, so they can pass laws to restrict voting and registration that disproportionately affect those races. Entire areas of the United Stated have been "redline" targeted to send absentee/early voter registration paperwork without return stamps so that the votes will not be received and not get counted.

    VOTING PROCEDURE DISINFORMATION: Political party agents purposely provide Americans with false information about when and how to vote, leading them to fail to cast valid ballots. Political party saboteurs send American voters from opposing political parties mailers with incorrect deadlines for returning absentee ballots, so that US citizens will send in their ballots too late for them to be counted. Deliberate misinformation targeting specific voter demographics, included false information about casting ballots, is sent online, by email, and by text messages routinely to prevent Americans from voting.

    FEAR AND INTIMIDATION: Circulation of doctored photographs claiming Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents are arresting US citizen voters at polling places, threatening language meant to intimidate minority voters, polling place hoaxes, disinformation on remote voting options, suspicious texts, voting machine malfunction rumors, misleading photos and videos, and false voter fraud allegations are sent by political party agents to stop US citizens from voting.

    CAGING LISTS: Caging lists are used by political party operatives to eliminate American voters registered with other political parties. Political party agents send registered mail to addresses of registered voters, and if the US citizen makes the rational decision to not sign for unknown mail from an unknown sender, the mail is returned as undeliverable. The voter suppressor then uses that as a pretense to contest the American's right to vote.

    IDENTIFICATION SUPPRESSION: Strict photo ID requirements are used to prevent US citizens from voting. Driver's licenses that just expired are refused, very slight discrepencies or typo's of name/address that don't exactly match the voter registration record are used to orient Americans from voting. Purposely limiting valid identification to only a few types of ID is used to prevent United States citizens from voting. For example not allowing state employee photo IDs and university photo IDs and other valid forms of ID to prevent Americans from voting.

    VOTER SUPPRESSION LAWS: Laws passed by political party loyalists force voters to spend money to vote by making them travel to government offices to update information before they sre allowed to vote. Political party operatives controlling local governments pass restrictive voter ID laws affecting identification cards for college students and others to prevent them from voting. Political party agents pass pass local measures making it harder for targeted Americans to cast a ballots.

    The goal of these voter suppression tactics is to manipulate political outcomes, and the result is a severely compromised democracy that doesn’t reflect the will of the people. Democracy only works when all citizens can participate and have their voices heard, which is not the case in the United States today.

  12. Avatar

    Trump kindness is not a sign of weakness.. but your tactics makes you look weak

  13. Avatar

    Is he trying to make Herd Immunity happen all by himself?

  14. Avatar


    Hi Boys 😍💋❤️


  15. Avatar
    Phyllis Michailidis

    👎👎👎because it is CBC THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

  16. Avatar

    I hope that Trump shakes the hands of and hugs each and every one of his rally audience members.

  17. Avatar

    I hope that all of Trump's Proud Boys supporters get front row seats at Trump's hate rallies.

  18. Avatar

    No one here in Canada cares; Yank Lives Don't Matter.

  19. Avatar

    Just typical liberal leftist media, said he was never meant to win in 2016. Well guess what prepare yourself for another 4 years!

  20. Avatar

    He paid less taxes than anybody else!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Avatar

    Don't know. Maybe. Perhaps. I'm not sure… Stop rambling, if you have nothing to say anyway …

  22. Avatar

    Return? When did he stop?

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