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Trump on WTO: ‘We will leave if we have to’

President Trump on Aug. 13 said the World Trade Organization has been “screwing” the United States for years. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Mr tRump is a moron. Why anyone listens to a word that comes out of his lying mouth is beyond comprehension.

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    Who told President Dunderhead about the WTO?

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    So, Trump is imposeing Sanctions on The United States! (1) Trade wars, cause loss of trade, (2) Travel Warnings to the United States! Ambassadors from Allied Countries refuseing to stay! Self Imposed Sanctions!
    Trumps agenda is Exactly the Way Russias' Putin wants it! Trump pulls out of Every World Treaty, WTO, next it will be NATO and The United Nations!
    Trump is The Enemy from Within! The Trojan Horse of Russia!
    Trump has got to GO!
    Impeachment or Preferably in Handcuffs!

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    …but if you're now winning at the WTO so much, wouldn't that mean it is actually in your interest to keep it around — i.e. because you keep winning?

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    Here we go….. dumbasses clapping for no reason

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    What idiots to believe one syllable that comes out of trumps mouth. Democrats and Republicans better impeach this bastard before the US of A falls off the face of the earth. He obviously thinks that he strikes fear in the world. Well donnie many many nations are quickly surpassing us & your ridiculous posturing will make it all the easier. Why do you think all these other countries are ignoring him? Do you really want to see China or Russia as the super power? Grow up and behave like a president.

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    Impeach Terrorist Trump Now. Vote Bernie Sanders for President.

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    no wonder why putin has been seen smiling a lot with this clown in charge

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    So the WTO was screwing you over, huh ? Just like Nafta and any foreign trade deal, right ? Here's an idea : Withdraw from all of 'em and see how it works out for you…

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    leave WTO? LOL always breaking internal rule but always screaming other people are not following the rule. Leave Paris Accord, Iran Nuclear Deal, tariff Canada, tariff EU, tariff Mexico, tariff China….. everyone's fault except his ego. next up USA is going to lift itself out of Earth and become its own planet. LOL

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    Ivanka trademarks are from where 😂.

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    Corporations left the US to get away from high wadges, retirements pensions, health care, and environmental regulation, so they could pollute without fines,expensive cleanup. and then import their goods back into the US. Go to a red state and see how many drive American made ( Which means American assembled) cars, shop at Walmart.

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    "Every case we lost … lost … lost. They thought we were stupid. And then I came along …"

    It amazes me how Trump still reports that the house is on fire, but not to worry because I already put out the fire so you really should congratulate me for my fine fire fighting abilities. That would be great if he didn't start the fire in the first place.

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    "BREAKING NEWS" The Whitehouse is on fire! Trump was seen running around with a gas can and matches. All the GOP and Trump Cult can say is, "Who called the fire department?"

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    This imbecile is becoming more unhinged by the day… what a FOOL. The End is going to be sweet indeed.

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    OK. Trump is right that the rest of the world has been taking advantage of US through WTO. Actually, they were taking advantage of middle or lower income blue color workers in the US. So, what? Why the US blue color workers are entitled to higher wages than third world country workers for the same skill sets? The US blue color worker living standard going down has brought about rising living standards for a lot of same skill workers overseas. WTO has brought about wealth equaling effect across the globe. Some loss for the US, some gain for other countries. Rich guys lose some, poor guys win some. Isn't that what WTO is about?

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    President Trump is the only President in the 21st century to put American interests first. Thank God.

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    Jesus christ I'm so tired of listening to this guy. It's like scrambled eggs in audio form.

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