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Trump on Greenland, Sarah Sanders joins Fox News, and more | Week In Review

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    We are being censored for these people Life is getting embarrassing. Censorship is not cool! The United States of America will not allow self-evidence to live in its politics. In America, your cup does not run over why even pretend to vote? Free will only lives in the imagination today. People of America, you have been backstabbed by the powers you put in charge. When you wake up you can only know a lesser percentage of what is real with life in common sense to law, the rest is owned in its politics. Reality still does matter.

    PS. Living out of a backpack hiking the Appalachian Trail I became aware of my needs and my wants. If it was just me God and nature I would've quit smoking because of all the common sense hiking the trail was showing me. I knew when I get off the trail that I was going back to living in my car with the police and the law. Man-made laws are not being made today to have common sense with nature, reality should not be based on colorblindness and logic should not be made a fool of…. This is sad!

  2. Avatar

    Trump: the economy is doing great and it’s all Obama’s fault.

  3. Avatar

    Sarah Sanders on Fox News? Nooooo!

  4. Avatar

    Yes the first two on the moon will be the orang nazi and his tramp of a wife, she will do a strip tease for us

  5. Avatar

    Doesn’t this want to put your fingers in your mouth and gag, the morons

  6. Avatar

    Love me some Trump talk lol 😂 Trump 2024 and beyond please. Funniest man alive best Troll for the a holes 🕳

  7. Avatar

    "Absurd" was the most PC thing she could think of. Other options included "dude are you tripping", "are you off your meds" and "get real"!

  8. Avatar

    Nope…! Dude,,, she was DEFINITELY talking to you..! NOT America..
    everything you do and say is ABSURD.

  9. Avatar

    Sarah will be a great addition to Fox! That last two were losers.

  10. Avatar

    Trump should be the next one on the moon..!

  11. Avatar

    NY is a chit hole. Has con man Al paid those millions in taxes he owes? I'm sick of profit mongers downing our police.

  12. Avatar

    I love how Trump demands respect but doesn't give any.
    Apparently he doesn't get that…

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