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Trump officials finally admit tariffs impact consumers

After denying for months that President Trump’s tariffs would negatively impact consumers, multiple Trump officials now admit tariffs could hurt holiday shoppers. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    If Trump says it's gorgeous sunny out on a cloudy day. Trump supporters would believe him they are mindless slaves. Trump is nothing more than a corrupt lying conman.

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    Trump is not at all interested in the needs of the American people, like all billionaires they are ONLY interested ever in benefiting themselves. And Trump family uses the Russian Government tactic of creating disinformation and chaos to do this.

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    “No, the ship isn’t sinking, we just bounced right off that iceberg, and it’s only a very tiny leak down there at Steerage.”

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    They must think the American people are uneducated fools who can't ask Google "what is a tariff"?!!

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    FAKE NEWS. The DOW was way up today!

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