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Trump medical team 'cautiously optimistic' after Covid hospital admission

The White House doctor Sean Conley said Donald Trump was ‘doing great’ after the president was admitted to the Walter Reed military medical centre on Friday. Trump has received antibody therapy and is on a five-day treatment of remdesivir, and was reported to be ‘in exceptionally good spirits’
Trump’s doctor ‘cautiously optimistic’ about president’s health after hospitalisation for Covid – live

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  1. Avatar

    First time I heard a positive as a negative.
    A positive Covid19 test is NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR.

  2. Avatar
    Art by Jeremy Maya Robinson

    Give this healthcare to someone who actually deserves it. Thoughts and prayers ONLY for the president.

  3. Avatar

    Yeah, they are lieing. Its an obese senior citizen, being helped by a machine to breathe.

  4. Avatar

    What happen to the miracle drug? And dissenfenct?

  5. Avatar

    President Pornstar doesn't have covid. It's a ruse so he can continue to tell people it's no big deal, "it hardly affects anyone" open your businesses and send your kids back to school.

  6. Avatar

    who is paying his bill….😁😁😁😁

  7. Avatar

    Wouldn’t go anywhere near hospital myself

  8. Avatar
    Generic White Man

    He will be just fine, and after recovery trump will say-see, covid is nothing serious.

  9. Avatar

    What a joke

  10. Avatar

    Do all 70 year old Americans with covid receive the same treatment for Covid as president Trump? Or the right to health care depends on how much money you have?

  11. Avatar

    Why do you lie for him ❓

  12. Avatar

    Either he'll get better or he won't.

  13. Avatar

    Poor guy trying to SWING VOTES. Looking out for some SYMPATHY. But people are intelligent enough to understand the THEATRICS. So it's gonna be JOE BIDEN 👍

  14. Avatar

    Lie to avoid Civil War.

  15. Avatar

    Who was in charge of cleaning President Trump's microphone at the debate?

  16. Avatar



    0:59 Woow woow 😍💋💞💖❤️

  17. Avatar

    How many doctors

  18. Avatar

    The last doctor body language says something different

  19. Avatar
    Keep Calm And Travel On

    Just bring him a KFC bucket to encourage him to eat.

  20. Avatar

    If Trump dies US will have a Civil War

  21. Avatar

    Yeah all what they are saying is scripted ..He dont even have the virus .

  22. Avatar

    Shame the people trump has responsibility for are dying because of him, but he gets the state of art care, disgusting, dispicable abuse of power. Hope everyone who he infected or caused harm to through his misinformation sues.

  23. Avatar

    Obviously the Aderol is kicking in
    I suppose If he needs a Ventilator he will stride out dressed like Lord Vader. Lol " America you dont know the Power of the Dark side of the Force"

  24. Avatar

    All Korean wish Trump die, not to increase military cost.

  25. Avatar

    When an ordinary American person gets COVID 19, he will be told to stay at home until he can't breathe. When Trump gets COVID 19, he goes to hospital even with mild symptoms and has a medical team to provide service for him. No wonder he doesn't want to wear mask. He just doesn't care about American people!

  26. Avatar

    Why they all lined up outside like that. They ain't got work to do???

  27. Avatar

    He has 30 medical staff looking after him, ICU units are normally at a staff: patient ratio of 1:1. Meanwhile in the UK, the rules have been changed and now ICUs can run with a staff: patient ratio of one to SIX (better poorer care levels than lack of ICU beds). Trump will be receiving the best quality of care possible, let's see how he fares with age and obesity factors at play.

  28. Avatar
    Happiness Forever

    “Slightly overweight “ ? More like morbidly obese .

  29. Avatar

    3 shoots of Clorox a day..he will be ok.

  30. Avatar

    No matter what these doctors say; there is only one gold standard indicator for the physical(!) health of the president. The number of controversial and dividing tweets per hour…. don’t be fooled people!

  31. Avatar

    Orange Man Bad. Orange Man Deserve It.

  32. Avatar

    … are they actors ?

  33. Avatar

    Why did it take so many people to give message. Are there no other patients to tend to?

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    I invite you to visit and subscribe to my Channel to be the First to see my new VideoClip "TRUMP VICTORY" that will be on the next 3 November 2020 at 10:30am Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  35. Avatar

    If he doesn't tweet from his bed then the reports he is well are obviously false
    Is he faking it because he can't handle the criticism coming from all quarters after his abominable interruption debate performance?

  36. Avatar
    jorge gonzalez-larramendi

    he was sort of agitated during the debate. speaking hard and loud at / towardsV P Biden. wonder if such off dangerous behaviours are another simptom of CoViD19. the usa is now easy pickings. pray please.

  37. Avatar

    Trump will recover to win a second term.

    Indictments will handed out by the hundreds on inauguration day, Jan 20, 2021.

    Gitmo is empty and waiting for all corrupt government officials.


  38. Avatar

    The left claim to be about peace and love and opposing hate. The comments I've read from many leftists in regard to Trump are full of hate.

  39. Avatar

    As usual the White House Trumptard scumbags are lying about everything

  40. Avatar

    Nice health care – must be insured lol

  41. Avatar

    Trump could cure cancer and solve world hunger and the left would still hate him

  42. Avatar

    Nobody with a Brain Trust what is being officially told to American People.
    Donnie is a Criminal Con who Deflects at every turn…….

  43. Avatar
    Antonio Gonzalez

    Trump on ventilator.

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