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Trump may not 'care about' other people's safety: Buttigieg

Former Southbend Mayor Pete Buttigieg discusses takeaways from the vice presidential debate.

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  1. Avatar

    Given all this hypocritical secrecy and the fact that it is suggested that trump is now corona free, we can be sure that he was positive days earlier than we are led to believe, so he was the super spreader in the Rose Garden. His doctors are lying to us. And he is blaming the Gold Star families that he might have infected as well. More 'losers'?

  2. Avatar

    THE USA has 20% of the global deaths from Covid-19. Yet we are only 4% of the world population. DUMP TRUMP!!!!!!

  3. Avatar

    The interviewer got served pretty hard lol. Someone in his earpiece was shouting "ABORT MISSION, ABORT MISSION" the whole time

  4. Avatar

    Biden opted out of military service with the same number of exemptions as Trump had. He even claimed medical issues in his last exemption like Trump had. Nobody in the media talks about it.

  5. Avatar

    PENCE 2024

  6. Avatar
    GOP Playbook Deflect Insult Censor

    Trump Took Aborted Fetuses To Beat Covid

  7. Avatar
    Marcelino Pobletin

    That is why he is not presidentiable!!!

  8. Avatar

    What a little liar

  9. Avatar

    Marriage is between a one man and one woman!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Avatar

    Life begins at conception!!!!!!!

  11. Avatar

    Jesus is Lord!!!!

  12. Avatar

    Americans vote for Donald Trump 2020!!!!

  13. Avatar

    Always great to hear Pete speak!

  14. Avatar

    Pete is brilliant… kudos to FOX for even having him on, they knew it was a no-win situation and indeed he tore them up.

  15. Avatar

    Fox has gone to the dogs. Steve sat there and let him tell debunked lies. Even Bolton said the President did not say that. Fox is going the way of CNN. Ashamed of you Steve.

  16. Avatar

    They didn’t care about all those businesses that burned in New York and Portland.

  17. Avatar

    Why is Buttgig being given air time? He is irrelevant and useless. Another democratic loser who as mayor, has ruined South Bend Ind.

  18. Avatar
    BTS Animal Albums

    Trump is a careless chump

  19. Avatar

    BS. The only weakness in this campaign is on the Democrats. Republicans where men are men and the Democrats are Running Scared. in agreement with President Trump about political debates should not be controlled by Outsiders. Trumps Right/ one-on-one no outside interference real politics

  20. Avatar

    Pre-existing conditions were covered before Obama care and they will be covered after Obama care is over turned. Fact.

    A man, Donald Trump, who contributes all of his paycheck to various charities, is not a man out for just himself but actually is a man who cares about others proving he is working for the American people. Show me just one Democrat who is donating their full government paycheck to charities. Just one.

    It has long been known that Democrat Politicians have worked on behalf of the crooks in our nation. Just look back in the twenties, shoot, look at anytime in the History of our Nation. From the very beginning the argument has been, Government retains all power v. the people are in power. The Argument failed in the writing of the Constitution. Look it up, people, study your history and stop listening to the propaganda being spewed by the leftist organizations, which includes but not limited to, the MSM and the Democrat political party.

  21. Avatar

    Watching top Republicans distance themselves from the Contaminator in chief to save their positions is hilarious.

  22. Avatar

    He's not afraid to Debate ;0). He doesn't want Biden reading off flash cards behind the cameras….lol. FOX IS THE NEW CNN ;0)))))). And KAMA IS HORRIBLE AS YOU CAN SEE BY HER DEBATE. SHE TALKED ABOUT TRANSPARENCY AND SHE WILL NOT ANSWER ABOUT HER PACKING THE COURT…..LOLOL. THE DEMS ARE GROSS TO SAY THE LEAST….

  23. Avatar
    Gopro Hero Antics

    No we the American people do not want to wait for the Supreme Court nomination. Lies and propaganda!!!!

  24. Avatar

    Trump is a all doped up that why he feels great! He is spreading the virus all over the White House. He is a selfish man and I don't understand why millions of his supporters don't see through the con man's façade. The only thing that I admire about Trump is his stamina. He is a very energetic man for his age. But I guess you have a lot of energy when you don't have to answer to anyone.

  25. Avatar

    Trump is secretly supporting the virus, because he is a virus himself!

  26. Avatar

    Pete't the man. Truth hurts trumptards.

  27. Avatar

    Pete don't try to make fool of yourself by saying what you said about virtual debate. Joe Biden is a cheat outright at each location, at each occasion, at each opportunity He lies left and right. Obama too has said that lie behavior of Joe Biden. No one can trust his adherence to truth in virtual debate. Some one will fix the teleprompter for him to answer. If he can't or don't want to face corvid recovered Trump, let the Commission have a full transparent cell for them at the venue, so that each can see other and talk from the cell with a microphone. Why the Commission is so timid and sold out to the media – even before telling the participants!! Are they agent of large media or Joe Biden!!

  28. Avatar

    First of all Buttaboy is just mad because he and his other can't take turns being first lady! And he's a Democrate which means he's a lier and will say anything to push the leftest Agenda.

  29. Avatar

    Draft dodging CORRUPT inept prez..!!!
    VOTE HIM OUT NOW !!! 🇺🇸💙🇺🇸

  30. Avatar

    And the beat goes on. Buttigieg doesn't count, does he ? Why would anyone's gossip matter anyway, especially since he's a democrat, and we already know what they are. They don't have issues, they have vandettas, and what purpose does that serve ?

  31. Avatar

    What a twit. One can hold a rally and have attendees wear masks….. Sad sad sad man….looks like he is losing his marbles. Trump does not care who gets sick.

  32. Avatar

    Thank god…an adult discussion. So nice to see people from both sides agreeing to disagree and just having a decent adult convetsation. We learn from each other. The Divided States of Americs needs more interviews like this. Stay safe. Sending love from Europe.

  33. Avatar
    Christopher Williams

    I'd love to see Andrew Neil or Jeremy Paxman or John Humphreys interview Trump.

    He wouldn't last a minute!

  34. Avatar

    Why even have this liar on? Just spewing lies with no evidence to back it up. This guy helped Kamala with the debate? Well they loss big time. Try better next time.

  35. Avatar

    How has Fox become fake news? Terrible! Another disgraceful news network! Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are the only real news!

  36. Avatar

    America Biden / Kamala Harris future as president and vice president.
    Trump in Prison …

  37. Avatar

    As far as the court: It was Mitch's idea when Obama was in office. So what's the problem with doing the same thing now? Trump has far less time on the end this term than Obama did when Mitch made up that rule.
    And why do people believe Trump didn't say things he says when it's right there in black and white in a tweet or in full color in an interview or speech? All you have to do is go look. Type in the words he claims he didn't say and his name and watch all the results pop up. That easy.

  38. Avatar

    I knew Fox news isn't that stupid. Now we can all start having fact based conversations

  39. Avatar

    Flies usually stays longer in trash

  40. Avatar

    Sending Nazis to state house to threaten governor

  41. Avatar

    Go off Pete. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  42. Avatar

    Hey fascist base: michigan governor gretchen whitmer: comments closed on order of Rupert Murdoch

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