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Trump leaves hospital for surprise visit | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump left hospital to wave to crowd from SUV outside Walter Reed
RELATED: President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump test positive for COVID-19

President Donald Trump left the hospital minutes after tweeting that he was going to surprise supporters outside Walter Reed.

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  1. Avatar

    Thanks Prez, you’re up against the Deepstate, good luck.

  2. Avatar

    Let's all meet back in here in a week, ok? Let's see how these comments survive? Thanks!

  3. Avatar

    Very best wishes for a speedy recovery, Mr. President, so that you can fully enjoy your landslide LOSS on November 3rd!!! Biden 2020.

  4. Avatar

    What a filthy animal, putting those secret service agents in the car in danger for political points. Its not enough that every day they come to work, they don't know what dangers they face, but this idiot puts them in danger on purpose by making them get in a suv with him. Now those agents have to quarantine for 14 days away from their loved ones at best or fight the virus themselves at worst.

  5. Avatar

    It actually made me happy to see he was feeling well enough do that. Good to see this won't hold him down or keep him from working! Can't wait to re-elect this guy!

  6. Avatar
    Deborah Stephens

    Fake news!!!!

  7. Avatar

    doctor sounded like Biden with his "the fact of the matter" talk.

  8. Avatar

    Race card dose Not
    Work on PATRIOTS

  9. Avatar

    He has covid but gets to go infect others, smh.

  10. Avatar


  11. Avatar

    Joy ride proofs Trump never had the virus…. what about these other people that suppose to have it… not a word about them……. ITS ALL A HOAX PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  12. Avatar

    It could be hugely spectacular if our messiah-like President leaves the hospital Monday morning at sunrise! It would be like a second, but even better, Easter Resurrection.
    We Evangelicals believe in you, Sir. Never mind the Good Shepherd, we want you, King Trump, and we’re prepared to say and do anything to promote ourselves while you reign gloriously.

  13. Avatar

    Omg, The loud noise deplorable supporters transported from nowhere are eager to see and cheering their
    $750 dollar man.😆😆😆

  14. Avatar

    Tears in you wine

  15. Avatar
    Tommy Testosterone

    In the words of Donald Trump: "I think any president who gets Covid is such a loser."

  16. Avatar
    Dominador Sandejas

    Love those experimental cocktails the secret service got em or was it they got the vaccine in advance? DOUBLE WOW!
    i guess Trump wont risk his secret service to ride inside SUV without them getting the vaccine…

  17. Avatar
    Reclusiarch Grimaldus

    This comment section is hilarious. Guess the lefties are going full on conspiracy theorist now lol. Only difference is none of yours will turn out to be true.

  18. Avatar

    2 channels reporting about this here in the US. It's all over Australia's and the UK news.

  19. Avatar

    shouldn’t he be in quarantine???? you spreading the virus fool😂🤣😂🤣😂

  20. Avatar

    Awesome. Looks like he is doing well.

  21. Avatar

    He just "learned alot about covid" wtf has he been doing these past couple of months????

  22. Avatar

    If you listen closely you can hear the reporters actual feelings when they learned Trump could go back to White House.
    NOO! NO. PLEASE. NO. NO!!! NO!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!

  23. Avatar

    Hope Trump hugs and kiss all his supporters.

  24. Avatar

    FUX news has not even mentioned this!! I guess they know how bad this looks for chump.

  25. Avatar

    Surprise! You get some covid, you get some covid, you all get some covid!

  26. Avatar

    you cant blame a single person for division when you as an individual make the decision to be toxic in your opinions. i bet 90% of you break CDC guidelines every day without a second thought

  27. Avatar

    So he is spreading the disease and creating mass murder situations…good job Mr Trump your doing an absolutely amazing job as Russian pawn. Cant wait to salute the Russian flag.

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