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Trump leaked video of an interview he cut off. CBS aired it anyway.

President Trump released video of his CBS News interview with Lesley Stahl days before it was scheduled to air. Here’s how the network handled it. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    CBS is a disgrace

  2. Avatar

    the bias in the title alone

  3. Avatar

    If had be Joe she be so sweet to him easy question 60minute gone down 😒

  4. Avatar
    Human Beings R Eternal Beings

    Mind Begs the Question:
    If a Nation building Concentration Camps,
    Woman of that Nations Origin – stays Silent,
    If nominated for Americas V.President,
    Is as standing with Hitler,No?

  5. Avatar

    Be careful trump said go fck yourself

  6. Avatar

    VOTE donald TOXIC trump OUT AMERICA

  7. Avatar

    To ask Trump if he is ready for Tough questions is the most ridiculous question one could ask. Either you were sleeping for his entire 1 st term or just being ignorant.
    Press has never, I repeat never treated these 4 years of the President with respect.
    To a great extent further division is caused by the TV companies.

  8. Avatar

    Trump ain’t right they never ask Biden hard questions or about his family his son, his lies, or anything they always bash trump because of who he’s like come on, the lady on town hall with trump asked stupid questions and was disrespectful to him and trump just defended himself trump 2020

  9. Avatar

    Stop That Jackass " 60 Minutes" should hv heliumed his voice or dropped the interview. He shld be back selling his DT Cologne "Success" on a street corner. Correction: in prison w/ grifter family.

  10. Avatar

    Man I kinda felt bad for the interviewer, she seemed sad

  11. Avatar

    NEW YORK (AP) — The U.S. Roman Catholic Church used a special and unprecedented exemption from federal rules to amass at least $1.4 billion in taxpayer-backed coronavirus aid, with many millions going to dioceses that have paid huge settlements or sought bankruptcy protection because of clergy sexual abuse cover-ups.

    The church’s haul may have reached — or even exceeded — $3.5 billion, making a global religious institution with more than a billion followers among the biggest winners in the U.S. government’s pandemic relief efforts, an Associated Press analysis of federal data released this week found.

  12. Avatar

    Trump is nothing but a cry baby when he's not getting his way! He can shovel it out but he can't take it..A narssitic, arrogant, pompous a**!
    It always has 2 be about him or nothing @ all…and cares about no one but himself & what he will gain out of whatever he does..so pathetic

  13. Avatar

    Trump 2020to2024 🇺🇲💪👍

  14. Avatar

    Remember when the term snowflake was a thing. Why is it not a thing anymore? Is because it now perfectly encapsulates Trump just as well as it did SJWs?

  15. Avatar

    His value set ? Him and his coked up corrupt money laundering family? Or the fact that he hasn't accomplished a damn thing in 40 years in politics? Trump has done more in 4 years than this fool has in 40 years so how ignorant could you be voting for this left wing socialist nazi puppet.

  16. Avatar

    GOD TRUMP PENCE 2020 I don't know about the rest of y'all but I'm voting from my heart For God Trump Pence and our Freedom

  17. Avatar

    Trump looks like a compete imbecile.

    Comments : “wAtCh tHe fUll vIdE0”

  18. Avatar
    Toddy tappers wilhelm

    Biden doesn't get tough questions because he is not failing the country

  19. Avatar

    Joe's not wrong about the contrast. Trump loves America. Joe, not so much.

  20. Avatar

    Trump ran from this interview faster than he ran from his taxes.

  21. Avatar

    so the hardest question was do you think people are voting simply because your not donald trump ? 😂😂 and you wonder why regular americans are fed up with all the lies at this point everyone is voting for trump to say f the media !

  22. Avatar

    yes Joe, the contrast is as stark as it can get Conservative freedom vs democrat subjugation.

  23. Avatar

    He should be the most powerful figure in the World, but he feels that everyone is against him, from his staffs, advisers, doctors, moderators, to his interviewer. What a joke.

  24. Avatar

    Just as President Trump told Leslie be fair to him as you would to would to Joe Biden. American people

  25. Avatar

    Imagine a world in which our President knows what his job is and does it. Vote next week and we can have that again in three months.

  26. Avatar

    He swung and missed softball questions lobbed by Hannity, so I'm not sure what he's trying to get at.

  27. Avatar

    Looking forward for another 4 years of Trolling the media…SWEET

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