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Trump keeps taking credit for Obama’s Veterans Choice Act

Dozens of times over the past three years, President Trump has attempted to erase former president Barack Obama and the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) from the history of the Veterans Choice Act. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    Well his wife stole Michele Obama's whole speech so…

  2. Avatar

    Have you heard he is taking credit for creating the universe.

  3. Avatar

    Trump is when you spend so much time planning to cheat when you could have just studied and passed

  4. Avatar

    I call bullshit…Obama was slowly allowing our soldiers to die and our vets to be abused by the system. Trump took charge…..also never heard this story !

  5. Avatar

    This draft dodger needs fact checkers who not afraid of his retaliation.

  6. Avatar

    Trump is a jealous, pitiful person .

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    shannon mcgilvray

    He keeps stealing from the democrats

  8. Avatar

    He keeps taking credit for Obamas Economy too that he also collapsed like a house of cards.

  9. Avatar

    of course he does….HE HAS DONE NOTHING ON HIS OWN! HE WORKS HARDER TRYING TO GAIN MORE POWER. As long as TRUMPTARDS believe him he will continue to say it.

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    I actually remember this very well because at that signing Obama kept telling them how grateful he was that Democrats and Republicans came together finally. And he encourged democrats and Republicans to work together more. You think Trump would've said that?

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    Finally, he repeats this lie ALL the time and needs to get called on it!

  12. Avatar

    Copycat. U. Didn't. Do. Nothing. That. Was. Already. Done. U. Whimp lazy. Scumb. Of. The. Earth.

  13. Avatar


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    Now, If Obama signed the veterans choice act, and it was on the books, then how in the hell was trump able to sign his?? WTF!!!!! Who is in charge of the law books, who is running this country????????

  15. Avatar

    Obama actually taking credit for what Trump has done. Obama was show off Trump is direct action

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    On Oct. 14, Lude revealed that the Obama-Biden administration sold out 36 CIA informants to the CCP. Today, more details are released. These informants were called in to a meeting room and shot to death right after they arrived at work in the morning. There were no trials, no chance of appeals, but a signature on the verdicts according to the CCP’s Regulation on the Implementation of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Guarding State Secrets.

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    Trump actually did do more in 47 months than Biden did in 47 years: killed more Americans, told more lies, and had more indictments and guilty pleas of those working for him, that is.

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    Don the Con….and stupid supporters fall for it!!!! Sad!!

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