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Trump keeps lashing out at judges

President Trump has a history of denouncing judges over rulings that have negatively affected him personally as well as his administration’s most hostly debated policies. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Just sounds like classic Strongman stuff to me. I mean, listen to that oaf – he’s just repeating the same ad hominem attacks on his perceived enemies that any tuppenny dictator would roll out: Judges, the courts, the lawyers, the police, teachers, professors, the intelligentsia, doctors, writers, artists, the Gays, the socialists, foreigners, immigrants – he hasn’t quite got around to blaming Gypsies just yet, but they can’t be far off his list.

    Anyway, Trump is just one man – whether in one year or five, whether he’s impeached or shot, he’s still just one guy whose incredibly toxic, disastrous reign will end. The bigger, more serious problem are his supporters – they’ll linger for decades, like sappers and saboteurs continuing to work at destroying American cohesion and a shared unity long after he’s no longer president.

    After all, when Trump is standing there rambling like a drunk uncle at a wedding, or angrily denouncing The [insert today’s target here], what are all those people doing, at rally after rally across the country? They’re laughing, because they’re entertained. They don’t see a President before them – they see An Entertainer, while The World coldly regards A Moron.

    They’re not remotely bothered about how he’s dividing their own country and people; they’re not concerned about the broken international alliances he’s left, or how he’s humiliated their country on the world stage – they’re just waiting for his next funny voice, stupid joke, cheap hatred, or jab at The Other Half of the people, and the country. That’s it. Are they not entertained? Does it matter to any of them what he’s doing to hurt their country, and break the common ties that create American unity?

    No. No, it doesn’t matter at all to them.

    As such, Trump isn’t biggest threat to the American people and America’s future – his supporters are. Their work at tearing apart America is only just starting, whatever happens to him.

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    "They're all Chump haters! They're all Democrats! All fake news! Believe only me! I'm a stable genius!"

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    WTF are you doing WP??? How can you retain ANY credibility at all in the journalism industry when you have such a bias against anything republican? This is just disgusting and certainly a sign of your eventual demise.

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    Trumps standard operational procedure is to diss people that call him on his criminal bullshit . Too Bad Trump ! These people will be the ones that put you in prison , much to Americas relief .

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    WP… aren't you clowns being sued for $250,000,000 lmao!

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    "Доктор, что мне делать? Каждую ночь мне снится, что я корова и жую траву.- Ну, это еще не так страшно…- Да, но когда я утром просыпаюсь, полматраца как не бывало!"

    -Donald J. Trump

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    All “CRIMINALS” Hate Judges!!! General Population Loves Judges due to they “Keep America Great”!!!!

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    Did he win that “Trump University” case?

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    "I have to be honest." Well.. that would be refreshing. He and his ravenous followers are disgusting.

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    "I have to be honest." Well.. that would be refreshing. He and his ravenous followers are disgusting.

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    The Washington Post, a former newspaper, continues to sell their souls to partisan hackery rather than objectivity. Fun to watch their “news” die in darkness.

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    Donnie made medical history when he was born.
    It was the first time in human history where the baby died and the afterbirth lived.

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    Trump will say these same things about judges when he is sentenced to jail for his crimes.When the judge throws Trump in jail, I don't think he/she will have to much mercy for him.

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    REPUBLICANS changed the rules to rush tax reform thru. REPUBLICANS DEFEND TRUMP IN NOT COOPERATING with the AMERICAN PEOPLES RIGHT to the TRUTH. GOP refuses to confirm Trumps cabinet. They changed the rules to stack the courts with bias unqualified JUDGES. They have added 2 trillion dollars to the national debt. they lied about how it would be payed back and about healthcare. WHO AND WHAT is the Republican party?

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    Well hes talking about all those Obamas judges they're sick in the head… Trump2020

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    Trump doesn’t know the law and he doesn’t care. If it’s something that supports him he likes it. if it’s something that opposes him… he doesn’t like it.

    The entire notion that we are a country of laws disappears under Trump

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    . It’ll never happen, but the President needs to read the constitution

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    When Trumps decides that his being PRESIDENT FOR LIFE is BEST for US. WHAT CAN WE DO? CORRUPT REPUBLICANS have DECIDED NOT TO CONVICT AND REMOVE HIM WITHOUT EVEN HEARING THE EVIDENCE. We must vote every republican who refuses to convict and remove trump out of office and investigate each one. SAVE AMERICA.

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    Trump hates Judges cause he is a criminal.

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    It’s not about being fair 😂 it’s about the LAW you imbecile.

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