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Trump joins 'Tucker' for first on-camera interview since COVID-19 diagnosis

Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel interviews the president on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Avatar

    Have you noticed more people are watching fox news? People are realizing the fakeness of media groups on china's payroll.

  2. Avatar

    Wow!! This is weird. Hearing an interview interviewing Donald Trump without nonstop Democrat Liberal loaded questions

  3. Avatar

    Imagine demensia joe getting virus and trying to do interview in a week,,,,omfgod, he cant do it when doesnt have virus also imagine how media are going to spin this,,,the enemy of the people,,,trump2020 🇺🇲

  4. Avatar

    Symptoms described could have been anything

  5. Avatar

    God bless President Trump !

  6. Avatar

    I'm wondering if the health professionals were bribed/paid to say that Trump, Melania, and staff tested positive in order to be able to have a reason to cancel the next debate between Trump/Biden. I smell a rat!!!!

  7. Avatar

    Glad Mr. Trump beat this Chinese gift. Love South African Farmers

  8. Avatar

    Presidential plasma

  9. Avatar

    Do a rally in California NOW

  10. Avatar

    WTS:The whites gave Mexicans and Hispanics Diphtheria killing thousands. What If Trump had shares of regeneron that Definitely would be a great reason to not stop Covid 19 if he has investments/shares of regeneron. All the big money folks invested in it. (Kanye Kim Joel Osteen) they new the medical industry pharmaceutical companies and Vaccine companies would prosper. Since Kanye had it along time ago. These folks are money driven. Not save a life driven!!

  11. Avatar

    Of course the hospital wanted to keep him, good choice to leave asap. Dont trust the medical establishment

  12. Avatar

    Havent this fool talked enogh, he is on Twitter more then a 12 year old girl

  13. Avatar


  14. Avatar

    It's possible they infected trump with the virus in order to derail his reelection but God turned it for good as he often does, remember Joseph and his brothers or Daniel

  15. Avatar

    he looks like he is in pain. so stiff.

  16. Avatar

    Has he tested negative? Why is that a question he runs from?

  17. Avatar

    What kind of fluff interview is this?

  18. Avatar

    Tucker should moderate the debate. Would it be biased? Yes. Any more biased than the other moderators? No.

  19. Avatar

    Covid-19 and the publics health is a Business decision. We have a business minded president not a save a life president!! Regeneron and other companies have major people in the industry and politicans who invested in their stocks. The medical equipment and hospital's are better investments than prisons.

  20. Avatar

    This idiot quack "doctor"

  21. Avatar

    Softy questions lol

  22. Avatar

    More CGI nonsense, no mask, no Vax and no enslavement.

  23. Avatar

    I dont care what people say about donald i mean he is a great person and if media etc were honest he would have been the most popular president ever.

  24. Avatar

    A clown interviewing another clown, is that really a doctor? Hey and why Donald Trump blinks like a chihuahua? is that a side effect of his medication?

  25. Avatar

    I am running a country , the greatest country in the world .I can not hide in a basement. GO TRUMP 2020 2024 2028 2032 ……..

  26. Avatar

    Great interview mark and fox,,show small bit of respect yo your fellow human being,something the left are so ignorant and uneducated,childish,jealous,hateful,sexist,racist,,,,,,,joe biden wont last end of year,,,,,if media treated same as sleepy joe this country would be so powerful,,trump2020 🇺🇲

  27. Avatar

    Funny how they was no delay in the feed. Hmm

  28. Avatar

    "Its really at a level that is great "

    Trump is a Beast !!!!!🇺🇲🇺🇲

  29. Avatar

    TRUMP is the best of the best.

  30. Avatar
    IAMQANON JoeBidenisalunatic

    If you don't like Trump then why are you commenting on your kings post?

  31. Avatar
    Frederick Flavell

    No better example for a president to go through what people have to face and to be an example of courage and boldness, the press talks about the 230,000 people but what about the 530,000 people that died from alcohol and smoking every year. People vote by how they live each year not just with the signature of a hand.

  32. Avatar
    Broeden Koene-laurie

    I swear YouTube strategically places the ads

  33. Avatar

    If TRUMP REALLY has the virus AND DIES, It's GODS WILL.

  34. Avatar

    Were you scared? I felt great

  35. Avatar

    Over 9000! Trump just turned into a Super Saiyan after battling the Covid. CNN is getting weaker and powerless and they are looking like at the end of a saga. 2020 Super Saiyan 2! 😆

  36. Avatar

    Lips are blue sometimes.
    Keep 🙏

  37. Avatar

    So he can do a virtual interview but not a debate?

  38. Avatar
    Travels with Charlie Hubbard

    I voted for that woman in 2016, what's her name? Anyway, Don the Orange has won me over. He's a leader. I like how this doctor tried to lead with his "I'm a doctor" position. Trump was polite but took charge of the conversation immediately and naturally. I'm sure he's like this with world leaders too. Don-in-Charge 2020.

  39. Avatar

    I wish he would have asked the President if he was taking HCQ before this occurred on a regular basis.

  40. Avatar

    Love my President! A REAL MAN who works for the people! 🙏🏽🙏🙏🏾🇺🇸❤️

  41. Avatar
    Conservative Goth

    haha Trumps awesome! best wishes

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