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Trump isn't sure he took a Covid-19 test day of debate

President Donald Trump admitted that he may not have taken a coronavirus test on the day of his debate with Joe Biden, even though he was required to do so by the Commission on Presidential Debates and tested positive for Covid-19 two days later.
He refused to say when his last negative test was before the debate and did not express any regret for the Rose Garden event that is now widely viewed as a “super-spreader” event, where attendees were not socially distanced and did not wear masks.

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  1. Avatar

    Trump is falling apart and he's taking the Republican party with him. I can't wait.

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    You are the president. If you don't know about anything, it's your job to find out, you idiot! #bigbabyTrump

    How could the moderator let him off like that?

  3. Avatar

    What!!!!I don't remember if i took a test ..I don't know The doctors did it. Man doctors did the test on you.. and you don't remember.what an idiot!!!!

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    He talks to the female reporters, different than he talks to the male reporters

  5. Avatar

    It is so disgusting the way trump talks to women.

  6. Avatar
    George Wakavatoga

    Watch the bubble head woman behind Trump

  7. Avatar

    The person that claims hes a very stable genius with an amazing memory who can remember person, man, woman, camera, tv cant remember if he took a medical test on the day of the debate 🤔😂

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    So Donald Trump gets his way once again, his own town hall. He follows nobody’s rules, and that’s the problem.

    America, is in deep DO, DO!

  9. Avatar

    yet he will OFTEN tell us what a VERY SMART person he is and what a GREAT memory he has…..he sure dropped the ball on convincing anyone of THAT lie

  10. Avatar

    He answered….. by. NOT ANSWERING….!!! LIES

  11. Avatar

    …I thought he said he has a great brain and memory…🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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    phenomenal supergirl host evr

  13. Avatar

    I probably did.

  14. Avatar

    The Liar in chief ….Dump Lied and 218,000 American Died……..So Far…

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    Support your Troops & Athletes

    All Trump is doing is trying to scare Biden Supporters from attending Bidens rallys when Biden gets tested just the same. Total weakness on Trump's attempts to cheat to win when the fact is, if Trump could get someone close the Biden, he very well would attempt that to elliminate his competition. Trump is lying right to everyone here and everyone sees that.

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    Personnely, I couldn't watch the Train Wreck, very different, its Trumps Watch, (but u didn't ask Biden) bla..bla..bla…same old stuff….Truly enjoyed Biden, was refreshing!

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    Diamond David Lee

    CNN couldn't say if BIDEN/HARRIS refused to answer if they would PACK THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES!

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    What cities are burning?

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    Who is that fool in the background with the red mask constantly wagging her head. Woman grow up and sit still.

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    K, on the night of the debate, I commented at how red Trump's hands were (fever). I think he knew, and I think he was hoping to infect Biden, which is why he showed up too late for testing and why his family refused to wear masks. Is that because Trump is such a sleaze or that I am just that suspicious now? and denouncing? HE was the one who sent white supremacists into our cities to cause mayhem, and applauded them. Rittenhouse? Administration told to speak well of him, change the narrative. the truth? The center for Strategic and international studies:

    report says in 2020, right wing extremism was almost solely responsible for terrorist violence, with Religious extremism being a small part. NO left wing extremism is reported at all.

    (GO TO 7 MIN for fbi)
    and btw, protesters were involved in the cleanup of minneapolis and st. paul.

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    Mattia Entertainment

    Trump never tested at all.

  22. Avatar

    Santorum looks worn down. He can't defend this.

  23. Avatar

    He was sweating and slobbering a bit.

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    Folks if you are depending on this Guy to lead us out of the Pandemic… Good Luck! His Tone, Body Language, Demeanor is a DEAD GIVE AWAY HE'S LYING. How is it EARTHLY EVEN possible that he doesn't remember if he took a test on the day of the debate??? We are DOOMED IF HE GETS RELECTED!!!

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    He has completely ruined this country. It’s no longer safe here. He created so much destruction with not allowing medical experts to control the virus, while simultaneously encouraging our police to be even more violent and dangerous. The past four years gave completely sucked. Four years of our lives, we can’t get back.
    We should all take a page from his book and “sue the pants off of him.”

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    I'm surprised that Sen. Santorum became reasonable and not trying to cover Trump's lies as some other Republicans do.

  27. Avatar

    Trump will easily win re-election.

  28. Avatar

    Really, well, he didn't denounce white supremacy at Charlottesville, or at the debate to name a few well remembered ones, or his sticking up for Rittenhouse etc. No leftist group has planned to kidnap Republican officials like the White Supremacist groups like that Wolverine self appointed militia of as the FBO agents called them "Crack pots: but violent crack pots that want to overthrow the government violently and start race and civil wars.

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    Lightning strikes twice

    Is there a point to this stupid ass interview? Keep asking it over and over again you keep getting the same damn answer. Give up he's not going to tell you the truth no matter what. You don't realize that by now?

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    They let Trump use The Honor System?🤦🏼‍♀️
    In July, Trump had already told over 20,000 lies since taking office. The Honor System isn't appropriate for people like individual 1, especially when the question is about having a virus that has already killed over 220,000 Americans.

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    Remember the 3rd of November

    Didn't they tell the media the other day he gets tested every day. Which if he does, now you know why tests are in short supply.

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    Trump was asked about Q Anon before. So if he doesn't know now, then that is proof he is worthless. His reaction to being asked about something he didn't know much about weeks earlier should have resulted him telling some aids "Get me what you know about Qanan"

  33. Avatar

    He is so good at lieing. But he couldn't even just say yes.. but I'm sure it would of came back to bite.

  34. Avatar

    folks it’s his bone spurs….. dodging the truth … just like he dodged Vietnam 🇻🇳 War

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    That interviewer should be the one to ask him things Always. She is the first that I have seen to make him answer and not let him answer the questions he'd like to answer. Good job Savannah

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    Not surprising, his herd immunity lies…his fake science practicing medicine without a license. He probably wanted the spread. Part of his recklessness. Lack of concern.

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    Even fifth grader will say
    Vp Biden is the best

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    “… or baldly “

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    Matt Stringfellow

    "The Donald " wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and bit him on the A$$!

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    the test they used isnt reliable..even if he's being honest the test was faulty. if you tested regularly you'd be able to answer this question of when you last tested.

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    In other words, he wasn’t tested and his administration lied that “everyone who got on the helicopter that day was tested”. So what’s new?

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    why would people denounce fascist governments in America what a stupid question

  43. Avatar
    The Revealing Unknown

    TRUMP : The Real Undeniable Master Pinnochio

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    "Nobody's ever tested themselves like I have, I've tested more than you can even imagine, and frankly, you should be ashamed of yourself for even asking that question."

  45. Avatar


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    Wow Trump still does not denounce White Supremacists

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