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Trump ‘in a period where he is contagious’: Infectious disease expert

ABC News medical contributor and infectious diseases physician Dr. Todd Ellerin discusses President Donald Trump’s return to the White House from Walter Reed Medical Center.

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    Jill Sacsayhuaman

    So Trump was so anxious to go home, but isn't he the one that says staying at home can kill too.

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    Can't stand the S.O.B.

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    Yes let's have the old fat sick guy walk across the lawn then up 2 flights of stairs for a photo shoot.

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    Social distancing ???? !!!! Think big

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    Angel of Art a.k.a. Artwear Couturier


    HE IS NOT INFECTED WITH COVID-19 … but he is sick in the head … It’s a hoax to downplay the severity of the virus and to sell an inadequately tested experimental treatment as a “miracle cure” in the lead up to the election 😱

    The head of Trumps medical team, Sean P. Conley, is an osteopath … and a co-conspirator in an act of treason 😳 … I got burned for saying he was a glorified massage therapist (😹) but HE IS! An Osteopath treats people with bare hands.

    “Osteopathy is a type of alternative medicine that emphasizes physical manipulation of muscle tissue and bones.” (Wiki)

    “There's limited evidence to suggest that osteopathy may be effective for some types of neck, shoulder or lower-limb pain, and recovery after hip or knee operations. There's currently no good evidence that it's effective as a treatment for health conditions unrelated to the bones and muscles (musculoskeletal system).” (National Health Service UK)

    Has anyone told Trump that a DNA sample … a loose hair … could prove whether or not he had COVID-19? And I’m not referring to the antibodies they injected him with … Time to move to Siberia Chump.

    Trump has supposedly received an experimental antibody treatment … I’m guessing all of these clowns (Trump and his “posse”) will be reported to have been given it and then they will all miraculously recover in two weeks … giving the treatment the illusion of a 100% success rate … because none of them are actually ill 😳

    He will then push this “miracle cure” on the world making billions, literally selling snake oil, with only two weeks before the election, and with the virus having a two week incubation period no one will be able to prove it doesn’t work until after the election 😱

    BUT … this con will fall apart when Trump and his posse try to use the “miraculous” recovery of their little “test group” to sell this inadequately tested experimental treatment to the world … because they and their bloodwork and their entire treatment history will need to be examined extensively by virologists over a long period to test the validity of their “miracle cure” claims and to look for potential short-term and long term side-effects … pretty sure Mr “try injecting disinfectant” didn’t think of that …

    I’m predicting they will all refuse to be independently tested or examined after they leave quarantine … this will “put a fly in their ointment” (snake-oil pun intended) … Just having antibodies isn’t enough … Immunofluorescence or immunoperoxidase assays are commonly used to detect whether a virus is present in a tissue sample. These tests are based on the principle that if the tissue is infected with a virus, an antibody specific to that virus will be able to bind to it.

    … When viruses infect us, they can embed small chunks of their genetic material in our DNA. Although infrequent, the incorporation of this material into the human genome has been occurring for millions of years. As a result of this ongoing process, viral genetic material comprises nearly 10 percent of the modern human genome. Over time, the vast majority of viral invaders populating our genome have mutated to the point that they no longer lead to active infections. But, as scientists funded by the National Institutes of Health have demonstrated, they are not entirely dormant.” (From ScienceDaily)

    It is now known that re-infections are possible as the virus can lie dormant then re-infect the host … and the antibodies decay very rapidly so you can be infected again with a different strain of the virus within weeks … this means that immunity … especially herd immunity, is impossible 👉🏼

    This also means that even a single strand of hair could reveal if Trump and his posse actually ever had COVID-19 (and whether or not he uses amphetamines)

    They are ALL going to have to live inside a bubble forever to avoid getting caught out for this scam … when their spit on the edge of a glass or a loose hair could be used against them to prove none of them were ever sick with COVID-19 …🤔

    Trump has gone back to the WH because perhaps he has been made aware that his non-existent treatment history and a sample of his own blood or DNA will put him in jail for the rest of his life.

    Evidence of (another) “Conspiracy Against the US” (Treason) … as it happens 👉🏼

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    There is a Viable Third Option for President on Every Ballot in U.S. It's Now, or Never. Vote Libertarian!

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    Vote and Pray 🙏 #Trump2020 and keep this Country safe from the DEMORATS. #MAGA2020.

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    1:50 I quit my 9-5 because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

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    60yobfand proud Mills

    In real world medicine he would have stayed in the hospital…I would label him A.M.A.; Against Medical Advice…he needs 2 wear the mask…when he walked up those steps which in medical terms is challenged breathing..I will bet the pulse oximeter readings were close to 90 or less…he was mouth breathing…please to all…. wear your masks…don/ t listen to this manchild who wants 2 appear strong…what he is doing is not co veying strength!!…The average American would not have gotten the quality of treatment/ medications etc…my family lost two members….that are part of the 210,000!!!.

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    Trump should be self isolated like everyone else who came down with COVID. No exceptions. Don't care what his title is.

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    Not surprised that the entire political right blindly worships Trump as the Messiah; it is standard operating procedure; worship whoever the GOP designates as the Jesus Christ-de jour

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    Bunker Boy came to the debate most likely had the virus already. It shame that he has refuse to PROTECT this country….

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    Donald. Dumbazz has become a super-spreader ; soon He'll
    have all his administration and
    staff infected 🆚☣️‼️

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    He needs to go sit his old tale down somewhere and enjoy all the money he has taken from his own people

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    Trump is a self absorbed moron..

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    Sadam , Kadafi . Plenty of Dictators Trump has been watching to get the right look for a leader . America elect presidents to represent us .

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    with all the people with Covid in the white house he better put that mask back on

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    How did I get subscribed to this communist fake news channel?

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