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Trump impeachment: President branded a 'clear and present danger'

Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House of Representatives, has kicked off the debate in Congress on whether to impeach Donald Trump by warning that the US president is a danger to US security.

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  1. Avatar

    Says the bigest FRUITCAKE in the House of Representatives…..

  2. Avatar


  3. Avatar


  4. Avatar
    Judge Orwell 1984

    Democracy is under attack from within.China is now the New World power.Democrats it seems are too dull not to repeat history.

  5. Avatar


  6. Avatar

    so she not only a useless career politicians her dad wos one to.

  7. Avatar
    God is In control

    No booboo, blm and Antifa are domestic terrorist.

  8. Avatar

    That heinous bint is deluded. Nothing but a quisling , self serving and as entitled as toddler In a tantrum. Her and her ilk have delayed covid relief while giving billions of tax payer money away to their pet projects where they get the most significant kick backs. America is screwed beyond belief, the Biden administration will hand US to China.

  9. Avatar

    show "impeachment" episode 1 season 2

  10. Avatar

    This show is getting seriously boring. Do something dramatic and interesting.

  11. Avatar

    rent a mob was brought in to make Trump supporters look bad this woman is dangers i feel sorry for the honest people of USA……….

  12. Avatar

    I see where her priorities are. The country is in the biggest struggle but the hate of a men is a bigger priority. After all, he is leaving in nine days, but it is ok to spend so much money to do this again.

  13. Avatar

    If a blue blood want WAR with Mexico it's us.

  14. Avatar

    This is all political theater .

  15. Avatar

    These people are deranged lunatics. Projecting much of what they, themselves have done and unironically label charges like this. America is truly fucked because this level of power that isn't balanced will be used hard in any individual they deem a dissident without the the need for any evidence.

  16. Avatar

    yes a danger to the corrupt left

  17. Avatar

    Your complete morons

  18. Avatar

    He's in the Military in Germany blue blood lot of wire. British.

  19. Avatar

    This is not a minute speech. Let us finish with the impeachment procedure as fast as possible now that many republicans and democrats are on board. this impeachment is a symbolic gesture at this stage since the guy will be out in few days and let us move in a bipartisan way to relieving the situation of Americans from the Covid Crisis and it economic repercussions

  20. Avatar

    I am sick of leftists, I don't want to live with them anymore. They are simply a danger to free humans!

  21. Avatar

    Thousands of people died in Nigeria under President Buhari election and America didn't say anything, they didn't ask Buhari to go, only one life lost and u are asking Trump to go that he is a treat to the nation? Don't worry America is going to be fine one day.

  22. Avatar

    What is the big deal about impeaching, again? All he did was tweet and play golf and take credit for everything he had nothing to do with. Oh, and lie; incite sedition; desecrate democracy; spit on the Constitution; ignore the pandemic; encourage assassination of politicians; alienate world leaders; divide the nation; con the cultists; practice inhumane internment and segregation; normalize hate, violence and misogyny; con his way to the White House; adulterate the Republican Party and turn into an unrecognizable totalitarian regime; make history with two impeachments under his belt, as the worst President, the first fascist dictator of a nation founded on democracy; bar the media; exploit nepotism; spotlight his unimaginable stupidity and dangerous mental instability; and…most egregious of all, turn toilet paper stuck to the bottom of a shoe a fashion statement.

  23. Avatar

    What a drunken horrible old bag

  24. Avatar

    False representation. They all been brought and sold by the banks. Political stunt that won't happen!

  25. Avatar
    Godflesh88 ver2.0

    The tangerine traitor must be removed!

  26. Avatar

    Shouldn’t these people be working on future of there administration. We pay their bills. Biggest waste of time! And Money

  27. Avatar

    Never mind the Demoncrats support if BLM and Antifa they were heavinly saints of course!!

  28. Avatar

    Pelosi creeps me out.😑

  29. Avatar

    Pobre Estados Unidos, qué bajo ha caído con el sr. Trump y sus seguidores. Espectáculo patético que hemos tenido que presenciar los que tenemos la suerte de no ser estadounidenses. Ojalá salgan de este lugar sombrío en que están ahora.

  30. Avatar

    On gosh- what is that dish towel on her face? Ridiculous. And I’m sick of Pelosi citing passages in the Bible and Founding Fathers and Lincoln.
    Pelosi is a FRAUD. Is anyone really tricked by her treachery? Pelosi projects her wickedness like crazy.

  31. Avatar

    She says “it gives her no pleasure”. I find that very difficult to believe.

  32. Avatar

    Y’all are the only danger

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