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Trump: I'm Covid-19 medication free, and I don't like medication

Trump said that he was no longer taking the powerful steroid Dexamethasone, which some medical experts had warned can have psychological side effects including confusion and aggression. ‘I tolerated it very well, I don’t take it anymore,’ Trump said of the steroid. Asked what medications he was on, Trump said ‘Pretty much nothing, we had our final doses of everything.’

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    lost his taste lol

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    02:12 Woow woow πŸ’–β€οΈ

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    "No medication for me. I prefer to rely on intravenous disinfectant."

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    8 hrs ago is medication free? I had a coffee 8 hours ago I guess I am caffeine free

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    Polin Ni Murrigan

    Yet he donated millions maybe billions to GATES

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    How can he say he didn't have breathing problems? You don't take people to hospital and give them oxygen multiple times when you don't have breathing problems. It makes no logical sense at all. Any one that has watched videos of him last few days can see he has been visibly out of breath just standing still.

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    Darren Rushworth-Moore

    He should be on medication, he is a compulsive liar to the point i don't think he knows he is one as it's 2nd nature to him. He didn't have any problem breathing like other people, no so days ago when he didn't have his mask on he was breathing through his mouth like a goldfish and struggling at that. Even in this video he is taking very frequent deep breaths to the point i don't think he has fully recovered. He knows he had had it weeks ago with a "quick" test then goes round mingling with other people without a mask on in till he got a "proper" test, even then when it was double confirmed and taking treatment positive he was still jumping into a car with other people without a mask to reduce the chances of passing to the other people in the vehicle. I mean the level of stupidly is so incredible.

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    So he's still positive

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    Trumps orange color is now changed to yellow because he’s a security cat little pussy who knows Biden is going to beat the crap out of them

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    Melania shaking her head "Viagra is medication"

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    What about your antipsychotics president ?

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    i know one thing:
    "never trust the words of a politician"

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    Covid 19 does not exist.

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    You’ve got to be a very special type of stupid to support this guy

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