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Trump holds 'Great American Comeback' event following first debate

President Trump holds campaign event in Duluth, MN.

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  1. Avatar

    What a phenomenal embarrassment Trump was. Both for himself and for this country. An utter toddler.

  2. Avatar

    Biden should be able to wear noise cancelling headphones on the next debate…. trump can bring one too…but people won't be able to hear him when it is not his time to speak!!! …… 🙂

  3. Avatar

    Love and God bless from England not Sh1t bag UK

  4. Avatar

    "Proud boys, stand back and stand by"
    -Trump's words "denouncing" racism.
    More of a call to action than a condemnation.
    Anyone that supports Trump is just as deplorable as that racist comment.

  5. Avatar

    Chris Wallace should be…FIRED

  6. Avatar

    They need to keep the debate hall this cold, makes him talk faster and attack faster!! Thank you Mr. President, and to 4 more years!

  7. Avatar

    Trump strong enough to take care of the American people and joe Biden is a disease

  8. Avatar

    Massachusetts for Trump

  9. Avatar

    Trump until he retires

  10. Avatar

    It's good to know that Americans are so gullible, they'll believe anything if you say it with enough fake bravado XD

  11. Avatar

    The subtitles are atrocious. All it does is to distract.

  12. Avatar

    Chris Wallace has to be fired!!!

  13. Avatar

    Crowd Strike just had an ad on this video, wow! Coup is in full gear!!!

  14. Avatar

    This is all I've got to say:
    *DOJ and Senate you've got your marching orders. Clean-up last four years hoaxes/corruption and collusion, as we have "all" evidence trying a coup attempt on this President.
    *Mr President we love you "being Trump" stay as you are.
    *Continue to "call out" these corrupt socialist/Dems & colluding fakenews medias during your "peacefulprotests/campaigns".
    *Put these "treasonous" politicians "squads, Pelosi, Schumer, AlGreen, Max.Waters etc".
    *Must clean-up & expose "sanctuary cities" as you've promise.
    *Enforce law & order and increase law enforcements in America, cannot let Antifa/Marxist take over this country.

    **Come to CA and flip this State. Silent majority are plenty here.

  15. Avatar

    This guy will go down in history the greatest president in ewer.

  16. Avatar

    Chris Wallace has to be fired!!!

  17. Avatar


  18. Avatar

    Sorry…what's the plan to bring back the economy? The only thing is attacking. What's the plan, Mr President? What's the plan?

  19. Avatar

    biden was cheating by wearing some device in his body, watching his sleeve , I saw it lol, he fixed his eyes on something such as robert while speaking

  20. Avatar

    Did Wallace help put the wire on Biden?

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